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Complaints & Reviews

avoid dealing with this ppl

After my grandsons had come and stayed with me for a long holiday weekend, I noticed that my computer was acting goofy. It was taking a very long time to start and wouldn't go to my news website. Every now and then I would get these pop ups asking me to purchase this form of virus protection. Knowing that I already had it, I opted not to purchase this one.

My husband then called a Easy Tech technicians at Staples to come out and fix it. The technician showed up 20 minutes after their "one hour window." When he finally did arrive he found that we did indeed have a virus and would need to have it removed. We had the young man here for about an hour and a half when he finished. We paid and he left. I didn't think to check his work and didn't end up using the computer for a day or two. When I did finally turn it on it was the same thing. Slow to start, slow to use the internet and now it wouldn't shut off. I was now getting pornographic material popping up on the screen every so often.

I called the technician back at the store back and made another appointment for someone to come out again. When the second technician arrived he mentioned that we'd have to pay another "visit fee". I objected because we had already paid them for not fixing the problem originally. After some discussion he left and we still had a bad computer. My husband mentioned maybe we should just buy a new one. My daughter then suggested calling someone else to fix the 2 year old Dell.

My daughter looked up a few companies and called around and priced what it would cost to have someone fix it properly. After a few calls we decided upon secure remote support. They only charged us $79.99 and told us that if they couldn't correct the problem that we didn't pay. What a deal! And they were available to fix it right away over the internet so that I didn't have to wait for another appointment. The technician that helped me was very kind and understanding and... willing to explain things to a non technical person. I know from now on who I'll be calling for my computer needs in the future secureremotesupport.com.

  • Ri
    Ridget21 Aug 02, 2011

    I work at Staples Easy Tech and I personally don't give a ### about customers. We are forced to use the hard sell method to customers and most of them are so stupid that they will fall for it. You could have cleaned your computer simply by backing up any valuable information on an external hard drive and then initiating a system restore. It's basically clicking 5 buttons and wouldn't cost a penny. Secondly, that pornographic material is because one of your grandsons downloaded some nuddies and your computer got infected. That is the number one reason we have to do virus clean ups. Meh, no biggie, we're all perverts.

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  • Pa
    paridox May 10, 2012

    Ridget21 that's the dumbest thing i have read all day, wish i would have seen this post when you first wrote it. Backing up your info and doing a system restore doesn't clean your machine. When you back up your system depending on where the infection is located you could have just backed up the virus and reinfect your system when you go to put your info back and run the infected file. A system restore still leaves the virus on the machine just not as active, and that's even if the virus will let you do a system restore. And no you cant just make a blanket statement in saying that all porn pop ups come from downloading nudies. LOL staples needs to fire you as you are probably one of the techs that will destroy a customers machine since i cant tell that you have experience in this field. Combofix, super antispyware and malwarebytes are all tools of the malware removal trade. Running all 3 of those "almost" guarantees a clean machine.

    0 Votes

charged color copy price for black and white copies

Image going into a Staples office store to make some black and white copies that are generally cheaper than most copier stores and finding out you're being charged for colored copies. At a rate of $0.49 cents per copy vs $0.09 for a black and white copy, it's insane if the copy is in black and white to be charged for a colored copy. We had walked up to the self service area and there was no sign anywhere ( we checked) about being charged no matter what color you copied in. But the women at the desk inform it didn't matter, the copies were made and had to be paid because they were copied on a 'colored copier'. Of course when you use self service, you have to use a credit card to use the copier in the first place. If you use a self serve copier, make sure you check how much the first copy is before continuing!

To make it worse, I found out they charged us later an additional $1.00 when we had already paid and didn't purchase anything else in the store. What a bunch of BS! I don't know how they can get away with charging people for full color copies when they were done in black and white. Whatever the machine is, it should be charged what you copied in- apparently Staples doesn't understand that copying should simply be priced black and white.

  • Co
    Concerned Customer 123 May 14, 2012

    There is usually 4 black and white copiers and 1 color copier. Next time read the signs! I go in there all the time to do my black and white copies for my students. As for the $1.00 charge they return that then next day.

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  • Si
    Silicon Style Jun 20, 2012

    Outside of the signage that is supposed to be on the printers, the printers themselves indicate whether they're color or black and white.

