Starbucksbad customer service & rough treatment by trent at starbuck @ 93 south river road, bedford mallm nh 03110


I went with my wife and son to walk thorough for as always being startbuck customer to get coffee and tea. We order coffee and tea but barrister name trent gave coffee fast but took more than 20 minis to open window and give tea. Which was ready and kept at window. When we knocked the window, he got upset & when we said that this is longest time took to make simple hot elgrey tea. He said this is normal & this is what we do. Then I asked for water for my wife without ice. Then he brought with ice and when I asked that can he give without ice. He said this is what he will get & shut the window with some obscene words, which I could not got but it was something f.. K you. This I never had in my last 3 years. Being gold memember & living in bedford, nh, we never get such worst customer service. Trent is worst & I want startbuck managment provide him proper training.

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