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illegal collection activity

I just got phone calls from this company on my cell phones whom I have on an a t and t account. I do not have a sprint account, nor have I ever had one...

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    Kierlanar Dec 22, 2010
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    I used to work for RPM (Receivable Performance Management). It is owned by Howard George and he was fired from OSI collections. Contact your state AG office and file a complaint...they are violating the FDCPA and Howie was ALWAYS goodfor that.

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rip off

Signed up for the Sprint "data Deal" of 69.00; the "agent" took me for the full cost of a blackberry, would...

age discrimination

Has bad consumer customer service outsources to other countries. I use to work for them and I know it because of bad transfers etc. Some of the supervisors are not qualified in the office. Age discrimination and also and hardly no positive feedback on your hard work. It was like working in a sweat shop in the US. I had good reviews from customers resolved issues and no problems with customers gave them great customer service. Waiting until February to take my business elsewhere. Some supervisors in the call center have young workers doing there work because they do not know how to do there job.

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    AArrf Nov 30, 2009

    Sprint has got to be the worst in handling Bill payments. Every month I have to call them to stop 150 dollar credits or to straighten out my account of they screwed up. My cell phone is only supposed to be around 60 dollars a month for 1000 minutes. Sprint tacts on other crap, they have never notified me about. Then when I call to speak to a rep there, everyones info on my acct. is different. SPRINT IS THE WORST CELL PHONE COMPANY AROUND.

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cruddy phones and customer service

I originally purchased the Samsung Moment which I thoroughly enjoyed. Then it started acting up and I was sent three replacements to no avail. I was told that they were going to get me another phone because the Moment was so problematic. I went to the store and was told to pick between two phones- neither of which I cared for but I picked the Hero because basically now I either take one or don't have an operating phone. I was then told he was ordering the phone and to bring all of the original pieces; instruction booklet, charger, box etc. When I returned to the store on Monday to pick up the Hero I was shocked to see that the phone was in a little bag with the charger and that was it.

For the brand new phone I originally bought had now been exchanged for 3 refurbished phones;ultimately 4 (a refurbished Hero, no directions, no box). I hate this phone and do not want the options they are offering me to save themselves money. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO SELECT THE PHONE I WANT AND AM READY TO CANCEL SERVICE ALTOGETHER- I am told that I don't qualify for and upgrade until April, but ITS NOT AN UPGRADE - Sprint should make good on the inconveniences that I have experienced. I am not asking for a free phone; just one that I actually want. As a "premier" customer I would think Sprint would be happy to go an extra step to provide a better experience than I have received. I didn't go with Metro for a reason, the representatives are rude, even the supervisors that I have spoken to have been full of piss and vinegar.

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    AngryIowan Jan 13, 2011
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    I'm having the same issue with my Palm Pre. I bought it in October of 2009 and have had problems with the phone ever since. I've been through FIVE different phones and all of them have been defective or fall apart with normal usage. The last time I went in to pick up the replacement refurbished phone, the rep told me I could get an HTC Hero, BB Tour, Palm Pixi or some other phone I didn't have any interest in. I've spent countless hours on the phone with customer service and tech support to be finally given an offer last month-my upgrade credit plus the cost of my Palm Pre. I told them that I wanted to research their phones and make an informed choice to replace my phone. They told me I could call back within 30 days and they would honor the offer they made me, but now they're not honoring that offer and telling me I declined it. I'm tired of getting the run-around from them and transferred to 3 departments and each rep puts me on "a brief hold to research my account" then transfers me to a supervisor. I don't want a phone with inferior technology or less features than the phone I already have. I want a phone that I actually want, not a refurbished pile of junk that will break or was never "fixed" in the first place. I left Verizon because of what I thought, at the time was bad customer service, but had no idea how much worse Sprint was going to be. I've had nothing, but problems with Sprint from the beginning ranging from absolute incompetence to rudeness to the loss of a tower in my area of town to the repeated inconvenient trips to their stores and phone calls to tech support. All I want is the same thing they offer anyone else which is the choice of a decent phone. That's what I paid for and that's what I deserve. I'll pay the difference between the new phone and Palm Pre, that's not even an issue. Why doesn't anyone at Sprint want to help me?

