Studio 88return a product due to store size fault

S Dec 08, 2019

I purchased a jordan sneaker at the Glen studio 88 in Johannesburg told them I'm from capetown the sneaker im looking for in a size 3 is for my son for Christmas I was advised by the manager to pay at ther store and go collect at another studio 88 as they had no stock in the size I needed I thn paid at the Glen studio 88 went to collect at the other store asked them to confirm the size is size 3 which they said it was... When I got hame I opened da box and found a size 4 instead im in capetown nw and got back to the manager of the store was told to go exchange at any other studio 88 as they had no stock left of the one I purchased I neva found anything in cape Town either now im siting with a problem had been up n down because of the poor service of studio 88 staff I don't want another sneaker besides the one I paid for in the correct size or I want my money back in full cash as I paid it refund me the if u can't solve ur mistake Its almost Christmas and because of ur store I have to run up n down now and don't find what he likes... Im so so disappointed I u guys really as I went all da way to Johannesburg to purchase this specific sneaker to end up having this problem. Box indicates size 3 but the shoe is size correct ur mistake asap... Thank you.

return a product due to store size fault

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