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Plus Complaints & Reviews / charge made to my bank account

Aug 17, 2019

I had signed up for the 4 week trial and on the second day I called to cancel my account. They had sent me a confirmation code which all this happened over a month ago so I no longer have the email but I wish I did because today I got a charge of $17.99 to my bank account by / unauthorized credit card charges, difficult to cancel the service

Mar 08, 2018 charged me a monthly fee for 2.5 years without sending any notification emails or receipts to make me aware of the charges—I just happened to spot it one month on my statement. It was impossible to cancel online—I had to email their "customer service" and they only cancelled it... / Not Reliable!


Stamps.comI thought that this company could help us in our new business. I was completely mistaked. this company built a simple software that just cause you problems and waste of money. I shipped an envelope that never was delivered to the destination and my option was the USPS insurance... For sure... / Cannot cancel


I signed up for under a promotional offer of free postage after a trial period. From the beginning, it was NOT as promised. It took over 2 months to get 'free' scale. I never received my 'free' postage from promotional offer. I have emailed 3x now asking for... / let's start a class-action lawsuit against this company


This company never notified me that they would charged a monthly service of $15.99 for the same services that you can get for free directly from not only block you from buying insurance directly from USPS so you have to purchase insurance from instead. Stamps, com... / Fraudulent and deceptive


I went to the site to find out what their services cost and whether their software worked on mac's. I had to create a login to get the information. By then they considered me a customer and started charging me for the service without me confirming I actually wanted to use... / Filling Out a survey for game points.


So my husband filled out a survey for so he could get some points for a game he plays. He never included anything other then his e-mail and name. Just yesterday we get an alert from our bank that we had a withdrawal from I asked my husband about it because he ha... / Unauthorized monthly charges after free trial without noticing me


I have been charged by for 15.99 for the past 15 months without me knowing it. when I called them they claimed it is a valid charge and would not credit back even one penny of the service I never used. I will file a report against with BBB and USPS, and I will write... / Unauthorized Charged after FREE TRIAL


I have been unscrupulously charged by resulting from a FREE TRIAL offer. I received an advertisment for their FREE TRIAL service over a year ago. While reconciling my Credit Card for Tax Year 2010 they have charged me $15.99 for last 14 months. I never realized a had an account with... / Fradulent billing


I accepted a 30 day free trial of There was no mention that there was a monthly fee associated with the service even after the free trial. The first correspondence I received from them. one week later, indicated that after the free trial there would be a recurring monthly fee... / It does not allow use by people who use MAC operating system


This is a GREAT idea which is disappointingly incomplete simply because it does not allow use by people who use MAC operating system.  While emulation software will allow it, the whole point of MAC is to get away from Windows OS problems.  So, until this is also for Mac user... / Unauthorized Billing Even After Canceling Service


I cancelled the account the very day after receiving the trial offer and have been billed since Aug 2007 the amount $17.99. My husband who handles our bills did not flag it till recently I went over our bills and noticed the fraudulent charges for services I have never used. There should... / Charging me for something I never used


I went online to see for the trial offer and called and cancelled. The next thing I know I received a CD in the mail. I never looked at the CD I just through it in the garbage. I then received a notice that my cc was declined (prepaid) and I needed to update the records. I called... / is full of false advertising

He is full of false advertising. Their ads promise you no hassle, low cost mailing, "without having to pay for a meter". In reality, you pay a monthly fee, you can't simply "print postage", unless you print a full envelope with address details. If you want to print stamps, you... / Worst website and lack of service ever


Sorry this is going to be really long but I promise worth reading. It's not just a gripe session but a valid complaint. I've been printing postage online for several years now, for business and personal use. I generally use because they are the Unites States post office... / frauhulent misrepresentation of service and failure to clearly disclosure terms

Dn is a licensed agent of the United States Postal Service clearly identifies its software and additional items e.g. postage scale as "free" (plus shipping). Shipping for additional items cost $8.96, for the 5lb. scale package. sent me two e-mails: (1) a... / fraud


I note a complaint herein that is identical with what was recently done to me although the writer feels that USPO authorizes this crumb crud outfit ripping people off - that would be incorrect. The con job is in using USPO info (note the subtle indirect difference in the logos) to entrap... / won't cancel account keep charging


I signed up for a trial account with My first "free" postage did not print. I tried to contact them and they never replied. I tried subsequently to cancel my service during my trial period. It did not get cancelled. My bill is now up to over $120.00. I keep trying to cancel... / Won't let you cancel your membership


