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P Jul 12, 2019

I order online know July 10th for Swiss gear luggage bags. Received confirmation order number. Payment in process. Order supposed to deliver today know July 12. After waiting for order placed call to staples customer services Canada ' she said your order didn't went through! ' I told her that if order didn't went through the why I removed confirmation order number via email. She was started playing game and said I have to place again online. order . And hang up conversation .
My husband again called for clarification to customer services she again answer phone said I already spoke with purvi regards this and order don't went though. After asking more indepth clarification she said might be order out of service! And place order again online it's will be go through.

Me and my husband seat on computer for place order for Swiss luggage bags that was on 1 week sale for 49$ now not showing online! It's means she lie to us.
It's completely unacceptable, very poor customer service with white lying on face. After I chat online with customer service they said they can't give me email to file complain as its won't work out side.. Only internal employee can do that..

I won't to resolve this metter and won't then to send my order I placed . This is copy of our chat.
Chat Transcript with Purvi
Chat started on 12 Jul 2019, 08:29 PM (GMT+0)
(08:29:48) *** Purvi joined the chat ***
(08:29:49) Purvi: Hi there
(08:29:52) *** Wincy S. joined the chat ***
(08:30:04) Wincy S.: Thank you for contacting Staples Live Customer Support. My name is Wincy S. How can I assist you today?
(08:30:50) Purvi: I placed order online, then revived order number. Suppose to be deliver today but didn't received yet.
(08:31:21) Wincy S.: I apologize if you haven't receive it yet.
(08:31:40) Wincy S.: But no worries, let me check on the status of your order.
(08:32:05) Purvi: Spoke with customer representative over phone saying order didn't went through! Question if order didn't want though then how come I removed confirmation email. It's sound so fishy
(08:32:57) Purvi: Order Confirmation Order Number: 4675468 Order Date: July 10, 2019
(08:33:19) Wincy S.: I'm sorry about the confusion. But let me check that for you.
(08:33:20) Purvi: It's for Swiss luggage bags
(08:33:32) Wincy S.: One moment please.
(08:33:37) Purvi: OK
(08:35:16) Wincy S.: Is your email [protected]@YAHOO.COM ?
(08:35:23) Purvi: Yes
(08:36:16) Wincy S.: Thank you.
(08:36:56) Wincy S.: I see here that this order did not go through due the item, Swiss Luggage is no longer available.
(08:38:15) Purvi: Then why order went through? And why it's going through my visa card? And why I received order /confirmation number?
(08:39:04) Wincy S.: I apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused you.
(08:39:06) Purvi: It's doesn't make any sense. If order was not available then why letting customer service to place order for that specific?
(08:39:35) Wincy S.: But there might be a system glitch happened when you placed the order.
(08:40:29) Purvi: Need company manager email address. Or complain department email or telephone number pls
(08:40:53) Purvi: It's wasted my lot time.
(08:41:48) Wincy S.: I understand that this is frustrating and we really apologize for the inconvenience. But let me check what I can do to help you with this.
(08:43:45) Purvi: I am doing shopping /online with so many company. And it's very straight forward if item avaible then allow customer to place order otherwise clearly saying this items is out of stock !
(08:44:48) Wincy S.: What I can do is to submit an escalation report to one of our Supports Team so they can contact you within 24 hours regarding this issue.
(08:45:04) Purvi: I want you to resolve this issue deliver bags as we order.
(08:45:15) Purvi: Can I have email address for that support team
(08:46:39) Wincy S.: I'm sorry but this may not work outside because this is an internal process on our end. But rest assured that this will be resolved in a timely manner.
(08:46:56) Purvi: Okay thank
(08:47:17) Wincy S.: I will submit your complaints right after this conversation.
(08:47:28) Wincy S.: You're welcome.
(08:47:32) Wincy S.: Is there anything else that I may assist you with?
(08:47:42) Purvi: Please do that, as it's completely I acceptable.
(08:47:53) Purvi: No that's it. Thank you
(08:48:19) Wincy S.: I sure do. Thank you.
(08:48:23) Wincy S.: Thank you for contacting Staples Chat Support. Have a great day!
(08:48:26) Purvi: Bye for now
(08:49:28) *** Purvi left the chat ***
NAME Purvi
EMAIL [protected]
LOCATION Brampton, Ontario, Canada
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