Starbucksexplosive mood swing employee. august 1. 11:00 am

B Aug 01, 2018

S. Federal Highway/E.Broward Blvd in Fort Lauderdale. This was my Starbucks. 2 blocks from my house and I loved getting my Americanos every morning. Loved the staff! Smiles, jokes and personal updates.

You folks hired new people for my Starbucks and they're monsters! I just finished ordering Peet's to be delivered to my house. I'll still go to Starbucks, but no longer every morning and never again to "my" Starbucks.

Molly McMoodswing is a brand new employee. She can't have been working there for more than 2 weeks. Clearly having a very bad morning and she was working the register, in direct contact with your customers. It seemed like the other staff were either waiting for her head to explode or for her to be taken off the register and away from customers. Stressful as hell to be in there. SLAMMING the register drawer. European, ESL tourists just weren't answering her questions fast enough for her liking and she was got louder each time she had to repeat herself, but when she had to ask my name a second time because I didn't hear her ask the first time...Whoa! Time to write a complaint. I got the strong impression that the other employees were too scared to say anything. She and all the customers involved were white/Caucasian.

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