Sprint PCSunauthorized charges out of bank account!


I discovered unauthorized charges on my bank account on October 20, 2006, all coming from Sprint Wireless Services.

At that point, I closed down my debit card and told them to put a flag on the account so that no further charges were to come through from Sprint Wireless Services. I then called the 800# associated with the transactions and found out that it was the Nextel portion of Sprint.

I don't have a Nextel account. I do however, have a Sprint account, but when I make my phone payments, the transaction says Sprint Customer Care, not Sprint Wireless Services. Once I notified the fraud department of my bank (HSBC), I asked if I go further back in my bank account and discover more charges, will I be able to add to the claim.

I was told yes, I can add up to 90 days from the date of the claim, and they can enter that over the phone. Anything going further back than 90, I would have to write a letter to Corporate Security listing all the fraudulent charges, and the dates on which they occurred.

As I went further back into my account, I noticed that there were multiple charges each month from Sprint Wireless Services, and all for different amounts. I called the fraud department back and added to the claim. I also asked again if I was to write that letter to corporate security and I was told to do so, and that I should do it as soon as possible, for they only have a certain amount of time to investigate.

I was told that an affidavit of the fraudulent charges would be mailed to me, and I have to sign it and either fax it back or mail it in to the address provided. I received the affidavit, signed it and faxed it back. I then wrote the letter to corporate security. HSBC fraud department said that once they receive my affidavit, and investigation would begin, and I would be notified of exactly what is going on with my debit card.
In the meantime, I called the 800# at Sprint to find out why they were taking these charges out of my bank account. Since it is the Nextel portion and I don't have a Nextel account, they had no way of looking up any information and they transferred me to Sprint since I have an account with them. Sprint also could not find anything because these charges are not stemming from my phone account. I was then told that I had to dispute these charges with my bank and there was nothing else they could do.

About a week later, I received a credit of a little over a thousand dollars for the fraudulent claims. I was happy with that, thinking that I would get the rest that stem from January, at a later date. On December 2, I get a letter from HSBC Corporate Security, saying that they will be reversing the credit they had given me on 12/05/06. The letter also stated that I would receive a credit for $300. I didn't know why they would be reversing the credit, so I had to wait until Monday, 12/04/06 to call the department.

I spoke with Yvonne Jenkins at Corporate Sec. who was handling my claim. She said since I waited beyond the 120 days from the date of discovery, they can only refund me the first three statements worth of charges, starting with the date of the first fraudulent charge, which was January 17, 2006. There was no fraudulent activity in February or March, so I only got back January's transactions which totaled $300.08, and they reversed the one thousand dollars out of my account, making it go almost $500 in the negative.

I told Yvonne that I received an entirely different story from the fraud department. I let her know that two different people had said that all I had to do was write a letter for the earlier charges and I would get that back as well. She apologized for me being misinformed, but there was nothing else she could do. I asked her what would happen if something else tries to be debited tomorrow, she said again, there was nothing she could do. I would have to go take this up with Sprint. I had two more charges in November on my new card, but MasterCard fraud department has helped me with those.

I spoke to an investigator at HSBC, because my understanding was that this matter was to be investigated. She gave me the same story Yvonne gave me, about how it's past the 120 days. I let her know that I made a claim in October for charges that occurred in Septmeber(well within 120 days - these charges were current, but for some odd reason, they can only start from the date of discovery which was January).

I told her that Sprint is unwilling to help me, so I'm stuck and I don't know who I can go to next. She then offered to call the 800# from Nextel with me. We finally got in touch with a live person at Nextel fraud department, and that representative told me to file a police report. She said they were unable to do anything until they receive the papers from the police dept. and then the investigation would begin.

I took the day off (12/7) to go back to HSBC, and try some of the tactics that I read on /link removed/ to try to get my money back. I told the customer service rep that according to federal regulation E, I was entitled to my money back, no matter how long ago this occurred. I told her that I would have to either pursue legal action, or take this to the media. There was nothing she could do. I got Yvonne to fax over papers stating all the fraudulent charges so that I can have evidence for my police report.

I filled out an affidavit of fraudulent activity at the bank, had it notarized and went back to the police station. I spoke with an officer who said that they can not file a police report because they do not have any proof of anything criminal. It's just my word saying it's not my account. If they had something from Sprint saying this account is not mine, however I've been charged for it, then they could process a police report. Other than that, I'm stuck again.

I was trying to get the name of the bank that is processing these payments for Sprint. Neither Sprint nor HSBC has that information. I was going to use that tactic to call that bank and let them know they are participating in illegal activity. However, I can not get the name. All I know is that it says Sprint Wireless Services, [protected] CO.

Sprint even tried taking $105 out of my account on 12/6, but they were trying to use the canceled card and it wouldn't go through. They made two attempts to take the money that day. The bad part is that they are still attempting to take money from me to pay for an account I do not have! It's not a double billing for my phone account, these are all different amounts each month (Ex. $60, $30, $294, $80 - all in one month).