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My phone company is Sprint. I have the Blackberry/Nextel.This is the 3rd phone I've had.Last week i had to order another phone because the one I've have does not work properly!This phone loses calls, speaker turns on when it feels like it, internet has to be refreshed every other day.Call waiting does not work.Busy signal starts while I'm on the phone, so i lose calls.Cannot send videos.Two radio works when it feels like it.I paid $500.00 for this phone!

Last week I ordered another Blackberry. Sprint sent it to another address thats no where near mine? i ordered my fiance one and it was here the next day, I don't understand? I've been a valued consumer for 2 years now! I guess that does not make any difference to them!

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How to make sprint wireless work

I have to share this TRUE story about Sprint. I bought one of the wireless Sprint air cards to use at my office. I live in rural Louisiana and it is the only option out here - unless I want to deal with Hughesnet and giant dishes on my house. In the 6 months that I have had this - my staff have spent at LEAST 20 hours on the phone with Sprint getting the most stupid, idiotic, ###ic advice in how to "fix" whatever issue is with Sprint and it's tempormental "today I will work" - "but tomorrow I won't" mood. We are now on our THIRD air card - the first was outdated, the second was flawed, and the third one - was supposed to work. Of course this was after LONG conversations with customer service who either tranfer - or hang up. I tried to cancel the contract and was told I was not allowed to do that. SOOOO, using our own ingenuity, we plugged in the ONE FOOT only ups cord so we can clip the card elsewhere to get better reception.

And there was only one place where it would reach - yep, my trash can! And since we have hooked it up to the side of our office TRASH CAN - the thing has worked better than ever before! We get more bars, faster speed - and zero glitches.

The moral - is that clearly if you treat SPRINT like the piece of garbage they are - their products will work better! For those with similar experience with SPRINT - consider hooking it up to your toilet seat! Chances are - it will fix all your SPRINT problems - because THEY CANT EVEN FIX THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT.

terrible customer service

It is a shame we have come to a day and age where third party companies can sell using branded company name...

billing errors

Poor reception from the start. Complained and were told that new towers were scheduled soon. Five years later still no new towers. We're on the fringe of their coverage area. Incoming calls would go directly to voice mail and not even cause the phone to ring. Even worse the call did not show up on "missed calls" for a day or two. Several times up to a week later. I know this because of the time/date stamp on the call. At first I thought it was error on the part of my elderly father, dialing error or something. When I did not return his call he would contact me on the land line to find out why. I checked the phone and nothing until seven days later. Sure enough, there was his call when he said he'd called. After years of complaining about the poor coverage they sent an Air Wave antennae. This helped a little by reducing the direct to voice mail with incoming calls and notification of missed calls. To their credit there was no charge for the $99.00 antenna or monthly fee for the first two years ONLY. They now tack on an extra $5.00 a month fee to continue receiving service that other Sprint customers don't have to pay for. During one of my numerous complaint calls ( recorded for quality assurance) their customer service representative sent a second Air Wave antennae and a charge of $99.00. When the box showed up in the mail I got an irate call from my wife "What did I order now ?" Since I hadn't ordered anything I told her to open it and tell me what it was. She did. I said we already had had one for over a year. I's call and get it straightened out. HA! You guessed it. The cust serv rep said their notes indicated I had ordered one. I told him we already had had one for over as year. He said there was nothing he could do about it since I had ordered it. At this time I did not know we had been charged $99.00 for it since the first one was free. When the charge showed up things hit the fan again. I called to get a return authorization number, , , nada. Took the antennae to the local Sprint store. They tried but ended up not being able to accept it. I called Sprint again. This time was told it was past the thirty day return period. Asked for and got a supervisor. Told him the whole story. He checked things out and got right back to me and said their policy was ONLY one antennae per household so he didn't know how we could have received a second unit even if I had ordered it (which I hadn't). It's too late to make a long story short. I still have their antennae and they still have my $99.00 (accruing interest I hope) another HA!

sprint stole my money!!!

