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Complaints & Reviews

poor service

I went to the starbucks store at cyber 2 building for 2 cups of coffee. Got a long queue there and the baristas were not speed up even though the line has already long. What make me really felt bad is somebody who's behind me got the order first. And after half an hour one of the senior guy named leo came and help (after half an hour? Please!). Well hello! You should be there earlier. I saw some people also complain about this poor service. What a bad day I had today!!!

bad and poor service at the store

I am writing to complain about the poor and bad service which I received at your store starbucks 2 located cairo festival mall. I used to go to your store every weekend with my daughter who loves all products. Last friday, I asked for a fully fresh drink without any additional because I have a stomachache and they advice me to have a lemon juice with a fresh mint. When I was waiting for order, I found that they used lemon from metro market and soda with a very bad tasted and when I talked to one of the staff he talked to me using unaccepted way of dealing and when other tried to apologize he replied impolitely and all these attitudes I do not expected from starbucks. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

witnessing multiple health code violations

I have witnessed firsthand as well as have had multiple others see employees at this starbucks not washing...

not in stock

I have been to three different starbucks from la mesa, ca, rancho bernardo, ca, and huntington beach, ca and I have tried to order the caramel crunch frappuccino. And every single starbucks has been out of the crunch topping. The barista today said that it is being fazed out because it is a summer drink, it needs to be taken off of the ordering list if they cannot correctly make it. It is also just the beginning of summer, how can it already be "fazing out". I am a loyal starbucks customer and am quite irritated and disappointed with your company!


  • Sa
    say it as it is Jul 12, 2015

    If it is not in stock, it is not in stock. I understand you are young, but they cannot just wave a wand and magically make the crunch topping appear. Ask mom or dad how things work in the real world.

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discrepancy between announced prices and charged prices

I spent a few days at the westin in snowmass village, co where a starbucks is located on the premises. At the end of my stay, I realized that there was a discrepancy between the prices showed on the menu boards and the prices actually charged at the register.
When I realized that, the personal tried to credit me for the overcharged transaction, credit that I still don't see on my credit card report. They had to charge me another item to prevent overcharging me as, obviously, all the prices entered in the cash register were higher than the displayed ones.

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bug in my drink

I purchased a hot, grande caramel macchiato from the starbucks location off of 8th/broadway in oakland, ca...

service is horrible

Contrast and comparison... Please read below. I'm forever perplexed.

7th avenue and 23rd street - huge location. At 8am everyday there is a huge line and sometimes one person doing register, coffee, and snacks. If you are lucky somebody comes back from their smoke break (you see them standing right by the front door) and you have two people behind the counter.

6th ave and 24th street-smaller location. Because of the above I sometimes will try this location. This is even worse. This place is half the size and over staffed... And the line is still just as long. There must be 4 to 5 employees behind the counter bumping into each other. The lady at the register gets my drink wrong all the time. Tall iced coffee sweetened. It never comes sweetened-I have accepted that and given up that option. She also writes down the coffee cake I buy every morning and places the bag to the side for the person in charge of snacks to place in the bag. The bag sits on the counter half the time or falls on the floor. If you can interrupt all the laughter and personal conversation behind the counter, you might be able to remind them of the order you just placed and paid for 10 minutes ago. This place us seriously like a saturday night live sketch. I try and find the positive in everything, but this place really needs some major overhaul.

Starbucks management please help!!! This is really tarnishing the way I feel about such a wonderful company and success story.

  • Ja
    Jack Jul 29, 2009

    Stopped at the Oaklawn location near Evergreen Park Il. both suburbs of Chicago & purchased some goodies, Sad to say I was not happy with the brownie. Don't get me wrong it was very good, but for what it cost I feel taken/robbed. At a cost of over $2 for such a small piece is just wrong in my book. Just an F.Y.I.

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  • No
    Not1Not2 Jun 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought a cup of coffee at Starbucks. It was so bad I couldn't drink it but I was on the road. I returned it four hours later. I was told they only guarantee their coffee in the store. I used to go to Starbucks to get good coffee. Now maybe I will give up coffee.

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  • Bi
    Bill Wright Jul 28, 2010

    Two restrooms have been out of order for two weeks. The door handle on one restroom and the other who knows. People stand waiting to get in and there is no one in there. I am there everyday supporting Starbucks. Please, lets get something done there.

