Sprintunethical behavior

V Sep 03, 2018

Please see the below message. I wrote it out in detail because I was so frustrated:

To whom it may concern:

I travel internationally at least three times per year. I'm writing this letter after yet another frustrating conversation with Sprint International customer service, which has led me to conclude that I will disconnect my Sprint service prior to my next international trip. I have not had at least 10 such conversations over the past year with your representatives and have wasted hours upon hours speaking with them. Your services and representatives' care are simply not conducive to efficient international travel.

My family and I have had Sprint's service for about 15 years (prior to the Nextel merger). In my opinion, recent conversations reflect a steadily deteriorating level of service, bait and switch tactics, and blatant unprofessionalism due to customer service outsourcing.

For example, I spoke with a manager supposedly named John today (incident number I1454494190). He explained to me that he could no longer unlock my phone because of a "new policy" that prohibits unlocks for leased phones. I asked him when this policy started and if that was before or after my lease was signed. What ensued was a hilarious run around about what comes sooner, October 6th, 2017 or the "new policy" date, which he could never name. Every time I asked him the date of this policy, John told me (quite rudely and repeatedly) to look on I explained to him very calmly that I could read very well, and that there is no such effective date on that site. He was dumbfounded and asked me to go to for more information.

Frustrated, I asked him what my payoff amount was - mind you, for the remaining 7 months of my 18-month lease - to which he replied over $540. I walked him though my Sprint bill to show him that $40/mo for 18 months comes out to be $720. That is without the $20/mo discount I have. He could not explain why after leasing the phone for over half the term, the payoff amount is 3/4ths of the full lease amount. Again - dumbfounded and "please go to for more information."

I encourage you to look up my calls from December of 2017 for similar issues. At one point, a service rep told me that my phone would be unlocked, but then a manager denied the unlock. The rep's name was Shirley (incident#: I1316262128), and the manager's name was Leo (incident#: I1315766675). Your representatives have a habit of "escalating" to managers by asking if they can call me back. Invariably, managers called back during work hours. They did not follow-up when I was unable to answer the phone. No return numbers are ever given, and I have to spend hours on hold again.

My only ask during these calls is to find an economical way to travel internationally and use an international sim card. Invariably, Sprint's data charges are higher than India (the country I visit most for work). None of your representatives have been able to answer this, and they always attempt to sell Sprint international plans. Such underhanded sales tactics ought to be below Sprint. I humbly suggest that these reps be reprimanded and retrained.

My wife has T-mobile through work. I checked their website while on my call with John, and I could purchase two Galaxy Note8's (my current phone) for the purchase price I was quoted. This would be on top of the fact that if I add myself and the rest of my family to her plan, we'd save doubly. The greatest benefit of the switch, in my mind, would be adequate customer service.

As I have said, my family and I have been with Sprint for over 15 years. We'd like to stay with you, but your customer service is abysmal. We need a way to economically travel internationally and double request that your representatives focus on understanding and explaining your policies instead of repeating pre-scripted algorithms.

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