Ordered two cell phones from They never sent them, but kept my money!!! I have tried for two...

misleading sales reps/cust service

I ported my husband’s phone number from Verizon to save money with my account on a family plan with Sprint. I was told at the Sprint store that he needed a new Blackberry to be compatible with Sprint’s network, but that we would receive a rebate on the phone making it free. We turned in the paperwork and received a notice over 30 days later that we were NOT eligible for the rebate. I called to cancel the line with SPrint to return to Verizon, only to be told that it was past the 30 day time frame and that I was now locked in with Sprint and out the money for the Blackberry. In the meantime the internet on my phone stopped working, and after being promised a replacement phone that never came, I called Sprint customer service only to be told that there was no record of any such replacement phone being issued. Customer Service and the store Sales Reps told me repeated lies and now I am stuck with a phone that doesn’t work and a two year contract. Beware of any product or service from Sprint

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    thejaneoftrades Sep 23, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Get off the phone with your complaints and go into the store while they are busy, and make a fuss. State that there's another phone company thats offering a better deal with the same phone, and even if you break contract, you would still be saving money. Tell them, all you want is the promise you were given. Ask them to give you a warrenty replacement, and the rebate. And if they refuse, go to cricket. They've got great deals with blackberrys. I'm leaving Verizon for cricket

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sprint's insurance scam

How to protect yourself from Sprint's insurance scam

When you upgrade your phone with Sprint, do not accept $20 in exchange for your old phone­. This is a ploy so that you have to buy insurance, which actually gives you very little for your money.

Insurance is not a bad thing if it actually covers you, but with Sprint's insurance, for $7 per month, if you lose your phone or it breaks and you need a new one, you'll still have to pay a $100 deductible for a smartphone or $50 deductible for a regular phone. I paid $150 for my smartphone when i first purchased it with Sprint, but with Sprint's insurance I'd have to pay two thirds of that value for a replacement! So what's my $7 a month for then?!

To add further insult, the ‘new’ phone will not even be new, but a refurbished old phone, probably broken by some previous Sprint customer sucker.

However if you've kept your old phone, you can simply get them to reactivate that. It means you need no insurance and you need never pay for a new phone until you become eligible for your next upgrade, whereupon you will be sold a brand new phone at a substantially reduced price.

Perhaps, if, after several years, you find that you have accumulated old phones, then why not give Sprint your oldest, crappiest phone for the $20 and teach them a lesson about being suckered. Whatever you do though, always keep the phone from which you have just upgraded, as that old phone is now your insurance.

The tracker ball on my husband’s Blackberry stopped working, Sprint refused to fix it, made him buy a new phone and then gave him $20 in exchange for his 'unfixable' old phone. Suckered !!!

sprint's insurance scam

  • Wh
    Why are you so stupid Sep 21, 2010

    Ok... first of all " if you lose your phone or it breaks and you need a new one, you'll still have to pay a $100 deductible for a smartphone or $50 deductible for a regular phone." ... When you have car insurance and you file a claim... there is usually a deductable.. not to mention, you were told up front that these deductables would be applied of you filed a claim.

    Second .. " So what's my $7 a month for then?! " consider if you will... without the insurance, you have 1 of 3 choices... 1. don't have a phone.. 2. upgrade to a new phone (if you are available) or 3. Pay RETAIL for a new phone... lets see... pay the deductable (just like car insurance) or pay anywhere upwards of $500 retail for a replacement... I think the $7 and deductable versus retail makes better sense.. don't you agree?