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  • St
    Starbucks4305 Mar 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hey I can see that sometimes the coffee machine might have a bad cup. Next time do what I do, Ask for a fresh cup of coffee or ask how long the current pot has been brewing. ALSO, ALWAYS take a sip before you leave that way you know it is just how you want it. We are all human so we have to expect some mistakes sometime right.
    STARBUCKS SAVINGS! Follow me on Twitter @Starbuckssaving

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  • Be
    bernie crane Jul 23, 2011

    oh wat the ###

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  • Ch
    choppa chop ya down Feb 01, 2013

    i ordered a 10 $ gift card for a friends birthday got chrged for 3 of them i wanted only one can u pleez cancel the 2 and keep one 712 253 1163

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  • To
    tommy200 May 05, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There's an employee is very rude attitude to a customer, his name is Marky.

    12571 bridgeport rd, suit 104, richmond, bc

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  • Re
    Reviewer77103 Oct 23, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This complaint is specifically for the down town- tagamoo - branch, since ramdan and this branch is getting down in a very strange way, first the new staff is not properly trained. Now the quality of the drinks are getting very bad!! The staff are always in a bad mood, my drink is always the same, caramel Maciato, it is the worse ever in this place!! You really need to watch what is going on with this guys.

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rude staff with ridiculous logic

The staff is very rude. When asked to heat the cold sandwich for few seconds, the staff rudely denied saying...


I just walked out on a shift. I have worked for starbucks since september after getting laid off of my tech virtual work job. I thought starbucks would be fun. I train well and was offered to be higher on as a shift manager. I declined, it was during busy holiday times and didnt want to step on any toes of former employees. The management and I agreed that come january I would start my training.

I am a fast learner and was being told that I was excelling and doing great for the first few months, then out of no-where my manager (brandee) comes to me and says I need to come out of my shell, stop being depressed and that everyone here thinks you hate it here. I work with only two people each week and get along great with them. They have told me im doing great and exceeding expectations so to hear brandee tell me this was very upsetting. I got the rest of my shift covered for the evening and approved by brandee because I was no feeling well and was now very frustrated at the huge sharp turn of direction. The next day I come into work and am ridiculed on how horrible the closing shift did the night before because the lack of knowledge of the person that came into cover for me. They wanted an apology. One was not given. Each employee should know how to do each job and if a manager approves an employee to cover that shift for me should have known better. Fast forward 4 weeks later. I have made an effort to smile and greet customers (more so than the shifts) and have even developed relation ships with our customers. I have sold promotional items well and always go the extra step to satisfy each guests visit. Again today as I came in im told that I intimidated a young partner (who I never work with) at the register to give me a fee drink. All I did was ask if the drink was free because I was working that day. She said nothing and rang me up but then followed up with the manager who came down on me to do the right thing and again said the 90% of the store (I work with only 2 mind you) said I am miserable and unhappy and don't want to be here. My manager asked me to explaing whats going on in my private life so I told her about my wife upcoming breasts cancer exam that we are worried about, and legal charges that have just been dropped due to no criminal evidence available.

I feel very violated and upset that the one place I could go and stay busy and connect with people (all while do the job correctly) would dare to tell me that I don't want to work there let alone provide me with examples or names of people who have said these things. I have been in customer service for 5+ years and have never seen such a horribly run management communications disaster. They even went onto my facebook page to scan me out and look for negative things about me. This is too crazy.

As being in upper management in other customer service industries before I would highly advise the removal of the current management at this location. Employees have often come fourth with knowledge that they have had to deal with some off the same stuff I have had to.

This lead to my decision to walk out of the store. If I am seen as some one who does not want to be there than guess what? I dont!

Cole crook

  • Ru
    Ruth and Kevin Jan 26, 2015

    It seems like you were the one that was causing problems and claiming everyone else was. You are pretty much of a hypocrite, you complain about the other managers asking you about your personal life yet you demand to know who made complaints about you. That is none of your concern, You want your privacy protected but don't care if you violate the privacy of other people.

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  • Ru
    Ruth and Kevin Jan 26, 2015

    Why do you want to know who reported you when you have an issue providing private information.

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  • Ru
    Ruth and Kevin Jan 26, 2015

    Also the problem seems to be you not everyone else.