This shady business sent me software that didn't work after I signed up online. Then, when I tried to cancel online, it wants me to call some 1-800 number at 6am on Monday. It is totally shady to only allow cancellations by phone, for a business whose ENTIRE goal is to do busine... / Scam and lies


I had no idea I was being charged a monthly fee for what I thought was some freebie information from It was a year before I noticed a 17.99 charge on my card. I called to cancel and the rep asked if I ever got the 'free' scale. I said no and she said she would send it... / unauthorized charges


My husband bought stamps from over a year ago. I thought he was continuing to buy from them when I noticed a charge occasionally. My last credit card statement, I noticed 3 distinct charges from I notified my credit card company as to fraudulent charges and they will... / Said I never canceled


After receiving my credit card statement, I saw a charge for I tried this (with 30 day free trial). Trial started 2/3 and saw I couldn't use it so I canceled on 2/27. Now its March 26th, I called to ask for refund, not only am I not eligible for refund, but they also... / Fradulent hidden charges


I ordered one set of stamps from them for Christmas over 2 years ago and I thought I was done. Checking our monthly credit card bill I was wondering why is my husband ordering so much stamps every month (we pretty much don't use any). He denied buying any so upon further checking... / Monthly Fees

My web site is a company that has used flagrant deception to bilk customers out of $20 per month monthly fees. They have set up their web site to be difficult and confusing so that you don't even realize you have signed up for monthly charges until you get the bill on your... / Awful experience


Internet postage is a wonderful and convenient thing, but gives it a notorious name. This iniquitous merchandise will always try to trap innocent customers by using 'No Risk', 'No Upfront Costs', '4 Week Trial' as well as 'Free Special Offer'... / Customer cheats

De is cheating customers and charging customer without any service or product. In October, I signed up a one-month free trial account with to try their services. Later, I decided to cancel the account because I do not use the service completely. I never receive the scale... (Scic / fraud, scam


Received cd in mail to try online. They offer free postage to get you to try for 30 days. Once you finally find they're terms, it costs $17.99 a month just to use the service... Who in their right mind would do this if they do not even use $17.99 in postage per month? When... / Double Billing


I used my corp. Visa card to set up our account and after a few months I had my office manager switch the account to utilize his corp. Visa card. is billing both our cards for out 1 account. It has been 4 months of constant complaining and I have even gone as far a... / Sci*stamps / Misleading Website


Man, do I feel dumb. I never thought I could fall for such misleading website. I like many others wanted to purchase stamps from the ease of my computer. I also thought printing stamps at home was a nice alternative to driving to the post office. I typed in STAMPS as a search and I got... / rip-off!

I signed up for a free trial of through I never downloaded the software or used any stamps, and I tried multiple times to cancel my account. Their site states that if you do not use the postage you are entitled to a refund: However, they...

SCI / unauthorised withdrawal


I was charged today $17.94 from the above business in which I have never done business or even heard of. I have no Idea how they got my ATM card number. I will change my account later today.

SCI* / fraudulent charges on debit card


For four months I have been charged $17.95. I have no idea who the company is and have not been called by telephone to sign up. I understand from the blogs that there is a possibility of credit to my personal debit card. I am disturbed that I have not spotted this prior to now. Please advise, thank you.

SCI* / fraud


I have received a pending charge on my debit account for $17.94 from sci* I know this is fraudulent because I have barely used my card for anything lately and have only been paying cash. When I typed sci* into my browser, I came across this site and others saying it is a scam.

SCI* / Misleading sales leading to credit automatic billing

Jo obviously has made a fortune on individuals and businesses like mine. It apparently started with a phone pitch which lead an employee without authorization to signed up for a free service trial from New accounting guidelines that we just implemented to double check all... / Mail Fraud


This compamy defrauds you of a minimum of 31.00 the instant you click yes to their lengthy terms of service, for first & last months "service fees". There is NO ADDED BENEFIT to using the software to access the USPS rather than directly using the USPS website to mail packages or... / rip off

De will continue to charge your credit card even if you get a new number. I tried to cancel on line, and on the phone. The first phone cancellation they said they didn't do because they had to call me back and confirm. it's nearly impossible to cancel and refunds are never given for misprinted stamps. / Don't waste your money!


Do you believe that it is a waste of money to be billed $15.99 per month from an on-line business in exchange for no products, no service? Do you believe that an on-line business should be able to charge $15.99 for a "subscription" that gives a person an "opportunity" to print stamp... / is a huge scam!

Lu is a Huge Scam. I have filed complaints with the FTC and the USPS and I suggest everyone do the same. It is very simple, simply visit the website of either the USPS or the FTC and do a search for "fraud" or "complaint" and their form will appear. Fill it out and send it off...