    Third ... " then gave him $20 in exchange for his 'unfixable' old phone. Suckered !!! " ... Suckered?? NO... Shut you up... YES

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  • Be
    Bea77 Sep 21, 2010

    Dear Why are you so stupid
    You might have money to burn and are welcome to waste it on Sprint 'insurance, ' but i'm following this good advice and using my old phone as my insurance !!!

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  • Am
    ambiekay1987 Mar 30, 2011

    you may have paid $150 for the phone during an upgrade but full price is alot more then that for example right know the evo is $499.99 ... if you use upgrade its $199.99 so you lose your phone and you arent eligible for upgrade hmmm $100 or $500? Thats cool if you want to use your old phone as insurance but make sense and be rational when you try and know down the insurance lol because really your wrong..

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  • Pa
    Parise Mar 30, 2011

    Ambiekay, do you believe everything you're told?! Trust me when i tell you that the phones neither cost nor are worth $499.99. They're ten to the dozen and the whole thing is a scam. In England, where i come from, every upgrade is a free phone and your insurance also gives you a free phone when yours is lost, stolen or damaged. The problem is this stupid country called America, full of opportunists who constantly try to scam one another. This isnt a free market, it's a dishonest market!

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  • Al
    Alvin375 Jun 27, 2011

    Most all Insurance Companies have deductibles, Lets see $7.00X12mos=84.00+100.00 deductible = $184.00 if lost, stolen or damaged in a year vs $500.00 or crappy old phone (the reason I renewed my two year contract in the first place) oh man, now I'm stuck with my old phone and have to wait one more year before I can get a new one at a discounted rate. hmmmm I'd rather pay Insurance for my stupidity, misfortune or bad luck.

    "Parise" we don't poke fun at your Country "England" so don't poke fun at ours "USA" if you don't like it here then LEAVE and go back to "England" YA WANKA and It's not the Companies that are dishonest its some people that take advantage of our Insurance system and defraud them. We all must pay for the very few that are dishonest. USA is #1, why do you think there are so many foreigners here???????? CAUSE YOU LOVE US!!!

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    dblmeat Aug 30, 2012
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    Verified customer

    All insurance is a scam ...they are in business to collect as much as they can and pay out as little as possible. The difference between the two is their proffit margin. They will keep pushing in that direction until consumers will no longer pay for it. All insurance companies have started this deductable b.s. because they no longer have faith the product they are covering will not fail. My advise is to buy quality merchendise and protect it youself and stop giving money to blood sucking insurance companies.

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wrongfully charged and disconnected

We received service from Sprint for two cell phones for myself and my husband. Everymonth our bill is way over what we were told we would be billed. We made sure we were not going over minutes or using any services not in our contract. With them they are billing us in advance and would turn off our service with it being a few days late of the due date. They charged over 100.00 in internet charges on my husbands phone when he was not even able to go onto the internet. They are one of the most expensive cell phone services out there and we didn't even get service where we moved to but they told us we would get charged a fee for cancellation. So we have a contract for phones we cannot necessarily use.

sprint store / redlands store ca.

I bought two sprint phones The Moment. I have had continued problems with these phones and i only had the phones for three months. While my attempt to file a complaint I discovered from one of the sales rep. that the Sprint Redlands phone took it upon themselves to order a new phone in my name without my knowledge and never contacted me concerning the phone. Their response when asked was they ordered it just in case i might need a phone and denys having an employee named Ramon Ramos, whom UPS has listed on the tracking sheet, that signed for the alledge phone. The sup. from Redlands had no answer when asked why didn't anyone from the store contact me once the phone arrived at the store. The response was the same "just in case " This sounded too fishy to me so i called Sprint cus. ser. back spoke to a sup. and now they are trying to investigate this matter! I need to go further with this matter! The store keeps a stock of these phones why order one IN MY NAME! I Plan to sue these people in REDLANDS for this FRAUDULENT ACT. ...


