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Resolved simply terrible

We purchased tickets 3 months in advance for 2 different sold out concerts through StubHub and both times we got screwed by this unscrupulous ticket seller. In both cases we were assured right up until the day before the event that we were covered by StubHub's "Fan Protect" guarantee. What a load of garbage!

In both cases StubHub did not provide the tickets they sold us and in both cases the seats were taken when we attended the events. We were out thousands of dollars in airfare and hotel costs due to the fraud they perpetrated on us.

StubHub is practicing fraud on a large scale and should not be used for any tickets to any event. As a side note - they did refund our money, and they did send "coupons" worth 150 dollars - which I promptly told them to stick up their *ss!

Do not purchase from this company - they are reprehensible.

  • Updated by StubHub! · Jan 20, 2010

    Hi Aven,

    I am reaching out to you on behalf of StubHub Executive Customer Care. We have read your review and would like to sincerely apologize for your StubHub experience. We take our customers’ experiences very seriously – we want you to be able to receive your tickets exactly as purchased and to enjoy your time at the event without issue. While we cannot change what has transpired, it’s my goal to address the concerns you outlined and see if there’s anything we can do to turn this situation around.

    It might help to first explain that StubHub is a secondary ticket marketplace, meaning we are not a ticket seller and hold no ticket inventory. We depend on individual sellers to list the inventory found on our website, to provide the tickets exactly as advertised, and to ensure the validity of the tickets being sold. Fulfillment issues and invalid tickets are not a common occurrence with our services, so it is unfortunate to hear that these issues may have affected you twice. Rest assured, we certainly take these situations seriously and hold our sellers accountable for their tickets should a problem be reported. We keep careful track of our seller accounts and when they cannot fulfill an order or if the tickets they provide are not valid, per our User Agreement, they may face financial responsibilities, account suspension or permanent deactivation. We also have our Fan Protect Guarantee in place, which states for buyers, you will receive your tickets in time for the event and they will be authentic and valid for entry. In the unlikely occurrence there is an issue, your tickets will be replaced with comparable or better tickets or we’ll provide a full refund.

    Again, our apologies. We recognize this was a disappointing situation and that you may not have been satisfied with the resolution received. We would like the opportunity to look into this further for you, and as stated, see if we can provide a more satisfying resolution. If you could please provide me with more detail regarding your StubHub ticket order, such as your name, Order Number, or email address, that would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested in discussing this, please contact me via email at: [email protected] Attn:Sue

  • La
    LALLENEG Mar 12, 2010

    What a load of Customer Service Crap!!! Stub Hub gave me the same line by several people...USE ANYONE, BUT STUB HUB! Experts at Bait and Switch!!!

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Resolved scam charge

I sold tickets to a concert to someone using their site. They tickets never arrived. They agreed to allow me to have them at will-call at the venue. They then tried to sell my buyer other tickets and blow me out of the picture without permission. I called them on that and they agreed to let the buyer and seller deal direct and NOTHING to deal with stubhub and no charges to either. Calls were recorded for accuracy. They then charged by credit card 152.00 Oct 3rd. I called them Cct 8th for a refund. They agreed. Oct 22 they have not. I called them. They refused to refund. No reason given.

  • Updated by StubHub! · Jan 13, 2010

    Dear Galiff,

    My name is Jeffrey from StubHub’s Executive Customer Care team. I read your post and would like to start by apologizing for any inconvenience caused by charge you received on the sale of your tickets. It sounds as if the buyer on the order may not have received the tickets, which consequently led to you making potential Will Call arrangements to try and fulfill the order. As StubHub is a secondary ticket marketplace, we are not affiliated with any box office or venue. As such, we unfortunately cannot guarantee Will Call ticket pick ups. Therefore, it seems we may have opted in this case to find replacement tickets from another seller to better ensure the buyer’s entry into the event as per our Fan Protect Guarantee.

    Unfortunately, without knowing specific information on your transaction, I’m unable to offer a more detailed response at this time. If it all possible, I would like the opportunity to speak with you to better understand the situation and what transpired and see if there’s anything I can do to bring this to a more satisfying resolution. Please email me at [email protected] with your name and order number, along with any other questions or concerns you may have had. Thanks and I look forward to your response!

  • Fr
    FromtheFuture Oct 28, 2010

    I too was promised a refund for tickets that were not valid. I called 4 times and each time was told that I would be refunded on my credit card. The last time I called I was told that they would not refund my cc, but I would be refunded on a "stubhub" account. Which is useless because I do not trust stubhub to sell legit tickets. The call where I was told that I woudl be refunded on my cc was also conviently not recorded.