    The system used isn't a fancy computer system for the self serve machines. It's 'what printer am I hooked up to and how many pages are being done'. A color copier doesn't care what's on the page, it copies it.

    Your fault for not paying attention to what machine you're at and expecting technology that would ramp up the cost of all copies.

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bait and switch!

Went to Staples in Bensalem, PA, for a camcorder. I was going on vacation in two days and wanted to do some filming, but didn't have much time to decide on what to buy. The sales woman showed me a Sony for $329. I liked it. But when she went back to the stock room to get one, she came out with a Canon instead.

They didn't have the Sony in stock, she said. Funny, the Canon was nowhere to be found on the display, but the Sony was still proudly sitting on the shelf. I needed a camcorder, though, so I asked some questions about the Canon.

The Canon had fewer/inferior features compared to the Sony, particularly a poorer optical zoom, a key feature. According to the sales woman, the Sony had 80 Gig memory card included, but the Canon had 64 Gig, which was probably enough for my needs.

The Canon was priced at $279, so I figured what the heck, you get what you pay for and bought it.

But when I got home, I found that the sales woman had been wrong about the memory card -- there was NOT a card included in the package. (Maybe an innocent misunderstanding on her part, maybe not.) Also, the box for my new camera had previously been opened by someone else, as evidenced by the torn packaging inside. Maybe someone else bought it before me and returned it. Or maybe the store help borrowed it for their own vacation then brought it back to the store.

I called the store to ask them to fix the situation. They said the biggest memory card they have in stock is 16 Gig, costing $40. Tack that onto the $279 plus tax already spent and I'd be paying basically the same amount for the inferior Canon plus memory card as I would have paid for the Sony, the one that I wanted in the first place and that was still on display.

This was BAIT AND SWITCH for sure.

While still on the phone, I asked the store manager to comp me for the 16 Gig memory card (just one-fourth the memory that the sales woman told me the Canon already had) and I'd call it even. Seeing as how I was spending more than $200 a month in the store on print jobs, I figured that the store manager would want to take care of me.

But the manager absolutely refused, then tried to cut the call short because it was her closing time. I told her that I would be back in the store the next morning for a full refund and she'd never see my rear end in that place with my monthly print orders again.

  • Si
    Silicon Style Jun 20, 2012

    BESIDES the fact that neither the Canon OR the Sony came with a memory card, instead using internal disc storage...this is the first legit complaint about Staples I've seen tonight. Somewhat.

    This was not bait and switch. You could've asked for them to order the Sony for you (the Sony Handycam would've been the superior choice, by far), but instead you settled for what they had in stock.

    The employee did, however, misrepresent the camera, and as such you should've, honestly, returned it and gotten the one you wanted.

    ...not going to comp you for the memory card, though. You had other options. Plus, for all I know, you opened the package, looked around, saw no memory card, and assumed that there was no storage at all. I doubt that it was supposed to be a 64 for that price...largest I ever had in my store was 32...but it was still internal storage, not an extra card.

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horrible techs

Staples easy techs are like windows 95 competing against windows 7 in a maxpi contest. Well simply, its a great way to blow money. First, dont let the sales manager fool you (He will tell you anything because his jobs always on the line) by saying his techs are certified. They are not. Next time, ask any staples to show their certifications in the easy tech. It will be funny to watch them turn pale. Other than a 10 minute preschool version of computers 1-0-1, there is no training or certifications for staples technology associates. After the fact that most easy techs are dumber than rocks, they also do not tell you that there will be about 5 easy techs working on your computer and your information is open eyes to all. Not only does all of this make them already sound like idiots, but what is even better is they don't even do their own work! Its some # off in the philippines. So overpriced work becomes a problem when your computer comes back messed up (Which is about 4 out of 5 around this district (I wont release store numbers) the techs have no idea what was done to it, so cant begin to try to fix it with their lack of knowledge and lack of direction.
Give it another 2 years and there will not be an easytech

  • Er
    Eraserhead Jun 26, 2011


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  • Ri
    Ridget21 Aug 02, 2011

    I work at Easy Tech and I admit it. I hate my job and love f*****g with customers. The fact that you are going to Staples to get your computer fixed is hilarious and shows what a ### you are. You can fix 99.9% of the ### on your own with out shelling huge bucks.