When I signed a contract with Sprint last September I signed up for the everything messaging family but almost immediately switched to the everything data family since I wanted the GPS feature only available with the data plan. Several months later I realized it was a waste of money having the data plan since I had purchased a GPS device and therefore was not using the data. I then switched back to the original plan I had signed up with; this plan was supposed to include unlimited picture messages, however Sprint soon contacted me to tell me that I had incurred data charges due to the picture messages. My problem is this; I now can not send or receive picture messages (which according to my plan is supposed to be included, ) without paying extra for data. I would have never signed the contract with Sprint had I known that unlimited picture messaging did not include unlimited picture messaging. I don't see why when I express my feelings to them that I should be held to a contract when according to my plan when the features of my plan that they advertise are not included.

worse customer service ever

If I can warn anyone, please do not deal with sprint. They don't care anything about customer retention, or customer service for that matter. They are extremely rude from the ceo's office, mr. Hesse, on down. I have never ever been treated so poorly by any company. They truly do not care for their customers.

For a company that is losing customers left and right, it really surprises me that they feel the need to be so rude and unhelpful with their customers that have been with them for several years.

This is the first issue I have had. I was talked down to by their agent, the supervisor I spoke with name leon was extremely rude and condescending and when I asked for his manager name or the name of the ceo he refused to provide this information.

After spending time searching for the executive offices info, I emailed them. I was finally contacted by executive analyst, terrence morgan, who was just as rude, condescending, and unhelpful as the first rep I spoke with. I am going on 4 of the same phone in 5 months and sprint still feels it is not an issue and refused to let me get into another phone unless I paid the full $400-500. They are the one selling low quality merchandise, but the consumer pays for it. I haven't had service while trying to get this resolved, I have an serious terminal illness and do require to have a phone, but to sprint that just doesn't matter. They do not care for their customers. If something does happen and my condition worsens, you can bet I will be contacting sprint services if I am not able to get emergency help becuase they have given me a low quality product. But, I have come to figure sprint=low quality all around from their customer service to their products. I am completely disturbed by how I was handled by this company and highly recommend people stay away from them. I was a good customer from them, and that still was not good enough. Don't even waste your time with them, because unless they selling you something... You are worthless to them. You purchased their warranties, etc... But, that is useless. When you need them, they won"t be there. And, mr. Hesse... Shame on you for allowing this company to be run like this. Your executive offices are answering on your behalf and are doing your a very poor injustice. You are losing respect by the second.

  • Al
    Alisaundra Jun 13, 2012

    I totally agree with you and 1 in a 100000 you might get one rep who actually cares and try's to help but then they can't do anymore so they have to transfer you to someone else who can do more and the next person will tell you the rep before them lied and can't help. Also I speak English I am sorry I don't know any other language but when the rep can barley speak English and you have to keep asking them to repeat themselves they get mad at you (like really your dealing with Americans it's not my fault you don't speak better English) so the Reps hang up on you, I was at a Sprint store talking to a manager and I had a supervisor call my phone and cuss me out while he was on speaker phone when I asked for his name and id # he told me they weren't allowed to give that info out, then had another supervisor call while I was at the sprint store still in front of the manager told the manager to wave our early termination fee so we could go to at&t. Now they are trying to make us pay for something we don't have. I have called them over 7 times in the past 3 days tonight alone I was on the phone over an hour and guess what yep gotta call back tomorrow. If I have to call sprint it is the last thing I will do because know it will take awhile because I will be on hold (no matter how nice you talk) you will get hung up on tonight heck they did it tonight to one of their reps. We have been loyal customers with sprint for 6 yrs. Boy we are stupid.

