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Stansted Airport review: Wheelchair assistance

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On Monday 19th of June we flew into Stansted airport from Alicante with Jet2, we landed about 4.30pm. After getting on to the vehicle which moved all of us in need of assistance we then got to where the wheelchairs were and taken inside a building, there were already people there some had been waiting 2 hours to be pushed through. They eventually got taken through and others had partners that could push them, I didn't as my partner also has wheelchair assistance. we were told there was a hour wait, I had a taxi waiting to pick us up so in anger got out of my wheelchair and pushed my wife in hers using my walking stick to help me I had to use one arm to control the wheelchair, that arm recently having had a full shoulder replacement. Then when we got to the carousel to collect the suitcases this was really difficult, I managed to get them off with great difficulty and pain. Then I managed to get the small one under the wheelchair but my dilemma started, I could not use my walking stick and pus the wheelchair and the large suitcase. So I had to give my walking stick to my wife to hold and push the wheelchair with one hand and pull the suitcase with the other through customs and out of the terminal and all the way to the disabled parking spot across the road where my taxi would pick us up. By the time I'd done this I was in a huge amount of pain and discomfort. I do not think this is exceptable to disabled People, we are no different to anybody else. Especially as my injuries were caused while serving in the British Army serving my country. I would like a good answer to this complaint as I will not hesitate to go to the press.