    No we are not certified, but 100 bucks says you are dumber than a rock.

    -1 Votes
  • St
    SteelWolf Oct 22, 2011

    Actually we are certified. When you got hired you took a tech test. If you passed that "Certified" you to say your certified. And by watching those 10 minutes long put you to sleep training videos on which way a hard drive goes in. Stuff i was doing 25 years ago. Yes about 5 techs will be working on your pc, but they should not be opening up any files or viewing your porn. Me personally, i can if asked walk back to my wall locker and pull out several certifications from archaic A++ on up to CIS and Networking. As for out sourcing, the only thing that an out side remotes into work on is the virus removal. All other work is performed in store by a tech you can talk face to face with. Sounds like your district needs to retrain its tech to leave better notes. And Staples does guarantee tech work for 30 days. Ridget i'll toss some $ in that pot :)

    1 Votes
  • Si
    SickOfAHoles Oct 31, 2011

    It is obvious why the rest of the world hates us with narrow minded, embarrassing comments/opinions like this. But I guess it is true what they say, Opinions are like ###s, everyone has them. That is the point of a service business, you could do it yourself, but some people would rather pay because they are not comfortable doing it, like... Changing your oil? Mowing your lawn? Cleaning your own home? See where I am going with this, as I am trying not to use big words for you all. Eye will eeven rite it fone-et-ikly for u if it is eesier. There is certifications to pass that are not easy. I bet less than 1% of the public could pass it. As for the employees commenting here, if you don't like it so much why are you still there? Is there a gun to your head? A company took a chance on you and this is how you repay them? Life already gave you a bad deal. SteelWolf is a class act and we need more associates like you.

    1 Votes

useless warranty

Bought a Kodak 5250 in March 2010 with the 2 year Staples Technical Support & Protection Plan. In May 2011 the print head was determined by Staples and Staples Technical Support & Protection Plan to be bad. Staples said "Call the Warranty Company". I did and they said "The print head is a CONSUMABLE item and NOT covered under warranty". Hard to believe that the print head has been consumed - I can still see it and touch it! In any case I have called all the way to the Staples Office Of the President and even they stand be hind this useless warranty. Staples does not even carry print heads for Kodak printers, but the do carry other consumable items such as Ink, Toners, Paper, Pencils Etc. I suggest - if you still need to buy at Staples don't waste money on the Warranty or go to Walmart (no questions asked when a product needs warranty work).

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printing service

I was insulted by a Staples' employee named Khemraj today. He threw my business cards to my face when I...

bad cmpany to work for

I work for Staples and was told to tell a customer thata didnt want a protection plan that we are out of the computer they wanted because they did not want a plan. Staples had 7 of the compter. After the customer left the Manager said" Screw that Jew ###". Now I was shocked and just stood there with a look on my face. I tld the managers I would not lie to a customer ever!
The manager do not care about anything but their bonus at the end of the year from ESP from selling plans. Ths is by far the worst company I have ever worked for and the manager in charge should not manage anyone.
Do Not buy the plans for any computers they are biggest rip off ever!

  • Fl
    Florida staples GUY Apr 19, 2011

    Tech - This guy is 100% right. I work at staples and I can tell you first hand that its true. Staples is a company that wants you to think that they are there to help you get to the next level as along as you follow the Staples way. I was told to walk a customer if the PC sale did not reach a Total basket of 200.00 if not that’s not a staples customer ( so a staples customer is only the one who purchases 200.00 or more with every laptop) I think that Staples need to reconsider their marketing plan. There are better way to make sure that customer get what they need if they market far better.

    Cashiers – Also cashiers are put a enormous about of pressure for the staples rewards cards sign up and making sure that they reach a penetration lever of 70% or more and 10 new sign ups per shift. Also they need to see 3 or more protection plans per shift. Last time I checked they are not sales people and want them to work like they are without any compensation for there are work so the Managers and District manager look good. Again another problem that can be changed by staples corp
    Office supplies – This is the best of the best. Staples the office supply superstore ha ha 2/3 of all staples store are Electronics and the other 1/3 is office supply. They hire one guy to run this department and he is in charge of breaking down the trunk and filling is department. So many pen and paper products that it is overwhelming for one person to do while customer are stopping him for help. But he needs to have it done before his shift ends if not a write ups happens. Also if there is no tech guy on the floor he is responsible to sell laptops with no experience.