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rebate scam

i purchased a phone with a 100.00 rebate i was told that i had 30 days to send it in but my reciept sais the promotions end in less than 14 days i send the forms and was never sent the rebate and sprint has done nothing to rectify the situation. also the phone i needed was nextel phone but it was on backorder so i had to buy a sprint phone and was told the nextel phone would be available before the 30 day period to trade or return the phone was up. it was not and when the phone was available i was asked to spend another 300.00 on the phone i needed that was backordered. i was forced to switch services and ignored when asked to have the problem rectified.

  • Gu
    Guss Dec 08, 2008

    I have call on november 24 '08, 5 times. any time that I rich the rebate department I have been disconected with no answer. I have lost more than an hour. Its regular proceduresfrom sprint to act in that way.So dont pay what they owe to the costumer.They should be prosecuted, so they start developing a correct way to handle bussines

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  • Me
    meprettyugly Apr 07, 2010

    OMG, I have the exact same problem. I sent everything they required for the rebate and it kept on telling me that I did not provide enough info such as the phone model number, which I found that there isn't any place asking for it on the rebate form.

    I've been trying to call the rebate company and every attemp I made, they tried to put me on hold and then eventually my phone got disconnected right at about 3 to 5 minutes. I have been trying to call them back for at least five times. I even explain the situation the customer service asking them to call me back if the phone got disc again, but they said that they are not allowed to. Is this a SCAM or what?

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  • Ni
    Nils B. Apr 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I bought the HTC Touch phone on April 1st 2008, in the Virgin Mega Store (6801 Hollywood Blvd #105, Hollywood CA 90028) for a total of $270.61 (including tax), with a promised rebate of $100, that was supposed to be received after sending in a 'rebate form' that they were going to send me in the mail within 3 months. Thus getting the price down to roughly $170.

    Apart from a bunch of other problems which I won't bother officially complaining about (no reception anywhere in or a 1 mile radius around my house, a broken card reader slot and AC adapter that both didn't fall under the $7 a month insurance), I obviously never received the rebate form within the promised 3 months.
    I went back to the store 4 times to talk to the sales representatives that had sold me the phone to ask what was wrong, and they advised me to wait another 3 months, twice.
    The 5th time I decided to go back, Sprint had parted ways with Virgin, so they were nowhere to be found. By then I had been waiting 9 months.

    I then visited the next nearest Sprint store (364 South La Cienega Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA90048) who, after approximately 30 minutes waiting, could not help me and advised me to contact customer service over the phone.

    The reason I had not done this yet was because of my bad experiences with customer service regarding my other complaints.
    After numerous phone calls, mainly consisting of being reconnected to 'unauthorized' personnel, spending hours waiting, only to find your call being dropped eventually. Having a phone that does not work in your own house/neighborhood obviously did not help.

    In September 2008 I eventually managed to get through to a 'supervisor' named 'Jay' (all the customer service personnel have neither last names nor employee numbers), he promised me to fix everything for me, I obviously felt very relieved and trusted him.
    I was supposed to fax him my sales receipt together with my mailing address under attention of 'Jay' along with promotion code 05/97140 to fax number 1866 9641216 and could expect my rebate within 3 months.
    I'm not in possession of a fax machine, neither do I have access to one, but 'Jay' helpfuly advised me to go to the Sprint store, because they could fax it for me.
    I did that the same day, at another Sprint store location this time, naively hoping I would be able to avoid the 30 minute wait time. Needless to say I never heard from 'Jay' again.
    By this time I had moved to another part of hollywood, but I made sure Sprint got notice of this, and 'Jay' was also aware of this. Also I made sure an extended USPS mail forwarding service was set up.

    Another 3 months later I was back at where I once was, calling customer service for hours on end. And also contacting them through the website, explaining my situation. This usually led to them telling me this was an issue that needed to be resolved over the phone, providing me with the same phone number I had been calling all allong.

