Starbucksstarbucks sea-tac international airport elsa #383853

D Aug 12, 2018

What I Liked:

1. The Ice Quad Espresso was at expected quality and taste levels for a SBUX.

What I Did not Like:

1. Cashier was totally untrained and had no clue what she was doing.
2. Overcharged me for the Ice Quad: Charged me for a Americano Venti and added a shot charge adding up to 5 shots for a 4 shot drink.
3. She was unable and the manager was unable to work their own registers and it took a long time, many problems and lots of charge-backs and whatever to get a receipt that charged me for a Venti Americano.
4. I was unable to get any confirmation that I was not double or even triple charged and the store personnel were just clueless and lost in the ozone. There was no apology and she said she credited it back on my mobile account, but there is no evidence of that and no receipt provided as I requested.

This was a mess. The store is out of control and they do not have any training.

You can do better as a licensed store. Store Number SEASTA13

starbucks sea-tac international airport elsa #383853

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