Sprint Corporationphone service overcharges and lease payment

Z Jan 14, 2020

when i switch from a another carrier I was told i would have reliable service. and after month after month trying to resolve and it still didnt they said if i sent everything back i would not be charged. yet they lied.
we tried to resolve for ...after air wave replacement of device. to majic box. I was told i would not be charged lease payments .and then i get a 410 bill/ they got all there products all those months i spent paying and not having phone service. I was told repeatedly i would not be charge. I have the reference numbers to the agreement time and date/ one says they say it get a bill not they dont but i protected myself and have the whole conversation recorded from a sprint manager. This is crazy i paid month after month on service and lease sent everything back. told me i would only owe 26 and the bill keeps going higher and now they cant find the transaction. Well i have the proof and a cmpany should not lie and say they would not charge then they do then you spend another month resolving to be right back where you are started. I did my end. they should honor there word.

I can submit recording but it has my personal information. if needed and it wont have my public information of my address and stuff.

pissed off consumer

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