    Easy Tech - This is the top of all positions. I oversee most people in this department The resident tech which is the person that supposed to fix Most of them are right out of school and have no experience in fixing anything at all. The processes is to use a usb stick that has a program designed by Norton that is in bed with staples as they are the main Anti-virus program, For the Free PC tune up. (Nothing is free here) most customer will have to pay at least 20.00 of a pc boost . They use a company called support.com to clean virus online. When you go there they tell you you have a virus based on that Norton tool with gives false positives. After that they tell you that one of our tech will be able to remove the virus in turn your information is remotely being clean by a support.com agent ( where in god he maybe in or out of the USA) cleaning your machine with your information. At 200.00 per removal. At the end you need to make 1200 a week in tech and make sure that you have it if not your you will be replace BY SOME OTHER SHUMK.
    So to all that want to work for staples remember you will be ask to do more than what you think. Every day you will have to do the job of 3 for you one and get paid like a third class citizen

    Your Adviser
    Florida guy

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  • Er
    Eraserhead Jun 17, 2011

    STAPLES... are you sh*##&!& me?
    read this:

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won't refund

Bought Hp G62-340us laptop.Worked for 1 day and mouse or cursor froze.Talked to store techs no help.Told to bring it back.Took it back for a refund put through 3 different people all trying to do a swap or upgrade but no refund.Went to manager who said I could only get a corporate check and that would be around 3 weeks.Then when I agreed they reneged on that.Told to come back next week and work it out then.(This would be past the 14 day return so I asked for an extension they said sure until I asked for it in writing.I was given a replacement computer and rudely told no need to come back deal with HP -Staples was no longer involved.Worse than any used car lot I have ever seen.The charming people turn very very rude when you attempt to return an item they only want you to swap or upgrade-when you say NO, I want a refund it all changes.Never will I or my company do bussiness again with staples.

  • Si
    Silicon Style Jun 20, 2012

    ...wow. That is a runaround of epic proportions. Did you call corporate?

    The corporate check bit was accurate. Over x dollars (think it's 500, now), it has to be submitted for a corporate check, which takes some time. But telling you to come back next week?

    ...if you haven't already, call our Corporate Office.

    0 Votes

poor return policy

After 14 days, you cant return any product to STAPLES directly, you need to contact the manufacturer. I bought an HP Printer from Staples 2 months ago, and its not working. HP agreed and decided to send me a new printer. However, only if I give them my credit card to ensure I send back the defective one within 14 days. I find this terrible customer service, so I thought I could simply return the defective printer to my local STAPLES location...

...NOT! They refused to handle it unless I bought their extended warranty service plan. So let me see, they WONT take the product back, but, if I paid additional money at the time of purchase they WILL take the product back. Thats why I will never buy from STAPLES again, poor customer service.

Contacting the local store manager directly AND calling their customer service line was no help at all. Understanding a problem and making a decision to ensure your keeping your customers happy and LOYAL is what its all about. STAPLES clearly does not understand this.

I am a Sales Manager in the Northeast responsible for 7 sales reps and all of their office supply expense authorizations, I am immediately instructing them that any purchases at any STAPLES will NOT be approved. Thank god my factory does business exclusively at WB Mason.

  • J2
    j2k3k Oct 11, 2011

    ...Seriously? The 14 day return policy in tech is clearly stated on signs throughout the store. Office supplies can be returned basically whenever. I had a manager return binders that were years old because they ripped.

    Why would ANY store take a return on something technology related, with moving parts, that is months old?

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extended warranty is useless

At the time I purchased the printer, I was promised an easy in store exchange for a new one, in the event that anything happened under the 3 year warranty which cost $79.00. When I needed a replacement, I was sent to an 800 line to create an incident report. Next, the replacement vendor, sent a REFURBISHed one. I had to pay the UPS pick up fee for the broken one. Each vendor in the process pointed the finger of blame at the other vendor. Now, 5 hours of my time later, the refurbished one does not work and no one wants to solve the problem.