As soon as I post this, I will be contacting the Attorney General's office. Something needs to be done. This is about $2000 of my money that Sprint Wireless Services has stolen from me and my bank will not investigate. I hope no one else has to go through this because this is a nightmare in more ways than one. If anyone out there has any advice as to how I can get my money back, please post a response. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


  • Sh
    Sherry Hunt Dec 02, 2006

    On Oct. 30th my husband ordered Sprint PCS through a corporate account. He ordered three like phones and was told they would be shipped next day. Several days and several phone calls later we had not received the phones at all. Then, after spending much time on the phone, I order was promised to ship out. We did receive one phone the next day but it was not the phone that had been ordered and where were the other phones? After many more phone calls to Sprint and several more days of waiting we finally received the correct phones. However, they did not work and again we made more calls to Sprint PCS. Even receiving a call back from a customer service rep. after midnight one night just letting us know they had not fixed the account. Finally after two days the phones worked! Then, a week later the phones had been turned off. I personally called Sprint myself and was told it was because we owed a balance on the account even though we had only had the working phones for one week and had not had a chance to receive a bill. My husband also called Sprint and was told they had been turned off for some type of security verification. Later that day, they were turn back on. Finally, I thought the nightmare was over but it was just starting! After only three weeks of service, we are now being told that we owe over $1,600 dollars. The phones that we had chosen were suppose to be only $39.99 each. So, how could this be? My husband again called Sprint and spent even more time on the phone, not to mention calling daily. We finally were told they had credited our account and now we owe the just over $1,000. My husband gave them one week to straighten the account or we would cancel the service. One week went by and today the balance is still way off and he has ask that the account be fixed or terminated. The Rep. for Sprint said it would be another four days before they could fix the account, needing supervisor approval. We have talked with past supervisors and still are in the same boat.

    We have spent much time on the phone and even money in faxing documents to them but still they have lacked in customer service. Today we decided to cancel the service and it seemed to be no problem for Sprint. Only one Rep. has showed sympathy to our ordeal and she offered a $25 credit which we never saw. We have already spent money on holders and car chargers they are now a waste. We are glad shipping back their phones (which I really liked) and still have to worry about the bill. Even after spending numerous hours on the phone and talking to way more than a dozen Representatives, why are we still going through this? Is there anyone at Sprint that cares?

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  • Valerie Jan 09, 2007

    1) My dislike of Sprint started Christmas 2005 when I wanted to get my spouse a new phone. I checked our account online AND spoke with a customer service person on the phone to see what type of incentive we might be eligible for.

    I was assured that he was eligible for up to 200.00 off of a new phone since it had been 3.5 years since he had a new one. (take note - already a customer for 3.5+ years). I made my purchase and sent in the rebate forms, and received no rebate. I tried getting help in the various Sprint stores, but no one in these stores seemed to have any knowledge. They could sell me a phone or sell me a plan, but other than that, they played dumb and told me I would have to call Sprint myself. I then found out that he was ineligible for a rebate UNLESS he added another 2 years to our agreement, there was nothing they could do and too bad. The fact that they compensated him NOTHING at the last renewal was irrelevant. "Too bad. Would you like to buy another phone now and renew for another 2 years?". I was livid. I vowed to just ride out the plan and cancel when it was done. Their plans are too expensive anyway. The Sprint to Sprint "free" calls are not free. In this part of the country (Southeast Michigan)we have to pay ten dollars a month for that service. Everything is an extra charge. Note: their website NOW spells out that all rebates are subject to a 2 year renewal. Obviously I wasn't the only one who got hosed by them.

    2)Toward the end of our contract, I started getting phone calls from the customer service people on my cell. When I answered the phone, to my surprise, it was not someone trying to sell me another plan, it was their customer service people asking to speak to "John Doe" (someone that I work with). I told them they have the wrong number and they hung up, no apology, no nothing.

    I then started getting up to 4 calls a day on my messages looking for this other person. I asked that person what was the deal, and they said that they were behind a month on their bill and Sprint had been calling everyone that they had ever called looking for them. I must note that these were our personal cell phones, not ones issued by our job or anything. Sprint had no idea if I was a friend, relative, coworker, boss, enemy, or the local pizza joint. I finally yelled at this person who barely spoke english to quit harassing me. This was NOT their (John Doe's) phone, NOT their address, NOT their family, NOT anyone responsible for their bills, QUIT bothering me. How DARE you interrupt me 4 times a day with this nonsense. They hung up and the calls stopped for 2 days and then started up again. Lucky for me my contract has just expired and I have cancelled them. The story is not over yet, I am currently waiting for my final bill and keeping my fingers crossed.

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  • Ma
    Marie Foster May 24, 2007

    This just start happening to me in that sprint has signed me up for an auto pay without my authorization. My bank is helpful in that they have advised me to come in as soon as possible and close that account and open a new one however sprint is not so helpful in saying that it is my fault. I have tried contacting sprints fraud unit and they refuse to help. I am afraid that more payments will come out of this account if I don't close it immediately.

    What is was your outcome with the Attorney's General? Did you file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against all agencies involved?

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  • Th
    Theresa Nichole Carrigan Jul 05, 2007

    I was a customer of Sprint Communications for approximately 5 years. Intermittently there would be a significant mistake on my bill and I would sit on hold for long periods of time in order to get a credit for my next bill since the only way to even talk to someone would be to pay the amount they specified, then when the phone was turned back on, a customer service representative would work with me. When I got to that point it was usually a reasonably pleasant experience.

    Most of 2006 presented terribly incorrect bills. The time on the telephone with customer service was at least tripled and most of the customer service representatives could not understand how to help. I started looking at different options for cellular phone service.

    In November 2006, Sprint took the liberty of automatically deducting over $352.00 from my bank account. I have never authorized anything other than single payments ever. What is worse, they deducted the same amount from my son’s bank account on the same day. Since we took turns paying the bill on line, they must have had access to both our bank accounts. Neither of us ever would authorize anything but a one time payment. Efforts to correct this were futile. My bill should not have been more than $175 for the month. In November, 2006 my son and I paid over $700. Nobody seems authorized to correct this. They empathized, but could not help.

