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Several months ago I was checking out at Stein Mart with some purchases. The sales clerk told me that Stein Mart was giving free magazines to their customers as a way of saying thank you. I asked several times if the magazines cost anything and he assured me they were free. He gave me a piece of paper with magazine choices and I didn't see any that I really wanted. He said he like US and that was a good magazine. So I choose US, Southern Living and Family Circle.

Just yesterday my credit card bill came and I have been charged a high price for US and Southern Living!! I am outraged!!


  • blackwater Jun 09, 2010

    I had the same act happen to me while on vacation ion FT.Lauderdale, FL I called my credit card company and they removed the $12.00 fee I have since then looked at my statments and found more charges for a second magazine $12.00 Look Out ! for TWX HUH showing up on your credit card statments.


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  • Sm
    Smworker Jun 17, 2010

    I curently work at stein mart and I can tell you that we do have a magazine TRIAL. This is how it works you get to pick 1-3 mgaZines of you choice. You those three free for the first three months.but here is the thing it takes about 6-10weeks to recieve them. So in the three months you might only get one or two after the 3 months they give you about a month to cancel the charges and het your money back.for that I believe you have to call the 800 number.but. If you want to cancel before the 3 months is over you can go into any store and the cashier at any register can cancel it. I've done this plenty of times if they tell you they can't just say that you have seen them do it before

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  • Up
    upsetkimmy Jul 20, 2010

    The same thing happened to me. I was never told that I would be charged anything. Since I was a "preferred customer" I was going to recieve 4 free issues of 3 magazines. I was looking over my last month statement and saw 3 different charges totally over 100.00 which overdrafted my account. I did get the magazine company to credit my account but I had 3 overdraft fees of 37.00 each. Talk about POed!!! This morning I went online to check my balance and OMG there was 2 more charges from the same magazine company. When I called they said Stein Mart had once again gave them my bank info. I was never told I would be charged and I cannot believe that Stein Mart would do this. Either they have some deal with this magazine company for a kick back or they need to hire better honest employees to tell the truth to their customers.

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  • Te
    texas person Aug 19, 2010

    the same thing happened to me. They told me I'd get people magazine completely for free! I got a charge on my credit card today. I"m upset and they are going to credit it and give me a gift card for lying to me!
    austin texas

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  • Jw
    jwalker50 Aug 25, 2010

    I've had the same problem. I told the sales clerk that I would take the 3 magazines for 3 months free and then I wanted it cancelled and she told me that she could do that and I would get the magazines for 3 months only. Well I never got even one magazine and now I've had two charges taken from my debit card. One for $12 and one for $58.50 for the magazines. I called the store and they told me that they would take care of having the money refunded to me within two days. A week later I still have not receied my money back and I called the store again and they said they would look into it and then I called the corporate office and of course I only got voice mail.

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  • Jw
    jwalker50 Aug 25, 2010

    UPDATE - I just talked with my bank and they said that I should report this to the police!

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  • blackwater Sep 11, 2010

    SteinMart Magazine Ripoff: Phone number and contact info to get it resolved.

    Contact: Judy Grigg Phone #1-888-783-4662 Keep your credit card billing statement close for at least the next six months. I eagle eye my statement monthly.


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  • Mu
    Munkeyhunk Nov 30, 2010

    Maybe if you all weren't [censor]ed and knew how to read you would have seen on the counter top at the check out register it says three months for free. Not free for life. Do any of you really think that someone is going to give you something for free? Call the 800 number that they gave you and they will credit your card if you do it within 45 days. After 45 days they will still give you most of your money back. And for the person who said your bank told you to call the police? Please, attach the recording of that conversation. I can see it now, "Officer I authorized these people to charge my card. I was stupid and didn't read the paperwork and now I want you to go arrest someone there to make me feel better about myself." Good luck with that. I work at Stein Mart and I have to deal with idiots like you guys everyday. It's good to finally tell you what life is really about.

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  • Pj
    Pjayktty Dec 10, 2010

    What an attitude Munkeyhunk has! You obviously don't work in customer service. How could you possibly know what each and every sales person in Stein Mart has told different customers?
    There was never anything said about automatic billing when I was told I would receive the magazines for a free trail. I DID ask about charges, and was assured there was no charge. As someone who's been in sales for over 30 yrs, I feel as though the free trial offer was intentionally misrepresented. At the very least the sales person should have said is after the free trial, you have the option to continue the subscription to cancel.