    They have terrible customer service and make a living by cheating people.

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Resolved extreme disappointment

My son and two of his freinds bought tickets through StubHub for the Jimmy Buffet concert in Raleigh, NC. They had planned this for 4 months taking meticulous time to plan their first Parrothead experience. We live in Tennessee so they also drove about 400 miles to get to the concert. StubHub sent the tickets by air express about 3 months ahead of time. They had a great tailgate at the outdoor venue and a lovely hotel room in Raleigh. When they got to the gate for the concert their tickets were WORTHLESS. We called StubHub and they said that we needed to fill out an online form and they would investigate and get back to us within 72 hours. Now thats CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! After questioning the StubHub call center more they admitted that they knew ahead of time that the tickets had been resold by the seller. EXTREME DISSAPOINTMENT, EMOTIONAL DISTRESS, and ANGER would best decribe my first StubHub expereince. After further thought it occurs to me that WIRE FRAUD might be more descriptive for StubHub's business practices. At best according to the Call Center we can expect our money back within 30 days with an additional whopping $30 from StubHub because they are good guys. Be very cautious of these online predators. Their business practices shady and their service is worthless.

  • Updated by StubHub! · Dec 24, 2009

    Hi. I’m Dave from the Executive Customer Care Department at StubHub. I read your posting and I would like to discuss this situation in more detail with you directly. It goes without saying that your son did not have the concert experience that he paid for and I’d like the opportunity to try and make this right for you. In addition, under no circumstances should it take 30 days for you to receive the refund to which you are entitled and if that is what you were told, I will address that internally with our Customer Service staff. If you’d like to discuss the situation in detail, please contact me at [email protected] and I will do everything I can to try and turn this around for you. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

Resolved not worth the headache

I will NEVER purchase tickets through StubHub again! I ordered tickets for the Kentucky Derby & had them sent FedEx overnight (for $19.95) to where I was going to be staying. There was also an additional "commission" charge of 10% of the purchase price that was not disclosed up front.

The day prior to the Derby, I received a phone call from someone at StubHub who said that I had been sent the wrong tickets. They asked if I could drive to Indiana to exchange them (which I agreed to because I did not know the area and assumed it was a short distance away). When I found out how far it was from where I was staying to the hotel they wanted me to go to, I called them back & told them that I could not get to the specified location & asked if they could give my phone number to the other party so we could exchange tickets at the event. They were extremely rude on the phone and told me I needed to take my tickets to the hotel (which was 2 1/2 hours from where I was, not to mention I DID NOT HAVE the tickets yet) and that I had no other options. They would not call the other party and insisted that I had the tickets in my possession since they had been sent out.

I got the FedEx package the night before the event (containing four tickets instead of two) and ended up having to go to Indiana to exchange four tickets for the two that I had ordered (and only agreed to it so that the other party would have the tickets they had ordered) prior to the event that morning. They would not refund any of the fees I had paid & everyone I talked to on the phone was extremely rude.

The two employees who were at the hotel / exchange location were nice (and actually apologized for the mix-up) & told me they would e-mail me a gift certificate worth $50 towards any future purchase from StubHub because of the trouble. It has been over two weeks now and I haven't received anything (which is not a big deal since I don't think I would dare use it anyway).

If you are thinking of purchasing tickets through StubHub, I would advise you against it! You might save a couple dollars per ticket, but it will cost you a lot more in money, time & energy in the long run. It's not worth the headache.

  • Updated by StubHub! · Dec 19, 2009

    Hi. I’m Dave from the Executive Customer Care team at StubHub. I came across your blog and it looks like you had a pretty unpleasant experience with us. Given the situation you’ve described in your post, I’d be pretty aggravated as well. I would like to discuss your particular situation with you directly and would welcome the opportunity to try and turn this unfortunate situation around for you. If you would like to discuss your order in detail, please respond to my attention at, [email protected] I hope to speak with you soon. Thanks.

    Dave Ferraro
    Executive Customer Care Specialist - StubHub

  • La
    LALLENEG Mar 12, 2010

    I was the victim of a bait and swith with Stub Hub. I ordered event tickets for a specific section at the Garden. When i got my tickets it only listed the zone, nothing about the specific section they offered and I chose-#307-12. Weeks later I get my tickets for a section that was located farther away however in the same zone-#425!!! When I complained their response was we never offered a specific section only a zone! This was complete BS! I will never order from them again! I was totally taken with no abiliyt to prve that I ordered from their website based on the specific section in a zone...COMPLETE BAIT AND SWITCH!