    On December 23rd, I decided to cut my losses, knowing I’d never get reimbursed the money Sprint owed me and I switched to T-Mobile. It took a few hours but I confirmed that my service was indeed canceled with Sprint, my numbers were moved to T-Mobile and I was going to just forfeit the money I was overcharged and start fresh with the new company. On December 24th I tried to log on to my Sprint account but could no longer access it since I was no longer a Sprint customer. My son and I went to the Sprint store in Denver Colorado (Stapleton store) to have the numbers on our Sprint phones downloaded to hard copy. We were told that since we were no longer sprint customers, that service was no longer available to us. Clearly, Sprint did not view us as Sprint customers any longer.

    Imagine my surprise when in February, Sprint deducted $650 from my bank account! I disputed it through my bank and Sprint reversed that charge. Then in March I received a letter from Sprint saying that my bill is past due and I owe over $650 and if I don’t pay it, I may experience an interruption in service?? This would have been unusual in any event since the plan I had for the past 5 + years worked in a way that if I went over my minutes, my service was simply shut off. I called customer service and was told there was nothing they could do, but they would not transfer me to a supervisor. Meanwhile my son tried to straighten it out at a Sprint store in person... there were no answers.

    In April I received the same letter threatening to interrupt my service but this time the amount was over $800.00. Calls to customer service were a repeat in the same exercise in futility. Late May the bill was more than $1,000.00 and since every single time I called Customer Service asking about this I asked to have my service disconnected, I asked why I am still getting charged. I was told there was no way to discontinue the service because I don’t have an account with Sprint. Then why do I keep getting bills in the increased amount? No answers.

    This week I received a bill for over $1,300. I am at a complete loss as to what to do about this.

    I am happy to provide my contract with T- mobile showing that I started my service in December and showing my numbers were transferred.

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  • De
    Denise Lawrence Jul 18, 2007

    In one day they called my home 7 times looking for a person that had my phone number previous to me. This has gone on for a year. I have been patient with these people and told them several times that we are not these people and to not call this phone number. I even went so far as to tell them who we were. Then yesterday I lost it and told them not to call this number again or I would report them to the attorney generals office. Well what do you know on Wed. morning at 8:00 a.m. they call my home again and this time they didn't say a word they just hung up. I knew it was them from the caller ID. Now I am very upset with them. I am wondering if there is any thing I can do to make them STOP CALLING? They are rude people.

    Thank you for hearing my complaint.

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  • Ke
    Kevin M. Crawford Aug 27, 2007

    I brought a Sprint PPC 6700 for $600 in Dec of 06. When I arrived home the phone's camera did not function properly. So I returned the phone and was given another replacement. Well 3 months into the use of this phone I had to call and have it reset. Well 4 months after that I had to do the same thing. Well here it is AUG of 07 and I had to call sprint several times just to get a replacement upgrade due to the fact that they don't make or sell the PPC 6700 anymore. Well they did not allow me to get the upgrade to the 6800 and offered me $150 off of the new phone. So in other words, I would have to dish out $1050 just to get what I never received in the first place... a working phone. ($600 + $450=$1050). Well after several attempts to have this matter resolved. I ended up going through my insurance and low and behold they offered to send me A THIRD REPLACEMENT PHONE!!! Well to make a long story short I ordered the phone on 8/24/07. The phone arrived at my house 8/25/07. 2 1/2 hours later I was in a Sprint store because the replacement phone would not work. You have to push numbers and buttons several times just to get them to register. And believe it or not... SPRINT WILL NOT REPLACE THE PHONE OR UPGRADE !!!

    So I am currently out of $600 and they are bogus enough to tell me that if I don't return the second broken phone they will charge me... now how can someone charge you for something they no longer sell?

    I am done with this company and hope they they try to sue me due to them not holding up to the reliability of the products they sell to their consumers or helping their customers.

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  • Valerie Oct 28, 2007

    Sprint refuses to replace my wife's phone even after we have payed years of insurance to cover a replacement phone. They refuse to replace my wife's phone with a a phone that works. They have repeatedly dropped calls while we were trying to resolve these issues. We were constantly put on hold for hours and then hung up on by customer reps. Sprint made changes to our phone plan without our knowledge or approval. Refused to let us out our contract even after they violated the terms. Sprint has been illegal charging us for services we never wanted or use. We Need Help, Sprint is illegally charging us for services not rendered.

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  • Al
    Alen Johnson Jan 05, 2008

    I applied for a two year contract with sprint on Dec 05. It is now Jan 08. My contract was supposed to be over last year in Dec. I never knew how fraudulent Sprint was, until I called up costumer service. I found out, since I purchased a new phone "upgraded" through a sprint store. They extended my contract for two more years. I never was asked if I wanted to continue my $300.00 bill a month for two extra horrible serviced years. Now I am looking into calling Corp office. I'm sure they are more crooked than the employees of sprint stores.

    good luck people.

    SUCK FRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • St
    Staci Mar 19, 2008

    My husband and I moved from Nebraska to South Dakota - we needed to switch our phone numbers on our Sprint phones. We called customer service for 2 weeks - spoke to about 20 different people. We were told first they had no SD phone numbers to give us, then they changed my husbands phone number and didn't tell us. We were told EVERY time we called that someone would call us back... never happened.