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  • Ab
    Abalone Dec 16, 2010

    Just scornfully swat that malevolent green fly whose * husband * on Quatloos forums, bmielke(the lawnmower ruler), cathulhu(in rattlesnakes boots) are comfortably scoffing at us.

    Aliases obviously ignored by the Quatloos gens.

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  • Pi
    piaedfj Mar 04, 2011

    I think I've got you beat. I actually canceled the magazines using the automated system, and spoke to a client on the other end to confirm the cancellation and now I'm staring at a negative balance due to overdraft fees on my checking account. Guess what from?

    They change the rules midway through the trial so that refund options are no longer valid. I know first hand that the subscriptions are bull. I worked for Stein Mart and researched all possible ways to sell the thing and I just came to terms with it being bad business and refused to do it. I didn't want to tell customers what would happen if they got the magazines just because I read it on a piece of paper, so I signed myself up to discover how tedious the process was first hand. I'd offer it without mentioning anything "FREE" The brochure has the prices listed and I just gave them that. I've had it with this company ripping people off. Employees and customers alike. So the 800 number is just as bogus. I canceled the magazines and still got charged, despite canceling before the "Free 3 month trial."

    Obviously nothing's ever free. Someone is always paying for it somehow. If I give you a free cookie, I'm short one damn cookie.

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  • Ba
    barelyabovewater Mar 13, 2011

    I was told by the cashier, who took my name and number for their "Call back" list, that they would give me a courtesy call before the 3 months was up to remind me that I would I need to cancel my subscription. I never received that call, nor did I call the 800 number. Honestly I forgot about it until I started receiving tons of magazines in the mail that I NEVER chose in the first place. I've also been receiving tons of subscription notices in the mail for said magazines, which I have "Declined" and mailed back. NEVER did I authorize Stein Mart or any of these magazine companies to charge my credit card $58.50 for People magazine. Can hardly wait to see what they charge me over the next few months. I called the Stein Mart in Cary and was told by Judy that she would contact the company and get my money refunded. I doubt I'll hear from her again, but you'd better believe, they WILL be hearing from me again. This is B. S. and bad, bad, business. Shame bottom feeders everywhere who have resorted to these slimy tactics. Like any of us have money to spare for an unwanted magazine subscription.

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  • Vs
    vsklovesyouu Apr 03, 2011

    Ok... I WORK for Stein Mart at the Customer Service desk. There are HUGE stickers stuck to the counter with the Stein Mart MasterCard and the "Try any 3 free!" magazine promotion. If you READ it, you'd know it says the first three months are free. After that, they WILL charge you. When you agree to the magazines, Stein Mart has the right to give your billing information to the magazine companies. It's not a scam. You just have to remember to cancel within 3 months or else you will be charged a year's subscription for each magazine you selected. The magazine company does offer to reimburse your money if you decide you want your money back (within 45 days after the 3 month trial). The magazine ALSO sends a big green postcard notifying you that if you don't cancel the magazines before the 3 months, you WILL be charged for it. There are also brochures next to EVERY register about the magazines, which tells you everything I'm telling you now. And also, even after you've swiped your credit card and accidently hit "approve" for the magazines, we need to input your information (name, address, phone number, etc) in order for you to recieve the magazines. It's not "slimy tactics". And you can't recieve 4 magazines just for being a preferred customer. The computer is limited to select THREE and ONLY THREE. I agree with MunkeyHunk completely. So many of you customers think you know what you're talking about, and you want to argue and argue and argue until we point it out directly to you. Just b/c we work in retail doesn't mean we're stupid. It's our JOB - we know more about it than you do.
    As for the cashier that said you "wouldn't be charged after the 3 months", he/she could have been new. And I'll admit to knowing that some stores falsely advertise "3 free magazines", but if you were to ask what the catch was, maybe you wouldn't have gotten yourself in that situation. Or maybe, you were just too damn busy talking on your phone and not paying attention to the transaction to know what was even happening.

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