  • Sj
    sjcoffman Feb 01, 2011

    I am an investigator with the law firm of Meyer & Associates and am investigating a potential case against Staples. If you have experienced issues with an extended warranty purchased through Staples and would like to assist in our investigation please call Shelly at 614-384-7030 or email [email protected]

    0 Votes
  • Di
    disgruntledeasytech Mar 01, 2011

    Staples warranties are often misrepresented by associates, unintentionally or otherwise, I'm sad to say. Whether it's through sheer ignorance or deception, in the end it's still a pain for the customer. Which sounds better, "Just bring it back to the store and we'll give you a new one!" or "Just call this number and sit on hold for half and hour"? Although the warranty company that my store deals with is actually rather good I think, I call them all the time on customer's behalf. In the end they might try to hide behind the fine print. You should have received a Staples TSP brochure with your purchase, and it does state that repair/replacement/refund is at the sole discretion of the warranty company and replacement may be with a refurbished product. Replacement also fulfills the terms of your contract. How long has it been since you received the refurbished one? It may have been sent out by another company (i.e. not Staples, not the warranty company) and usually carries at least a 30-day warranty with it. As for the UPS shipping costs those should most definitely be covered. I would obtain proof of your expense and present it to store management and demand compensation. The warranty company should have sent you a link to a pre-paid UPS label.

    0 Votes
  • Ba
    BayonneFrank Jun 30, 2011

    My opinion on this complaint can go two ways. (1) I can understand how apoorly trained sales associate could fail to tell you the particulars of the warranty. That seems to be a common situation in retail. Not everyone takes total interest in a job that pays just slightly more than minimum wage. (2) You are given a brochure with your purchase that lays out all the particulars of the warranty that includes reimbursement for shipping. Also that is at the discretion of the warranty to give you a new or refurbished machine or your money back. It also states how you can cancel the warranty at any time for a full refund or pro rata share depending on how long you had the warranty. I guess you failed to read it.

    0 Votes
  • Jr
    JrsMps Jul 29, 2011

    Purchased tomtom at staples-last thing I will buy there. Extended warranty is a bad joke on the customer! Weeks after item breaks you get this stupid card, not to exchange item but as a credit toward your purchase of a replacement, of which you get to pay the diffenace. Now I'm really sorry I just bought my computer there. Store manager at Menifee, CA store was an a-- to my wife who though she could just exchange it, it was broke why not just give one that works. Were in sales and will be telling everyone about how bad Staples is.

    0 Votes

bad service

I purchased a HP 4500 Printer, copier, fax machine in mid Dec. It jams constantly and doesn't perform. Took it back to the Staples Store in Spokane and they told me I missed the 2 week return prochedure by a week. Now I have to send it back to your Corp office. But they wouldn't supply an address for shipping to this office - only an 800 # to call. I called twice last week and after 20 minutes I got caught in the phone tree maze. Finally made contact the next Tuesday and was told I'd receive an e-mail message immediately which would include this super secret address. It hasn't arrived all day. I'll never go there again, there a Office Depot do the street and I'll get my paper and office products from them. As far as office equipment I should have bought this machine at Costco, no hassle, good service, and no phoney Corporate runaround.

warranty fraud

I was sold a 2 yr "no question asked, bring it into the store and we will replace it, " replacement warranty for my printer. After one yr it quit working, I returned to the store and they said that I would have to send it in, that they do not take them at the store. That is not what I purchased! The manager said there was nothing he could do, but call the DM the next day. He understood my frustration and that many others felt the same way but that corp had made the change. This is totally WRONG. They should honor what was sold and make the change by quit selling this kind of warranty. I will never shop at Staples again. Don't you get "stapled"

  • Wa
    warrantyfraud.org Jan 31, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased the extended warranty on a printer, based on the salesperson's statements to me that if I had a problem with the printer I could bring it back to the store for an immediate replacement. As I was purchasing the printer for my home office, and did not want to be without a printer if it broke, this sounded like a reasonable option. I purchased the two year "Date-of-Purchase, Technical Support & Protection Plan" for $29.99. When I had problems with the printer six months later, and could not fix the problem using telephone tech-support, I attempted to exchange the printer at the store. The store manager refused to abide by the terms of the warranty as they had been explained to me. When I questioned the manager and a salesperson about what the salespeople were telling their customers; I was told to leave the store or be arrested. I chose to leave the store and conduct my own investigation into what the Staples salespeople are telling customers to get them to buy the extended warranties.