    I called AGAIN and spoke to a 'manager' who was sooo incredibly rude - did not say please or thank you once and yelled at me because I didn't have my cell phone sitting right by me (it was downstairs in my purse!). He finally changed our phone number but that turned into a nightmare all over again. 1) they changed our password without telling us so we couldn't log-in online and when we called they hassled us because we didn't know the password 2) they tacked on 2 activation fees (which we paid almost 2yrs ago!!! 3) gave us text messaging and stuff we didn't want - and didn't ask for 4) and finally because we switched phone numbers... thats all we did... they changed our termination date to 2010!!! I was sooo angry I called them back and talked to ANOTHER incompetent person who said they changed our termination date back to 2008 - hell if I am waiting until 2010 to get rid of these people -- we are HAPPILY canceling Sprint service in October when our contract runs out... I am not about to pay the $400 they want to cancel today.

    I have never dealt with such rude and incompetent people. I have emailed (of course no responses) and wrote letters to Sprint telling them I want my contract terminated FREE OF CHARGE - but we're still waiting to hear back on that - hahaha!

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  • Ju
    Jurgen Faust Apr 14, 2008

    I tried to cancel a sprint cell phone, they couldn't cancel my account for two years, I lost several hundred $ and I took a dive in my credit score.

    Never work with sprint pcs again!


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  • Ma
    Mad May 05, 2008

    I agree 100%. I have had sprint service since 1996, although they are saying that I have only been a customer since 2003. I have never been so dissatified with a service as I am with Sprint. They cheat people and dont even know how to explain their bogus charges. I will definitely be changing my services to Verizon in the near future. I think that Sprint's practices needs to be monitored by the FCC.

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  • Sj
    sjauld May 21, 2008

    This recently happened to my wife's debit card and we are not even Sprint OR Nextel Customers. We noticed two charges from Sprint that processed through our bank as a "purchase with pin" so our bank never thought twice about it. When we had the local sheriff's office investigate, which we had to do to be reimbursed by US Bank, they were told that it was an online charge, no pin was present, and it was for two different accounts for two different people in two different states. How can this occur? I think Sprint needs to be held accountable for allowing bills to be paid for people whose account names do not match the name on the card. And then, to trick the banks by posting transactions incorrectly is simply fraudulent on Sprint's part.

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  • Valerie Jul 28, 2008

    Thinking of switching your cell phone service from another carrier to Sprint. DON'T DO IT!!! That is unless you can afford to be without phone service for 4-5 DAYS!!! (Of course they won't tell you that initially)

    Take the advice from someone who has suffered thousands of dollars in business losses because Sprint's in ability to port over a cell number successfully.

    You will not be able to reach the porting department directly and Sprint's customer service cannot even contact them by phone by to check the status of your requests. All you get is "it can take up to 4-5 days and they are working on it". Plus the porting department has a skeleton crew on Saturday and they are closed on Sundays. How's that for technical support!

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  • Ja
    jason Aug 06, 2008

    in order to get the reduce price a new 2 year contract is required. if you paid the sales retail price you would not of had to renew your contract.

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  • Ma
    matt_train Dec 27, 2008

    I tried to terminate my Sprint contract, because Sprint could no longer connect to Cogent's network due to a peering dispute. I could not get to my work Website. Sprint did not send a warning that this was going to happen or even an apology. Because I had to get to my work Website, I had to find another carrier. Because Sprint made a unilateral decision to cut off communications with a large part of the Internet, it should have to pay for the pain that it caused its customers. Repeated attempts to resolve this through its customer service department were a waste of time. I would recommend that Sprint not be used for any service whatsoever.

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  • Jo
    jonesiegirl Jan 16, 2009

    I am currently going through the disputing process for an unauthorized charge to Sprint that happened a week ago. Apparently my card number was stolen, but the thing thats getting me is that everywhere the person made unauthorized charges, can't provide me with any information other than the guys "name" and email address. SO I have absolutely no idea if he has my address, SSN, or any other personal info that could allow him to open new accounts in my name. Luckily, 2 of the sites he ordered from refunded my money right away. (because they were probably covering their butt, knowing they shouldnt have accepted a debit card payment with information that didnt match up with it.) and the only one I'm waiting on is Sprint. They are the WORST. I don't have an account with Sprint or Nextel, yet there was a $300.00 even charge to me. Everytime I call they ask for my phone number or account number after I already inform them I dont have one and never have! Then they asked me for my social to see if an account was opened in my name. Nope. They're trying to tell me that they can't look up an account based off my debit card number and that they wouldnt anyway because its confidential to their customer. So basically, they're defending the fraud, but treating me like a dog. I hate Sprint. Authorities need to do something about this company, because obviously they have fraudulant practices if they allow people to pay for their bill or products on a card that they can't back up. Ridiculous.

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  • Ju
    Juzeppe Sep 06, 2009

    Sprint sold me a contract for a phone and a boardband card and assured me that I would have a good signal at my home. I could not get more than one bar and then every call was dropped, don't even get me started on the broadband card. Then they wanted to charge me $400 for quiting the service. Stay away, far away and let these crooks go out of business. With the ecomnomy today companies have no place in our world, we need people to work together and sprint does not know what that means. All that they want to do is fill their own pockets and piss on the little guy.