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  • Ay
    Ayala78 Feb 02, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It sounds like you were treated very unfairly. I am a former Starbucks employee of 7 years, and I know from experience that sometimes an employee doesn't win the juvenile hangout/popularity contest and so they try to get rid of them. Seeing how you did nothing wrong they use the tactic of making you so miserable that you quit. I am sorry this happened to you.
    It also sounds like the store is under poor management. Maybe you were sullen at work once or twice, everyone is, we are all human. Sometimes our grandmother dies, etc, etc.
    I will have you know as a current customer I would much rather have a sad barista make my drink CORRECTLY and with KNOWLKEDGE of how to treat espresso than a happy go lucky college kid with no knowledge of coffee handing me a $5 cup of garbage tasting liquid in a cup. I have worked with several of these types, they even flat out tell you they hate coffee and never drink it...what?! Coffee is an ART!

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  • Ru
    Ruth and Kevin Feb 02, 2015

    The person who wrote this was not treated unfairly. The child writing this complaint needs to learn that they cannot just take a break whenever they feel like it. The management makes a schedule and if everyone felt like going on a break when they felt like it who would be there to help the customers. If the issue is she is hungry she should have had mommy prepare her breakfast, or lunch before she started working. I am sure in school if she is hungry she cannot just eat whenever she feels like it, she has to wait until recess or lunch. Same thing at work.

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  • Ru
    Ruth and Kevin Feb 02, 2015

    Oh never mind, wrong complaint, anyways notice how this child has an issue with everyone? I stand by when I called her a hypocrite, why does she want to know who reported her that is none of her business, yet she thinks her privacy should be respected. It works both ways. If she wants her privacy respected then she had no right acting like a child and demanding to know who reported her for not liking her job.

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lasers at counter gives headaches!

When I go into a starbucks store, I am hit with a laser when standing in line.
This causes immediate headaches.
The remedy is easy, just dont point at the customer line... But no...
The laser moves around and ends up facing the eyes of the customers in line.

flooring maintainence in and around

I recently moved to shenzhen, china and regularly visit starbucks around my vicinity called coco park.. During my 3rd visit I just stepped out of starbucks to use the restroom and I slipped because the floor was slightly wet and slippery. There was no sign board of "caution wet floor" nothing at all.. I ended up with a broken wrist (fracture) and a dislocation.. Its been more than 1month I have a plaster n also suffering from pain.. Only maintening the interior of starbucks is not important, they need to maintain the flooring in and around as well... I couldn't blame them because it didnt happen inside starbucks.

flooring maintainence in and around

  • Vi
    Viker Jul 30, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The letter says enjoy the drink voucherS enclosed but I only received 1 voucher...

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terrible service and disgusting drinks

I regularly stop in this starbucks primarily for convenience however I am always disappointed 9 times out of...

poor service - bad product

Last week they forgot the caramel in my caramel macchiato, and it was tepid. I called and they said to come...

food service

My niece was studying on her computer and called me crying because the female manager and her male friend...

rude employee

This happened at the starbucks branch at the eaton centre (downtown toronto)- this is the branch within the bookstore - indigo chapters. I stood in line like everyone else and when my turn finally came up I made said "hi" and made my order but the customer service agent behind the counter completely ignored me - until her colleague noticed and took my order instead. I knew that she noticed me because she actually saw me approaching the counter and looked down and kept looking down - she was also facing me and standing right in front of me. This was not only insulting but it was also completely embarrassing. Never again am I gonna shop at that starbucks branch.

gift card never received

I ordered a Gift Card in April 2014, which was never received. It was supposed to be a Mother's Day...


im a regular coffee drinker.. I buy coffee from starbucks for years, but today I went to...

very offended by some of the people who run the location at stapeley aand mckellips

I believe the manager treated me with disrespect, by calling the police on on me for something so minor and...

waiting for order

Ordered two tall mochas' waited up to 20 min, while 3 other empolyes walked around doing nothing. Also i...

I wasted my time and money

I made an order through starbucksstore.com and was so disappointed with the services. I paid for my order and the seller sent me this tracking number. I checked it all the time, but the status of the purchase stated that it is sent. I made order 2 weeks ago, but I still haven’t received it. The customer service team was helpless, they only promised to check everything and called back, but they didn’t. I wasted my time and money.