I am an employee at the lax airport and I frequently patronize the starbucks at terminal 6 (laxsta29). However today will be my last time going there because they're sevice is extremely lousy with a capital "l".
Everytime I go there, they are always out of products and the counter where you get your condiments is always dirty. From spilled milk to sugars and cinnamon spills. It's absolutely disgusting. Mind you this location has only been open for business for around two to three months and the first time I went there the place was so unorganized they didn't even have displays set out and the counter again was all dirty from the night before and I know this for a fact because I asked them "why was the counter so dirty since they just opened an hour ago" and the young lady's response was" because the night shift didn't clean up last night. So i've decided to just take my business somewhere else.

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