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  • Pe
    Peppa Oct 06, 2009

    Several months back Sprint sent me an email to change my online username because of security reasons. I verified this by going to the Sprint web page. Once I changed my name, I was no longer able to access my account. Calling Sprint service useless for they are a bunch of ###s. You are either put on hold for 20 or so minutes and disconnected (by Sprint), or get an idiot on the line that puts you back on the wait queue. It doesn't take my last 6 digits of my social or zip code, and complains that I didn't enter my 'previous balance' correctly. How can I when Sprint stopped sending me paper bills. By the way, they did this on their own accord, not mine. They also stopped sending email notices when your bill was due too. I guess its their way of ratcheting up your late charges.

    Back to my story; For some unknown reason my phone blocks text messages and Sprint can only send a temporary password via text to my cell, not to my email address, nor can the service tech obtain one to give to me verbally while I'm talking to them. Escalating to Web services dept gets you put back on the stupid wait list for that viscous cycle again! I've gone through this five times and will no more. Consumer Reports was right, Sprint's service is POOR. I am canceling my account as soon as I find a replacement phone.

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  • Lucille Petroskey
    I purchased an Exclaim on 12/23/2009. The phone would not charge properly and was replaced on 12/28/2009. In the next month the phone was replaced again because of the same problem. On March 27 the phone was replaced with a Samsung Rant. This is phone number FOUR. And it doesn't even charge after being on the charger for 12 hours! I believe this replacement phone is a reconditioned phone - no instruction manual, box, etc. I have been a customer for at least 10 years. As Todd, the manager at the Temcula store said, "You had your last phone for three years and never a problem." So I am off to buy from another provider and dare Sprint to come after me!!!

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  • Bu
    Buicki Jun 09, 2010

    I bought the HTC Touch phone on April 1st 2008, in the Virgin Mega Store (6801 Hollywood Blvd #105, Hollywood CA 90028) for a total of $270.61 (including tax), with a promised rebate of $100, that was supposed to be received after sending in a 'rebate form' that they were going to send me in the mail within 3 months. Thus getting the price down to roughly $170.

    Apart from a bunch of other problems which I won't bother officially complaining about (no reception anywhere in or a 1 mile radius around my house, a broken card reader slot and AC adapter that both didn't fall under the $7 a month insurance), I obviously never received the rebate form within the promised 3 months.

    I went back to the store 4 times to talk to the sales representatives that had sold me the phone to ask what was wrong, and they advised me to wait another 3 months, twice.

    The 5th time I decided to go back, Sprint had parted ways with Virgin, so they were nowhere to be found. By then I had been waiting 9 months.

    I then visited the next nearest Sprint store (364 South La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA90048) who, after approximately 30 minutes waiting, could not help me and advised me to contact customer service over the phone.

    The reason I had not done this yet was because of my bad experiences with customer service regarding my other complaints.

    After numerous phone calls, mainly consisting of being reconnected to 'unauthorized' personnel, spending hours waiting, only to find your call being dropped eventually. Having a phone that does not work in your own house/neighborhood obviously did not help.

    In September 2008 I eventually managed to get through to a 'supervisor' named 'Jay' (all the customer service personnel have neither last names nor employee numbers), he promised me to fix everything for me, I obviously felt very relieved and trusted him.

    I was supposed to fax him my sales receipt together with my mailing address under attention of 'Jay' along with promotion code 05/97140 to fax number 1866 9641216 and could expect my rebate within 3 months.

    I'm not in possession of a fax machine, neither do I have access to one, but 'Jay' helpfuly advised me to go to the Sprint store, because they could fax it for me.

    I did that the same day, at another Sprint store location this time, naively hoping I would be able to avoid the 30 minute wait time. Needless to say I never heard from 'Jay' again.

    By this time I had moved to another part of hollywood, but I made sure Sprint got notice of this, and 'Jay' was also aware of this. Also I made sure an extended USPS mail forwarding service was set up.

    Another 3 months later I was back at where I once was, calling customer service for hours on end. And also contacting them through the website www.sprintrebates.com, explaining my situation. This usually led to them telling me this was an issue that needed to be resolved over the phone, providing me with the same phone number I had been calling all allong.

    After a while I finally got through to another 'supervisor' named 'Nathan' through e-mail. He promised me to solve the issue, just like 'Jay' once had. I now had to send in the same stuff (receipt/address/promocode) via regular mail, and I could expect my 'status' to be updated within 3 weeks, and a rebate in the mail within 3 months. This obviously did not happen, but since our contact was through e-mail, I was able to contact him again, and he then advised me to scan all the info and send it to him in an e-mail (I had suggested this method from the very start since this is the only way to know for sure that nothing got lost in the process).

    'Nathan' confirmed he had received my info and also promised and expedited process of only 3 weeks (or 15 business days as he called it). This was 02-22-2010, 3 weeks from that date would have been 03-09-2010

    For a change my 'status' on www.sprintrebates.com did turn into a 'green' bar showing I should receive my check in the mail on or before 03-28-2010. Obviously nothing happened. I contacted 'Nathan' a couple of times more, we got to the point where I had to send them my address (for verification) through e-mail, and then they would cancel the original check and issue a new one. After verifying my address twice 3 days ago (I got the same e-mail twice) I haven't heard anything yet, but I strongly doubt miracles will happen. They can play this game for as long as they feel like it.

    Basically I have been actively pursuing my rebate for a measly $100 for 2 years now, my contract with Sprint could have ended this month, but I figured I would wait with dropping my service until after I got the rebate. So far it has cost me approximately 40 hours of my time, not mentioning gas money/stamps/etc. I live here on a F1 Student Visa that will come to an end soon, so my time here is extremely precious (let alone expensive). By now this is obviously more a matter of principle than money, since it cost me way more than the $100 I will be getting, someday.

