Stein Martcustomer service at stein mart #398

S Jun 10, 2019

After shopping at two SteinMarts (#340 and #080) on 8 Jun 2019, I purchased a king bedspread and many pillows to match it ($204.66) from SteinMart #080.

Regrettably, the bedspread was too short by 4" to cover my mattress; rather than suffer the road construction that would be my only direct route to SteinMart #080, I drove the extra 10 miles on an alternate route to shop SteinMart#398 in Paradise Valley, AZ as soon as it opened on 9 Jun 2019--to both return my purchases from 8 June and to shop for other items at the store.

I awaited for the store to open and was the second in line. The first customer was trying to return a dress that was too small, and the cashier (name badge: Judi) was noticeably rude to her and said she couldn't help her--maybe she could find someone "on the floor" to help her. I stepped up next and said I had returns and presented her with the sale slip--without looking at the slip, the first question she asked me was: "What store sold it to you?" I told her it was SteinMart #080, and pointed out the same info on the saleslip.

"Oh CRAP!", Judi said. I asked, "Are we not allowed to return our purchases to any SteinMart?"

"This return cuts into our bottomline! It's really disgusting!"

I explained that I had hoped to return the items and then shop in her store but her reception of me was a definite turn-off to my continuing business with her store, or perhaps even SteinMart as a whole.

She said, "I shouldn't have said that." I acknowledged, "I wouldn't think you'd learned that way to greet customers." She said, "I'm sorry".

Then, immediately after the apology, she said, "It's just so maddening to have to accept returns from other stores."

I said, "You apologized and yet you keep on telling me that you don't want to accept this return". She started taking my items and noting them on my initial sales slip.

In the end, after all the objection to taking items from another store (sales tax at 8.6%) she refunded me an amount that did not credit me at the higher sales tax I paid at the initial store and thus shorted me $1.05. I later made a purchase but was glad not to be served again by "Judi".

The evening of 8 June 2019, I ordered nearly $100 in sales online with SteinMart. Reflection again on the reception I got from SteinMart 398 and their salesclerk "Judi", I am of a mind to never enter that store again and to perhaps never shop SteinMart again.

My SteinMart Black Card Number is [protected]; in reference, I've been shopping at SteinMart since 1998 (starting in Toledo, OH).

I hope you'll inform both Store 398's manager and their employee "Judi" that I am sorely disappointed in SteinMart. If the store doesn't want to receive returns from other stores, that sentiment should be expressed in large writing on a clearly visible spot at every cash register.

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