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Resolved rotten service

Do not purchase tickets through stubhub if you want to get your tickets in time for the event. I purchased a ticket from them on 10/22 and after they finally confirmed the ticket was available on 10/23 at 12:25 am I did not recieve the ticket until 6 hours before the concert on 10/24. On Sat 10/24 at 8:20 they sent me what they call a "automated email" titled "edelivery issue" saying "We are aware that your seller has not yet uploaded your tickets for your Event. "which, keep in mind the concert was scheduled for that evening.I finally received notification the tickets were ready for upload on 10/24 at 1:01 pmSince i was not home after 12pm i did not receive the notification until the next day since I had to leave the house.The customer service guy basically told me that in this "technically savvy world" i should have been able to make arrangements to print out the tickets even though it was 6 hours before the concert and since i was on the road i had no idea they had sent me this email at 1pm when the concert was at 7pm that evening!
They said after the fact the seller had difficulty uploading the ticket but not once did they let me know that the ticket would indeed be available before the event.They said "you should have called us" I purchased a ticket and the product should have been delivered to me in a timely manner which it was not.I had no access to a pc when they finally did upload the ticket at 1:01 pm when the concert was at 7. They will not refund my money but offered me a$10 certificate good towards a future purchase . So basically i paid $59.95 for a worthless piece of paper.I will NEVER use their service again.If you want to purchase a ticket from them ...be warned as i am sure i am not the only one who has had this issue and i wish i would have used the old adage " buyer beware"

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Resolved deceptive tactics

I purchased tickets for a sporting event in May 2009 with a guarantee that I will receive my tickets in time for the event. The event was schedule September 20, 2009. I attempted to login to my account online to check the status numerous time but my account was oddly enough, LOCKED. I contacted Stubhub on Sept 3rd to notify them that my account was locked and they had no reason as to why. I had NOT received my tickets yet and that the online tracking for these tickets through FedEX claims that they were left on my doorstep. I was advised to look around my home and see if FedEX left them somewhere hidden. I followed up with Stubhub on September 15 to notify them that I searched around my home, asked the office to my apartment and others that live around my apartment if they had seen the package or maybe inadvertlantly picked it up or mis-delivered by FedEX. I still had not received my tickets. I was then informed that I must file a police report and a claim with FedEX for lost package. I contacted FedEX and they require that the SENDER file the claim and the local police departments could not file a report for lost tickets because I never posessed the tickets therefore they can not be classified as stolen.

I was notified by Stubhub on Sept 16 that they would contact the seller and request reprinted tickets. I was never contacted after that response to whether or not I would be receiving my tickets.

Stubhub now claims that since the event has passed, there is nothing they can do and I am out of pocket $788.

Resolved over-priced tickets

This service is a complete rip-off. My wife bought 2 tickets to Jason Mraz concert from StubHub about a month...

Calgary Other

terrible customer service

I had my first, worst and last experience using Stubhub.com. I ordered tickets for an upcoming Red Sox game at Fenway Park and managed to go through the entire order process having no knowledge that the tickets were for obstructed view seats. I didn't learn about this until it was presented in the confirmation email. I then called their customer service immediately to see if I could cancel the order and they simply refused to help me at all.

Their customer service manager was very short and unsympathetic towards the situation and even said "too bad, it's your fault (that you didn't see it)". I wasn't even being mean or angry towards the person. They were just being jerks for no reason at all. I also said that I was willing to do an exchange for other tickets, but they even refused to do that. So then I told them that I would have to call my credit card company and dispute the charge, meaning that the seller wouldn't get paid. They said that the seller gets paid regardless of whether or not they get paid. So essentially they were willing to just lose money rather than help me get other tickets. Absolutely ridiculous! Stay far, far away from these clowns!

  • Kd
    kdilkington Sep 02, 2009

    A followup on how things are going so far:

    I had my credit card company dispute the charge with Stubhub twice. They were unsuccessful because Stubhub kept hiding behind their "All Sales are Final" policy. They admitted that they could offer and exchange or refund, but would not do it.

    I wrote an email to Stubhub's Executive Customer Care department. I received a voicemail from one of their representatives, Joe Farrell. I called him back 6 times over a period of two weeks, leaving him messages on 3 occasions, and he never returned my call. No idea why he called in the first place.

