Stanley Steemervery bad job, unresponsive

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Stanley Steamer 'cleaned' 4 areas in my house. None of the carpets were done satisfactorily. I had pointed out stains beforehand to the crew, but the stains remained. I was able to clean them with an everyday grocery store spot remover (Resolve) afterward, so they should have been able to get them out! They were in and out in less than an hour - I was shocked for such a short time to do 3 bedrooms, two sets of carpeted stairs, and a basement rec room carpeting. I guess now I know why the job was so poor. In addition, my emails complaining went totally unanswered or acknowledged. For $350, what a waste - especially since they only cleaned around furniture, so the actual square footage was pretty small. NEVER AGAIN! I will go back to other companies that have given much better service and results. Should have never switched and given them a try.


  •   Jul 16, 2008
    Stanley Steamer - They broke my computer desk
    Stanley Steamer
    United States

    I Had an Appointment with StanleySteamer to clean carpets. They said they move furniture no TV no comp. ect. I removed draws and Comp. ect from room. They moved furniture around so they could clean carpet. Moved furniture back, we watched and they moved desk back. They didn't move it evenly. One guy moved and other didn't same speed. On the back left there were wood chips. And keyboard draw was pulled out with screws. He put screws in. Didn't say what he saw under the desk, the pressed board broke. Next day I saw it when pieces of foam taken out under furniture. Called received one excuse after another. No comp. 1 month. Had to do something. Many calls to them. They refuse to deal with it. Guy out of country 3 weeks still no call from them to see it. One excuse after another. Bad Co.

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      Dec 16, 2011
    Stanley Steamer - Just awful
    Stanley Steamer
    United States

    I needed my carpets cleaned because my super cute puppy is now mad that I have a full time job and expressing his discontent by urinating all over. I called Stanley Steamer to come help because I have out of town family members visiting. I called got the quote and made the appointment.

    After they completed the steaming, the rug was not completely dry. They proceeded to place my furniture back to the correct spots. Would have been great if the furniture wasn’t stained wood! My carpets are now the color of my furniture!

    I told Stanley what happened and I was told to call their insurance company! They need to do so because I am not the one on the policy and I am not the one responsible. The insurance agency did come out to inspect the damage.

    Well the damage is not covered by their insurance because of how new my carpets are! WHAT??? Stanley ruined my home and they don’t cover new rugs!!!???? Stanley Steamer won’t even refund the money I paid to have the carpets cleaned!

    They expect me to pay for damages they caused and will not even refund a small amount! What a joke of a company. These money grubbers are out there just for money! They have no cares about who or what gets ruined as long as they get money.

    Well guess what, I will tell everyone I know about how horrible Stanley Steamer truly is! I just want some compensation for something they caused! I liked how well they cleaned just not how well they clean up after themselves! What a joke.

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      Jun 05, 2019
    Stanley Steemer International - Carpet cleaning
    Palm Desert, Ca.
    United States

    ON May 14, I had 2 rooms, Hall& staircase cleaned. Conf #2357699. Paid $ 183.00. Past services have been great, but this time the carpets are as dirty as before service. Lousy job! Looks like the dirt was just smeared around on the surface! I am very disappointed. They should redo them with someone who knows what they are doing! Allan Austin

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