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  • Zo
    zodasart Jun 30, 2010

    June 30, 2010

    Dear Sprint
    I was shock today to receive from my Ex-husband of 35 years you contacted him. I called the number he gave me to find out that you have sent a bill collector to me how dare YOU Sprint. Again!!!
    My account has been close since Oct 30, 2008, I had called to cancel as I lost my job and have been told that I had to go in and cancel my account in person at one of your locations. I would only have to pay a closing cost on my contract which shows paid in full.
    My record show from the bank transfers that you have been paid off since Nov, 2009 the sum of $735.00 I had not heard nor read a single letter are word this was considered a problem as it was paid in full until today.
    If you had not contacted me on this I would of never realized that the automatic payments were being made to Sprint of the sum of $735.00 on a bill less then $300.00
    I do believe that I am owed a return on the over payments you say I owe, so who owes who here.
    I like to think this is a small mistake, but in the past you have done the same thing to me, and Sprint tried to destroy my credit rating again!
    Sprint found their mistake and was Sprints mistake not mine, and Sprint apologized, but this time the same mistake is made.
    TODAY: Not only did I have to speak to a women with less education then my 6 year old grandson on this account but she was very rude and uneducated with the account at hand. All I can say at least Sprint is still hiring Americans.
    Please check your records again and I am sure you will find the truth like before for this ill behavior of poor account management.
    Sincerely yours,

    nancy zoda przygoda
    PS: Enclosed is a copy of all bank transactions on this account for your easier accountability and accounting needs to rectify this mistake do hope you can also rectify my credit rating as well.

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  • Ro
    Rocco222 Aug 04, 2010

    I woke up this morning with a charge of $945 to my checking account from Sprint Wireless. NINE HUNDRED BUCKS! I have never been a Sprint customer. They were of course no help at all on the phone as I'm not a customer. Thankfully Bank of America launched a fraud report and I have to file a police report. B of A will also return my money tomorrow but it still makes me nervous that Sprint - a company I NEVER have done business with - got my details and charged me, and also didn't care. The best they could say was "you have to fax in your bank statement to us" - yeah right.

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  • Co
    copper670 Nov 02, 2010

    After two day of agruing about a discount and my feeling about the crappy services that sprint provided, what really pist me off. I was told this evening that the "CUSTOMER WAS NOT RIGHT" I have been in the business world for a long time and to be told that the CUSTOMER WAS NOT RIGHT, was the last straw. CAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE. Not only were the managers rude, but than to be told that the CUSTOMER WAS NOT RIGHT. I want desparately out of my contract, but they wil charge me a early termination fee. CAN YOU HELP!!!

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    qusibn Nov 02, 2010

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  • Ne
    nereida enri Nov 29, 2010

    oboonews.com has been billing sprint.com my bill for 10 ten months 9.99/month with a total of over 100.00 so far this year. I'm not paying it so Sprint continous to bill it because Oboonews continuos the billing process and Sprint does not know how to get it too stop. I'm a victim because my bill is always in a delinquent status due to these charges every month. I want to get my bill credited back and they have not done so even after telling them my problem everymonth.

    0 Votes
  • Ka
    kalanamama Feb 20, 2011

    Virgin Mobile kept my family without any phone service at all for FIVE days and nights. The sprint account I was still paying on was cut off completely on the first of the month and the VM phones could not be activated until the 5th, when I finally found someone at VM customer service who knew what he was doing.

    As a single disabled mother I would have had to sue if something had happened to us and we had no phones.

    In the end I had to buy a 3rd phone number!?!

    After buying the 3rd number I called customer service over and over only to be told nothing could be done to activate our phones.

    Then, after activation I had some questions. Sprint told us that since we were moving to VM and it is all one company we would receive deep discounts of the early termination fees, then billed the full amount. In exhausting myself, trying to gather information from both companies, I once again found myself calling VM customer services and not getting any. I now think of it as "Customer Dis-service".

    The second question I had was on the Rumor Touch phones we bought from you. Three days after purchase you reduced the price by $50.00 each, or $100.00, I was trying to find someone who could tell me what my options were so I could return the phones within the 30 day limit if necessary.

    On the third day of trying to get answers without any from Customer Service, I was actually on the phone from 5:45 to 8:15 a.m. last week. The call was dropped 4 times and I was hung up on once. Not so impressive for a phone company. By the time I gave up 2.5 hours later, I had lost my voice and was reduced nearly to tears. No one helped nor answered either question. Each disconnect was followed by my immediate re-dial. Each conversation led to three or four more different people from different departments put on the phone to make me say it all over again, and often to say it very slowly and still not have the English language understood.

    Three times a supervisor was to call me back in the days that followed and that NEVER happened.

    Undue pain and suffering is what the lawyer calls it. With my medical conditions this is a severe hazard.

    We had VM and were fine with it, then had helio and loved it, then received notice that helio was going out of business and we had to switch back to VM, so we did, then we received another written notice saying VM was dissolving and that we had to switch to Sprint, which we did, but we could not afford it on my disability income.

    So, in good faith, I called and told them that and discussed the options with Sprint, at which time I was assured most of the early termination fees would be waived as we were once again going to VM and that is part of Sprint.

    So, we have been turned inside out and around about numerous times and have only received the most abrasive, condescending, technically deficient, none English speaking, and frustrating absence of "customer service". At one time, we were compensated if Customer Service kept us on the phone more than 30 minutes, how about for 2.5 hours without answers? I had lost my voice and my time and energy and money.