    After filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, another representative from the Executive Customer Care department responded immediately and offered to waive the 15% seller's fee if I wanted to resell the tickets on their website - which they would make money from. They basically only "help" you if the BBB is involved because they don't want their "A+" rating to be tarnished. I rejected that offer and am waiting for a response from the BBB.

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Resolved misrepresentation/false advertising

Another couple, my wife and I bought tickets to a game advertised for Saturday July 11th, 2009. Bought tickets at a price of $65/ticket. 100% positive that the date on the StubHub said Saturday July 11. Didn't think anything of it, until we had checked into hotel we rented because of night game and 3+ hour drive. Got to ballpark and got our tickets scanned...scanner read invalid date. Stubhub had given us tickets to Friday July 10th game. In trying to contact Stub Hub to resolve problem, they have been less than accomodating. They won't respond to email, and deny any responsibility over the phone...when we're not on hold. Meanwhile we're left holding nearly $300 in tickets we couldn't use. Tickets were a Father's Day gift.

  • Updated by StubHub! · Jul 31, 2009


    I’m reaching out to you from Executive Customer Care (ECC) here at StubHub. We monitor blogs and consumer reviews and found your comments. We’d really like to talk with you and would sincerely appreciate your response as we recognize that you may be disappointed in our services.

    From what I gathered of the situation, it appears that you purchased tickets through our website and the tickets may have been sent incorrectly by the seller. I do not dispute that this is a disappointing situation and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.

    I was hoping that you could provide us with more detail regarding your StubHub ticket order as we would like the opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have had regarding StubHub policies and how the situation was handled. We’d also like to find out if there is anyway to turn your StubHub experience around if at all possible.

    If you are interested in discussing this, please contact us at StubHub via email: [email protected] Thank you!

  • De
    Demerol Feb 11, 2010

    You were supposed to verify your tickets when you received them, this is your fault you were scammed by the person selling the tickets on Stubhub. They wouldn't have sent the money to the seller unless you had confirmed the tickets. I spend over $1, 000 dollars a year and have also sold tickets through them and have never had any problems. They are just a broker, they don't actually have the tickets on hand.

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Resolved online/phone sales system

Okay. I get it. It's a business and an industry: people need to make money, and ticket sales organizer...

Resolved stubhub ripoff

I purchased Atlanta Braves tickets on stubhub. A comment on the listing said "755 club passes and gold parking". However, when I downloaded the tickets, no 755 club passes or gold parking were included.

I called stubhub and spoke with several customer service personnel. Their responses were all the same - stubhub is not responsible for seller comments, and that stubhub is just the middleman.

I will NEVER use stubhub again. Next time I will buy on ebay.

  • Sc
    Scot Krause May 22, 2009

    Follow up to my complaint above:

    stubhub called me today. Apparently, the Braves tickets were indeed 755 club tickets, but the reprinted tickets did not include the 755 club access information due to a system error. stubhub called the Braves to make sure we get 755 access at the game tonight. As well, stubhub gave me a contact name with the Braves in case we have a problem getting into the 755 club.

    stubhub has been aware of this problem since last week, in which stubhub-issued Braves tickets that are supposed to have 755 access fail to include the 755 access information on the printed tickets. stubhub thought that the problem had been previously corrected.

    As for the gold parking, stubhub refunded me the stubhub fees, which will offset my parking costs for this evening.

    stubhub also profusely apologized for the mix-up.

    I am big believer that making mistakes is okay; how one recovers from those mistakes is what really matters. stubhub recovered nicely from this mistake and did the right thing. Hence, I will continue to purchase tickets from stubhub.com.

    I would have deleted this posting, but this website does not appear to allow the deletion of previously submitted complaints.

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Resolved fan protection guarantee fail

StubHub will not refund my money for the CANCELLED Lady Gaga show on 4/2/09 at the 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.

I purchased 4 tickets totalling $655 as a birthday present for my daughter. The show was cancelled. StubHub refuses to refund my money b/c they said it has been rescheduled for 4/2/2009. This is FALSE, there are no records or information confirming this is true. The venue has not booked the show for next year.

StubHub's 'FAN PROTECTION GUARANTEE' states that consumers will receive a FULL REFUND if a show is cancelled. Because they are saying the show has been rebooked, they don't have to refund the money.

