Studio 88bad service from manager

M Dec 20, 2019

As christmas is coming up I went to browse some sneakers as to my boyfriend loved this pair.

At Worcester the floor helper, helped me and I received great service. As to reaching the till point the cashier who is indicated as the Manager on my slip was utterly rude!

The price on the shoerack was R799 the manager who was helping me explained to the floor helper who was also standing at the till point that the lady sneakers price is lower than the mens sneaker.

The music was so loud in the shop it felt like I couldn't hear myself. I said to the manager who was working and helping me at the till that it is fine ill pay the amount that he says. He then got rude and said that I must speak so loud to him in a very and utterly rude manner. He repeated it 3 times I gave him my card to pay and he asked rudely again what option he should select (tjek or savings) at this point I was tired of his rudeness and still the music was very loud at to the point where I had to almost shout to tell him my option. The music was put of and the store was quite.

He packed up my stuff and threw it on the counter I told him there is no need to throw my stuff. Another staff member came and stood beside him and smiled at me and he wispered something that I couldn't hear. The friendly staff member packed my goods up neatly and gave it to me. The rude manager took my slips and put it in my bag and no thank you no nothing he just shouted "next customer".

I will never advise anyone again to buy any goods at the worcester branch.

Utterly rude manager.

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