    I posed as someone interested in purchasing a printer and visited six Staples stores in the Denver area, two in the Orlando area, and five in the Portland, Oregon area. I found that all the salespeople misrepresented what the true terms and conditions of the extended warranty were. If it had been a small percentage of salespeople misrepresenting the terms and conditions; it may have indicated improper conduct on the part of individuals. However, when the sales pitch misrepresenting the terms and conditions is detailed and consistent from Orlando to Denver to Portland; it is my opinion that this represents a pattern of a business intentionally trying to mislead or defraud its customers. If you have had a similar experience, visit warrantyfraud.org and email me you experience.

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  • Di
    disgruntledeasytech Mar 01, 2011

    Wow warrantyfraud.org, you do some traveling :) I admit it, I'm a Staples employee, not management or anything, just an hourly associate. I do work in the electronics department, so "extended warranties" are a very large part of my work life. I can easily imagine your experience at such a wide range of stores, I've been tempted to do a little "shopping" at other Staples stores near to me and see how I am treated and how things are represented to me. But if I found discrepancies whom would I present them to? Might cost me my job I think, legally shouldn't I'm sure. The pressure is on to sell extended warranties, mainly because it turns a low or negative margin sale into a profitable one. Employees are directly graded on how many they sell and the dollar amount. I have been with Staples for just over 3 years in different capacities and to my knowledge it has never during that time been Staples policy to offer immediate in-store replacement for electronic items, although it does happen. Just happened in my store yesterday as a matter of fact. You sound like a reasonable person warrantyfraud.org and I'm assuming you weren't making a scene in the one store where you were told you would be arrested, and that is definitely NOT Staples policy. I've put up with some pretty degrading treatment at the hands of customers, but never considered asking one to leave my store (well, I've considered it, but never done it).

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customer service

I don't hate Staples, but they are going the absolute wrong direction with their coupons. I received a...

customer & associate

I've worked for staples for a little while. It's good to have a job, but we aren't treated very well. Customers can be treated worse — all for the sake of saving the company some payroll dollars.
Associate hours are cut so there's no one to cover for associate breaks even if we have to go to the bathroom. I've waited 4 hours to get a requested break to go to the bathroom — that's not good.
There are times when there is no associate scheduled in a particular department so one associate will try to cover 2 or 3 areas. That's impossible!
We get written up if we don't sell the bogus plans or tech services - that's why we push them. They increase our sales, and since most of them expire before you would need to use them, it's just extra money for staples.
Never have staples work on your computer! Even if the uncertified associates don't ruin your computer, they will go through your files and show the other associates what they've found. The free pc tune-up is just a way to 'find' problems so we can recommend services that you could do yourself.
The rewards program is a way of making the customer think that they are getting a good deal when they get a coupon back. These programs actually increase the price of items in the first place.
When we push the pen of the month on you, it's because we are trying to win a contest, not because it's a great pen.
Those surveys that print out on the receipt — if we don't point that out to you we can get in trouble. When there's 10 people behind you in checkout, we just might not have the time to explain it to you. Sorry bout that.
If we cannot acknowledge you within 30 seconds or 3 minutes, depending on the department, we can get in trouble. Think about it — can you always answer your door within 3 minutes? We'd actually like to be able to spend a lot of time with each customer, but due to understaffing, that's just not feasible, but we can get written up if we don't. So, if we have to plow through your questions, it's because there's other customers waiting. Sorry bout that.
So many rules make for pushy salespeople. Pushy salespeople make for unhappy customers.

  • Fu
    FunnyStuff Mar 24, 2011

    I agree with you completely. I was a cashier for 2 years. Customers would become irate with all the questions/statements I was required to ask them.
    1. Do you have a Staples Rewards Card? (If not, we had to explain the "benefits" of having one and then ask them if they'd like to sign up)
    2. Did you know that this product is eligible for an extended warranty? (Had to explain what it covers.)
    3. We're offering a free PC Tune-Up (explain what a PC Tune-Up is)
    4. You've been selected to participate in a Customer Service Survey...

    Seriously...customers don't want to play 20 questions. They want to buy their product and get out. I heard soooo many complaints about our employees being "pushy". I'd have to agree. But we're made to, or we do get in trouble.