  • Updated by StubHub! · Jul 01, 2009

    Hi southchix04,

    My name is Jennifer Norberg and I'm the Senior Supervisor of StubHub Executive Customer Care. I read your complaint and would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced when the 4/2/2009 Lady Gaga concert had been rescheduled.

    I understand you may be concerned with StubHub's policies surrounding rescheduled or cancelled events. If at all possible, I would like the opportunity to address these concerns directly and also find out if there is anyway for StubHub to turn your experience around.

    If you are interested in discussing this, you are welcome to contact me at StubHub via email: [email protected]

Resolved canadian buyers beware

From the 'Official Site of the Toronto Blue Jays' clicked on the Stub Hub advertisement to purchase...

Resolved tickets to wrong address

I ordered tickets on 1/13/09 for a concert event on 4/11/09. These tickets were meant to be a surprise for my wife's birthday. I left town and when I returned the tickets had not been delivered. I thought maybe with the long weekend they were just taking a while. Well then I received an email stating that the tickets had been delivered via Fed Ex... to my OLD address! I was upset because my old address is over 500 miles from where I live now. I have called Stubhub each day since then asking them to fix it. The only response I get is that they contacted Fed Ex to try and recover, this was unsuccessful so now I am SOL! I Keep asking where can I file a complaint? Who is going to take care of this? When am I going to get refunded? Each time I am told that this is my fault and there is no remedy. I specifically changed my Billing and shipping address when I placed the order, but apparently Stubhub does not beleive that is true. The IT department is looking
into it. I WILL NEVER use this service again, I cannot beleive how unwilling they are to try and help their customers when clearly an error has occured.
Damage Resulting = $319 for the cost of the tickets and the extended time I have spent on the phone trying to work with these people.

  • StubHub's response · Dec 27, 2011

    Hey, MNTechDad!

    I certainly understand your frustration, and I apologize for any inconveniences! I definitely would like the opportunity to make this right for you! Please be advised that tickets are shipped to the address on your StubHub account. If you would like to change the shipping address, StubHub is happy to do this for you. Please email your order information and the shipping address you would like to use for future purchases to us at [email protected]

    Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

    StubHub Executive Customer Care

  • Mn
    MNTechDad Dec 20, 2011

    Right in-line with the previous observation, I ordered tickets to a sporting event here in Minnesota where I now live for my son and I. StubHub delivered the tickets to my old house... in Utah where I have not lived for a year! This was to be my 11 year-old son's first pro football game, and now due to StubHub it is a miss!
    StubHub should be sued for their actions!

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  • Dorsey Dick Mar 29, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Exact same thing happened to me. I ordered tickets to the Final Four for my girlfriend and her brother and entered his address, since he lives in Houston that would be most convenient. But, for some reason they sent them to my girlfriend's old address where she hasn't lived for over a year. There's no way to delete old addresses either so it makes mistakes like this much more likely. Had a live chat with StubHub and they said they'd need to forward me to the special events department and they'd get back to me within 48 hours. The tickets are supposed to be delivered (to the wrong address) within 36 hours. I'm not sure what to do if they get delivered. I've already wasted so much time on this due to StubHub's mistake.

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  • Ga
    Gaston Moglie Mar 15, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought two tickets for san Antonio Spurs vs Cleveland Cavs on march 27 th 2017, and I did not received them. Fedex said that they delivered them but I did not received them, I looked for them anywhere. I asked to contact the seller to reprint.them because he is the only who could do that and he did not answer, so if you could not get the tickets for me, I want you refund my money back please.

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no customer service

Stub Hub basically took an entire day of my vacation in Texas from me. You talk to a different person each...

fraudulent practices/not able to contact corp. office

I was in a ticket auction for Yankee Tickets. The sellers comments on the tickets were: Wow, 2nd row above Yankee Dugout, Best Seats in the House. I won the auction. When I checked on the seats, they were at the top of the stadium. It was too late. I called over 4 times and never received a call back. They protect the seller but not the buyer even though they advertise a FAN PROTECT GUARANTEE against FRAUD!! I tried to get in touch with their Corp. Office but every number you call connects you with Customer Service and they state that they do not know the Corp Office number. I disputed the charge with AMEX but Stub Hub is stating I kept the tickets even though I refused them. Now, FEDEX is involved since the info Stub Hub gave is inaccurate!! It is a mess and I am out over $800.00!!

Resolved rip-off!

