Sprintrefurbished phones

S Aug 02, 2018

About 2 months ago I switched from t mobile to sprint. Because my family's phones weren't compatible we need to purchase some that were. We opted for 3 refurbished galaxy 6s for $145 each and bought the insurance plans. The refurbished phone I got for myself has a defective speaker so no one can hear me on a phone call unless I have it on speakerphone. When I called the insurance company they said I would have to pay over $200 for the deductible on a phone I only paid $145 for. I decided not to do it. Less than a week after getting these phones my daughter's phone overheated while charging and died. I called the 90 day limited warranty dept and told them what happened. They said my phone was eligible for a replacement. After waiting almost a month they sent the phone back and said it was not eligible because the port was melted. 2 of the 3 refurbished phones sprint sent were bad and they will not do anything about it. I had T Mobile for over 10 yrs and never had any problems like this. Sprint is truly a horrible company and I regret switching from t mobile.

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