    As for breaks, I agree again. The stores are ALWAYS understaffed...why is that? They continue to hire new employees...but we only get 8 hours a week. And when I worked, there was only 1 person in each department. Something doesn't make sense...

    The pay, by the way, is HORRIBLE. I got a 12 cent raise after my 1 year. What a slap in the face. I finally had enough and found a NEW job. I can't believe I lasted that long at that dumb store.

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false staples delivery date

I went to the store this weekend to purchase a desk and a filing cabinet. I decided to take advantage of the advertised "free delivery" option. So, instead of taking the items with me that day I opted to have them delivered to my house. My delivery date was estimated 9/14/10. Confident that the delivery date would occur as stated in the paperwork I received, I took off work to wait at home for my already purchased items. I received a call today, 9/13/10, at 3:00 p. M from a staples representative asking for me to call her back before 5:00 p. M. Or my order will not get delivered on 9/14/10. She claimed that she needed to verify information before it could be delivered. Needless to say, I could not call her back before 5:00 p. M. Due to work. After the run around and calling several 800 numbers they basically told me that it was too late for it to be delivered on 9/14/10, as originally promised. No apologies were rendered only an expectation that I would be okay with this change. Well, i'm not okay with it considering that I have loss a day of work due to this great inconvenience. So my advice to others consumers - don't do delivery unless you have time to waste or just shop elsewhere! I cancelled my order and i'm buying my items somewhere else! Thank you staples for wasting my very valuable time.

health insurance

Staples did it again. Managed to let down the employee one more time. Even though the new health care reform states that my child can remain covered on our group health care policy until she is 26. She is being dropped at the end of October and will not be able to enroll again until July 1, 2011. This because she is no longer a student. The reform bill states that an employer can't force this issue, but Staples found the loophole that allows them to drop the insured party because of the open enrollment date. It clearly states in the bill that this is at the discretion of the employer. I will have to now have to find other coverage for her for 9 months. Another example of how well Staples takes care of it's employees. They could care less as long as they can save a buck. It doesn't seem to matter if you have a sick child or not!

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 23, 2010
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    Verified customer

    It's not just staples. It's many companies.

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  • Pr
    private202 Dec 17, 2010

    You know that so called reform bill doesn't take effect until 2012 right?

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health insurance

Staples did it again. Managed to let down the employee one more time. Even though the new health care reform states that my child can remain covered on our group health care policy until she is 26. She is being dropped at the end of October and will not be able to enroll again until July 1, 2011. This because she is no longer a student. The reform bill states that an employer can't force this issue, but Staples found the loophole that allows them to drop the insured party because of the open enrollment date. It clearly states in the bill that this is at the discretion of the employer. I will have to now have to find other coverage for her for 9 months. Another example of how well Staples takes care of it's employees. They could care less as long as they can save a buck. It doesn't seem to matter if you have a sick child or not!

warranty issues

Buyers beware!!! Do not purchase from staples, I purchased a laptop in 2008 and purchased a 2 year extended warranty. I am not getting any assistance with a replacement. I am being advised that the warranty starts at the date of purchase. When I was given this warranty I was told it was a 2 year after manufacturer warranty. I am now being told "I was mis-informed" by the extended warranty company. When I tried working with staples, I was advised "this is a he said-she said issue". When I advised the company were I work and how well we take care of our customers even when our extended warranty company would not, she then started putting down my company. My company has way higher ratings in customer service and we would never put down another company as we do not need to (Very unprofessional, that supervisor should be fired). I just wanted my laptop repaired or replaced, I have had nothing but issues. I have now taken a loss on over $1300 and have no computer for school. Thanks for nothing I will be filing a bbb complaint about this issue, by far the worst company and customer service department I have ever had to deal with!!

  • Ka
    Kavanagh Sep 04, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I fully understand your annoyance, but this is a standard con among some shops, as all new products should come with a manufacturers guarentee of 1 year, they then say that you get an extended guarentee of 2 years or what ever when in fact it is just another year

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  • Cm
    CM1986 Sep 04, 2010

    its standard practise with warranties. i dunno why but extended warranties start at the time of purchase and not at the end of the manufacturer's warranty.