    And now I have to pay packaging and shipping to return the Rumor Touch phones to you and can only pray you will credit my credit card in time.

    At least Sprint sent us bubble envelopes and pre paid shipping labels to use to send their phones back, and someone was able to pick them up from my house since I am mostly housebound.

    I will copy them with this letter too, there has been more than enough fraud and undue stress to go around. I made big decisions based upon the information I was given by phone conference and those are now proving to have been lies. This has negatively affected my family's health in many ways.

    Even if all VM could do is send me back to sprint it would have been helpful to know that, rather than trying to tease out on my own where one company ends and the other begins.

    I have also sent several emails to VM customer service that remain unanswered. I had begun to believe that posting this information all over the internet was the only way left of trying to reach someone somewhere who could be helpful.

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  • Ma
    Marcus Pincus Feb 24, 2011

    sprint for the past 3 years has made a variety of unsolicited changes and charges to my 10 line account
    I have one employee whose job is to review cellular bills and investigate charges
    they agree to correct and then dont they dont confirm conversations via follow up email - but rather only care about "Have I resolved your complaints" - who know if they have resolved anything - until a month later when the bill comes and you have to start arguing again and again
    time for sprint to go the way of MCI

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  • Ca
    candacefromnj Apr 20, 2011

    Same scams I am dealing with. I have reported them to the BBB and FCC

    0 Votes
  • Ga
    Gandalf23456 Jun 05, 2011

    I recently brought an LG phone at my Sprint store. Two weeks later it was effectively a paper weight due to what both companies call "pressure damage". I kept the phone in my front pocket, did not sit on it, did not have anything else in my pocket, was not wearing tight jeans or anything else that would cause this damage. Sprint would not replace phone even knowing I am a long time customer (they did offer to sell me a refurbished phone). LG would like me to send them the phone, leaving me without a phone for who knows how long. Both keep going back to the physical damage and refusing to replace phone. This phone was obviously defective. I have never had any problems with Samsung phones and will return to their products. Never again will I own an LG product if this is how they conduct business.

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  • Sh
    Shaypainter Jun 08, 2011

    I was previously part of my boyfriend's mother's phone plan, however I grew tired of her having control over my phone and I now make enough money to comfortably afford the plan myself. So we both spoke to the same representative and arranged to have a new contract done in my name with my current phone number. I was told that it was COMPLETELY NEW and would NOT contain the information from the previous account, hence I could go in and get an Evo with the 2 year contract price. She did everything accept allow me to purchase the phone via our conversation and advised me to go in to do so, because it was more secure. However, once I got into the store I was told that was impossible and I was told incorrectly. An hour later on the telecommunications support line, and one conversation on the sales support line, and I was told by a supervisor that there was nothing that could be done apart from me paying the $100 cancellation fee and starting up a WHOLE NEW CONTRACT. If this is how Sprint treats their customers, I would HATE to see how they treat people they aren't required to care about. Who needs enemies when you have a Sprint provider? Not me. They did a good enough job screwing things up that I don't need any extra enemies. They do just fine "supporting" me.

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  • We have been a Sprint customer for about 12 years we even have a Sprint tower in our back yard. April 20 was the start of no cell service in our area for well over a month. Every time I would call they would say there is a ticket out there and they are working on it and would tell me it is estimated to be back up in a couple days. This went on for weeks. They also told us it affected 3 zip codes in my area so not only were our 5 phones with out service but everyone in the area or traveling on US 23 had no service. I called numerous times and when I asked about a credit they offered me $15 dollars off my bill. You've got to be kidding I told them. No service and I had no land line and I have a child with Type 1 diabetes and I needed phone service. No one at Sprint seemed to care. This pushed us to making the switch to a different carrier. Now I am left with over $500 of phone fees for early termination when in fact Sprint could uphold their end and did not provide service for over a month. Very Frustrated with Sprint!!!

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  • Je
    jesselcat11 Jul 20, 2011

    I have been a Sprint customer for 7 years. I am considered a Sprint Premier Customer. I recently was offered a new phone that Sprint debuted today (10-0-2010)ahead of the general public because of my Sprint Premier status. When I tried to get this phone I was told by the customer service agent that the phone was not available yet and that I was mistaken about the offer. I took in my written offer to the store to verify the contents and they told me yes, the offer says I could buy the phone. However, they could not sell me the phone because they did not have it.

    Why did Sprint offer me the phone when it was clearly a lie. Worse yet, why was I called the liar?

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  • De
    Dehoy Sep 21, 2011

    When I called to cancel my account, I was informed that I had to pay for an entire billing cycle, even though I canceled mid-way through the current cycle.

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  • Lo
    Logsa Oct 13, 2011

    I received notice from Spring PCS that is I do not allow them to auto debit my account for my phone bill that they will charge me an extra $4.99 a month fee.

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  • Go
    gotcha Dec 25, 2011

    I have been a customer with sprint since 1999 and have had only 3 phones. My present one I just switched to was in 10/11 because prior finally crashed. The present phone is not working properly and I have no insurance and I need another phone. I was informed that I now will have to pay $10 extra for a premium data plan that uses 4g. I explained I do not want my plan changed just replace the phone I have with the same style not upgrading. According to sprints CEO Dan Hesse they exceed in customer service and loyalty. I can not afford to pay an extra fee each month. Sprint also states that they are there to help those during this economic hardship.

