[Resolved] Starbucksdangerous low hanging lamps

Dear Sir/Madam,

I often go to the Starbucks Shell Hofplein location in Rotterdam and I like it a lot, however I have to complain about some lamps that are hanging too low and that can be very dangerous.
I already hit my hard quite hard on these low hanging lamps while getting up from a chair and it was quite painful. I now pay extra attention when getting up but it's quite dangerous because if I forget to pay attention when getting up I could again hit my head against the hard low hanging lamps. Today I visited this Starbucks again and I witnessed another customer getting up and hitting her head hard against the low hanging lamps.
I mentioned the issue with the lamps to the Starbucks employee (a young lady) at the cashier, however she informed me that people indeed often hit their heads again the lamps but they could not change how the lamps hung as everything in each Starbucks location had to be the same way. The employee was very friendly and I certainly do not want to cause her any problems.

I kindly ask you to look into this issue with these lamps. I find them very hard, hanging too low and very dangerous. I work in the medical industry and I know that head injuries can be very dangerous. Please kindly seriously look into this issue and find a solution as soon as possible.

I look forward to your early feedback.

Kind regards,
Pamela Alexander
email: [protected]


  • Resolution statement

    Resolved. This complaint was meant to be submitted to Starbucks directly and not to you. Please delete.

Sep 29, 2019

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