I participated in a stub hub auction however the seller was not happy with the price he was receiving on the auction he called to have the auction extended three times. I talked to three different customer service reps who said an auction cannot be extended but finally they admitted that a supervisor made this decision. I have spent hour trying to get this problem resolved. I would have never bid on these tickets if I had known they would just keep extending the deadline to get more money. They only did it to get more commissions. There moto is all sales are final but I guess they are only final if they get the price they want. That is not how an auction works. They should have put the starting bid at a higher amount if they wanted to get a certain dollar amount.

  • De
    Debra L. Huron Nov 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why can't we get together and sue them???

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  • Am
    amanda Jun 13, 2009

    Hi, I bought tickets and under the sellers comments it said $10 food voucher. After I paid for the tickets the food voucher was not part of the deal. STUB HUB only gaurentees the tickets and not what the seller says. Yet they know you can not get food vouchers or parking passes through them and they let the sellers say they are included!! The whole thing is a fraud and they let the sellers lie and do nothing about it. Needless to say I called my credit card company and told them not to pay it was a fraudulent transaction! I will never use them again and I will tell everyone I know!

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Resolved scam and cheating

I wanted to reward a friend with tickets to a Yankee game - one of the final games of the year. I decided to purchase tickets from StubHub. I realizing the tickets had been marked-up; nevertheless, this was a special event.

Not including the tickets, I spent $4k to in hotel, air and more just to travel to and from NYC.

The "expensive" tickets: over $2k.

The original owner of the tickets: A Yankee season ticket holder. Ask me for his name.

When I attempted to use the tickets, the Yankees refused me at the gate. The tickets are invalid.

I telephoned StubHub. The phone rang and rang. I telephoned back and was placed on hold for - well, I gave up. How is a fan going to resolve a serious problem at the gate, when StubHub places us on hold forever?

I complained to StubHub. I was sent the Invalid Ticket Claim Form" and was tolded by Deju, "this type of situation is rare..."

Deju: "this type of situation is rare"


A StubHub representative, Sue at [protected], telephoned me prior to receiving the form. She encouraged me to complete the form and return it ASAP; she too stated this type of situation (selling tickets to fans that are fake or invalid) is rare. She said that she would be back in touch with me; that if I wanted to phone her I could...but that her voice mail (at customer service) doesn't work.

  • Et
    Ethelred Jul 16, 2009

    I've had some bad experiences with StubHub, too. That's why I mainly like Ticketliquidator or TicketsNow. Although, overall, I think Ticketliquidator has lower prices.

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  • Fa
    FanseePanths Jul 16, 2009

    Ticketmaster is the way to go.

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  • Ca
    cannibalizer Jun 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    since when is buying and reselling tickets at a higher cost not called SCALPING? this is [censor]ing illegal and should be stopped.

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  • Sp
    Sportacus Jul 18, 2015

    Sold tickets through stubhub. The buyer of my tickets resold my tickets. The buyer of my tickets claimed I sold the tickets multiple times. I m not going to get paid now. BEWARE. Stubhub protects buyer but not the seller.

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Resolved scam and cheating

On 9/23/08 my wife decides to surprise me with 49ers tickets. She does the best she can do, not knowing the best seating or how to purchase them, she goes to stubhub.com, suposively a scam free website to purchase tickets.

Long and short she browses the tickets and clicks purchase. Next it says 'They Buyer Requires You Contact Him Prior To Buying' So she emails him at the address provided. The guy tells her once she makes payment via western union she will receive confirmation via stubhub.com and tickets will be issued. So she does it, a few moments later she gets confirmation from stubhub, and awaits the tickets. Well they never came and stubhub has no record. My wife is out $279 and stubhub will hear nothing about it.

There response is our terms and conditions are at the bottom of each page. My response is the link is in 5pt and the buy now button is at the top of the screen so who is even looking at the bottom, when the top clearly says 'Fan Protection Guarantee!'

Its BS and I will be contacting the newspapers and radio, if we don't get results!

  • Co
    ColoradoJimH Oct 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dont use StubHub. NEVER buy tickets for clients through StubHub. Read more at: www.stubhubsoldmeinvalidtickets.blogspot.com/

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  • St
    stubhub Feb 10, 2009

    Well to tell you the truth...how do you feel about making a transaction that you know you have no way of tracking?? I'm sure you've heard about people doing western union, plus your buying from stubhub, read the Fan Protection Guarantee, it's there for a reason, i'm sure if you had read it you would've notice that it says stub hub doesn't let buyer and seller communicate.

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Resolved mike manning

I posted four concert tickets I wanted to sell on their website. Stub Hub contacted me and told me there wa...