    For being a loyal sprint customer waive that $10 extra monthly fee and do not change my service plan. I am not changing my plan nor do I wish to change my plan. I offered to purchase phone at regular price since not upgrading to the fancy droid touch phones.

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  • Fa
    Farokute Apr 19, 2012

    I am 72 years old and went to the kiosk at the Countryside Mall to get a new cell phone. Amelio sold me a touch screen phone and instructed me on how to use it. When I got home I was so confused that I couldn’t even receive a call and I called 9 people on my contact list accidentially, couldn’t find how to turn the speaker on, also couldn’t answer a call, among some of many other things. I couldn’t function with the phone. Totally user unfriendly, as was the Manager of th kiosk.

    I wanted to return it and get my old phone back but was told they recycled it already. I had already disposed of the box and they said there was a $30 charge. I am so very disappoited in Sprint as my son worked as Manager in a Sprint store for a number of years. When I bought the phone, the salesman slid a pink cover and a black cover over to me and said which did I want. I thought it was part of the $79.99 I paid for the phone. It was an additional $24.99. Many of m friends have said derogatory things about Sprint and I always defended you, but NO LONGER WILL I DO THAT.

    I’m glad my son doesn’t wor for your organization any longer.

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  • Ch
    Chubashe Apr 30, 2012

    I had been a Sprint customer for over 15yrs we were up for an upgrade on our phones so we went to the Sprint store to see about getting smart phones. The customer service rep was not helpful and very rude, not wanting to answer questions or help in any way. So we went to AT&T store and switched over, while at the store my wife called to cancel service and port the numbers over which she was told there would be a early termination fee.. No problem we said.

    Well a month later after we recieved our last bill (or so we thought) with the termination fee listed we recieved another monthly bill for one of the lines which after calling Sprint they said we did not cancel? Why would we keep one line and cancel the rest? Needless to say if you have a sprint line and cancel make sure you cover youself or you will have a lot of time wrapped up trying to argue your case.

    I recently brought my phone to be repaired at the Sprint store in hurst tx after it flashed and all my info was lost they kept my phone for 2 + hours and did nothing to it to resolve the problem they said I needed to go home get on my computer and fix it myself my complaint is if I knew how to repair it I would not have brought it to them to begin with I told them I don’t have a computer at home and didn’t know what to do if I did I asked them to do it since they have 5 or 6 computers there they were not using they said ok and brought Google up on one and walked away there were no custumers in the store there were 4 of them standing talking to each other.

    I repeatedly asked for help not one of them would help me I say again if I knew how to fix it why would I have even gone there the whole crew in that store needs to be replaced they are useless as customer service.

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  • Wa
    W.A. Kelly May 03, 2013

    CEO Dan (or probably his appointed representatives),
    After over ten+ years as a loyal Sprint customer, I am changing to a new carrier. Why? Here are a few of the reasons.

    1. Two years contracts that are difficult to get out of
    2. Inconsistent and customer unfriendly messages left on My Sprint from your representatives
    3. Poor customer service (see my history please)
    4. My entire family was on Sprint for years, we paid over $25k over the last ten years, my wife has a cheap phone that we must pay another year on before we upgrade her to

    A no contract smart phone with Android 4.0 and all bell & whistles, cost? $55
    Service per month? $55 Unlimited Phone, Text, Messages & Data. Just like the one I just got.

    Your plans are going extinct as the dinosaur. Your customer service takes way too long (I have wasted at least 3 days of my life "on hold" to get my problems solved. I was going to upgrade to an Iphone with you but found that I was just being loyal for no reason. I like my Kyocera Event Smart phone and my new plan, which is month to month. I don't need to pay $8 to $11 per month to replace my phone for $50. I can pay a new one for $55. These are just a few of the reasons, I'm sure you get the drift. You certainly put enough barriers in the way for me to cancel my service, so I am sure you are aware of ALL these issues. I have to remain a customer for several more months while my wife's plan expires. I would be done with you now if I could. I am not being mean, just practical and wise. I have been with Sprint in some form or fashion for over 25 years (Long Distance, cell phone, etc.) Best Wishes,

    W. A. Kelly

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  • Ma
    marti66 Mar 28, 2015

    We bought a phone for my husband In January. We put $175 down. Sprint took the money out of our account, put it back, and then took it out again causing it to go negative $175. Not only that but our bill was double what it was supposed to be. we are beyond furious. Do NOT I repeat do NOT buy from Sprint or if you do pay cash only !!!

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  • Su
    superjetrick Jan 13, 2016

    Yes. I too have recently (and rather abruptly) joined the ranks of the Sprint disenfranchised. I've ALWAYS been served monthly notice via e-bill regarding account payment from the moment I enrolled in their paperless statement service (or whatever fashionable, trendy, PC euphemism they're deploying these days!). Now I'll be the first to admit that I've been delinquent on several occasions in submitting payment by two, even three billing cycles. OK, so I incur the inevitable 'late fee(s)' which are dutifully added to said missed payment(s) as penalty to which I begrudgingly acknowledge and accept. Now, it appears they've determined that their e-bill has lost its magic and so I've just received a hardcopy statement via snail mail... a 'kindler/gentler' reminder to inform me that I was a month behind... w/out notice and at MY expense (as a MONTHLY 'add-on service' fee). Hey, $1.99 is $1.99 unless its Sprint attempting to charge you for something that wasn't authorized. Therein, my disenfranchisement lies. That and the fact I couldn't readily find their website's online chat icon/link (hmmm, how convenient). Perhaps it was a good thing I didn't.

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