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  • St
    staples employee Oct 27, 2010

    I understand your fustration but as an employee i can tell you this, the manufacturers warranty is very limited and when something goes wrong you have to call the 1-800 numbers and deal with them. Staples offers the extended warranty which starts the date you purchase it and the difference in the two is the Staples warranty lets you bring the laptop to Staples which then they should ### the problem and if it cannot be fixed they must then replace the broken laptop with a new one. If the laptop is no longer in circulation they have to give you store credit to put towards a new laptop purchase. I hope this helps.

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no rebate - 8 months & still waiting

I bought an hp pavilion - I love it! however, after submitting all of the required paperwork - staples began the run-around, though they never called me, I continuously call them and the criminals have stolen the rebate - or, I just need to be more patient and continue waiting, perhaps 9 or 10 months, or maybe after a year I should raise my voice, or something. (yah, right - they're just crooks!)

rewards never received

I never received Staples rewards for purchases made earlier this year. When I complained via "Live Chat" I was told they mailed me a reward coupon and couldn't reissue it since it had expired. When I pointed out that I was never notified of the expiration date since I never received it, I just got the same response. The agent also could not refer the case to a supervisor.

They also have very limited customer service hours and no email address that I could find.

9:07:14 AM : Connected to chat.staplesrewards.com

9:07:14 AM : Session ID: 26369

9:07:14 AM : Nate Johnson: Initial Question/Comment: I never received rewards for purchases early this year (January or Feburary). There was a promotion with 100% of purchase price for certain items in Staples Rewards.

9:07:19 AM : Welcome to Staples Rewards Live Help!

9:07:19 AM : A Customer Service Agent will be with you shortly

9:07:19 AM : Amber H has joined this session!

9:07:20 AM : Connected with Amber H. Your Reference Number for this chat is 26369.

9:07:30 AM : Amber H: Hi Nate. We will be happy to look into that for you. One moment, please.

9:07:39 AM : Amber H: What items are you referring to?

9:08:20 AM : Nate Johnson: I can't remember exactly, but I have never received any staples rewards coupons or vouchers at all.

9:08:40 AM : Amber H: Please verify your current mailing address.

9:08:47 AM : Nate Johnson: 745 Hunter Street

9:08:54 AM : Nate Johnson: Tallahassee, Florida 32303

9:09:09 AM : Amber H: That is the current address we have on file.

9:09:44 AM : Amber H: During January, you earned a standard Reward in the amount of $33.40. This Reward began mailing on February 15 and expired on April 30.

9:09:57 AM : Nate Johnson: I never received it

9:09:57 AM : Amber H: Staples Rewards, like coupons, are time sensitive and must be used before the expiration date. Once a Reward goes past the expiration date, it's no longer valid and it can't be reissued. Since your January Reward has expired, we are unable to reissue this Reward to you.

9:10:34 AM : Nate Johnson: I was never notified of the expiration date since I never received it. I did not have a chance to use it.

9:10:55 AM : Amber H: Staples is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail.

9:12:10 AM : Nate Johnson: Can you please refer this case to your supervisor?

9:12:45 AM : Amber H: Since your January Reward has expired, we are unable to reissue this Reward to you.

9:13:12 AM : Nate Johnson: Can you please refer this case to your supervisor?

9:13:55 AM : Amber H: Supervisors are unavailable via Live Chat.

9:15:42 AM : Nate Johnson: I'm sure you have a script that tells you what to say, so it's not your fault, but this is deeply unsatisfying and I intend to shop at Office Depot from now on.

9:16:15 AM : Amber H: We understand this can be frustrating and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

9:17:14 AM : Nate Johnson: Must not be any fun for you to have to say these things. Have a good day anyway.

9:17:53 AM : Amber H: Have a great day!

9:17:53 AM : Amber H has left this session!

9:17:53 AM : The session has ended!

  • Jo
    joseph scoca Jun 27, 2011

    Need to submit password to get rewards

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  • Ex
    ExRetailZombie Dec 21, 2011
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    I ran into the same situation but my coupon was reissued since records showed that it had not been used. This is another case of Staples having no consistency in applying their policies.

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  • Ca
    capt_Jack Mar 31, 2016
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    I had exactly the same experience - they mailed the rewards to an (1-1/2 year old) old address. They then said that they had changed my address (there is no way of checking!) and reissued. Still never received. Why would I bother if I can get next day and great prices from Amazon - with free delivery through PRIME.

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