    After a while I finally got through to another 'supervisor' named 'Nathan' through e-mail. He promised me to solve the issue, just like 'Jay' once had. I now had to send in the same stuff (receipt/address/promocode) via regular mail, and I could expect my 'status' to be updated within 3 weeks, and a rebate in the mail within 3 months. This obviously did not happen, but since our contact was through e-mail, I was able to contact him again, and he then advised me to scan all the info and send it to him in an e-mail (I had suggested this method from the very start since this is the only way to know for sure that nothing got lost in the process).

    'Nathan' confirmed he had received my info and also promised and expedited process of only 3 weeks (or 15 business days as he called it). This was 02-22-2010, 3 weeks from that date would have been 03-09-2010

    For a change my 'status' on did turn into a 'green' bar showing I should receive my check in the mail on or before 03-28-2010. Obviously nothing happened. I contacted 'Nathan' a couple of times more, we got to the point where I had to send them my address (for verification) through e-mail, and then they would cancel the original check and issue a new one. After verifying my address twice 3 days ago (I got the same e-mail twice) I haven't heard anything yet, but I strongly doubt miracles will happen. They can play this game for as long as they feel like it.

    Basically I have been actively pursuing my rebate for a measly $100 for 2 years now, my contract with Sprint could have ended this month, but I figured I would wait with dropping my service until after I got the rebate. So far it has cost me approximately 40 hours of my time, not mentioning gas money/stamps/etc. I live here on a F1 Student Visa that will come to an end soon, so my time here is extremely precious (let alone expensive). By now this is obviously more a matter of principle than money, since it cost me way more than the $100 I will be getting, someday.

    Complaints have been filed with the following:
    California Attorney General

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  • Ni
    Nils B. Apr 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Shortly after submitting my complaint to the BBB I was contacted multiple times by Ms. Vanessa Brown from Sprint Executive & Regulatory Services and the matter got resolved surprisingly quick.
    My check arrived in the mail on 04-24-2010.

    I thank the BBB for putting pressure on the case which finally caused Sprint to seriously review my case.

    Nevertheless I still think that a company that make their customers fight for what's legally theirs doesn't deserve my business, so I have moved to another cell phone provider.

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  • Jo
    Joseph A. Haisan Jr Apr 13, 2011

    I have the same problem. I have been waiting since Jan. 15 for my $300 rebate

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I needed mobile internet and heard about The Overdrive from Sprint. I was told in the Sprint Store by a rep and a manager that for 59.99 I had unlimited data. I explained to them that I am an outside sales rep and would need to use this around the city. They said it should work great and I have 30 day trial period. I can bring it back for any reason no problems! Well While on a business call my phone shuts off. After borrowing a co-workers phone to conduct business. I called the next day from the Sprint store to the 800 customer service line to learn that I was over my "spending limit." I was sent to a rude woman in the finance who said I must pay $400 to get phone back on due to overages in data charges from the new Overdrive I was trying out...I flipped out and was sent to Customer Service. They explained that it was not unlimited and capped at 5gb. I could not believe something that is being sold as a wi-fi hotspot to share with others has a cap at 5gb for the month!!! I informed them I was lied to at the store if this was the case and should not be held to cover those overage charges. He said just return it and I did just that.

At the store I was told the true story...only on 4g is it unlimited and it is not for anything else 3g has the cap and there are many 3g area all over the city!!!...I now have to wait for my bill to close to request over a $500 credit to my account as they will not honor it ahead of time. I spent over an hour on the phone.I was lied to in the store and the policy of of not fully informing the customer is a way of making the sale. Waste of my time and now the search continues for a real mobile internet solution.

  • Or
    Orisons Jul 09, 2010

    Actually when I got my overdrive the contract I signed quite clearly stated there was a cap on 3G while 4g was unlimited and you can at anytime see your usage of 3G. While I do not condone in any way sales misrepresentation or flat out lying and I hate sneaky "mouse print" tactics used by many mobile telephone companies "sprint included". I don't think this was the case here. I will put this down to "I couldn't be bothered reading I just want to share my new Internet with everyone and look cool..." because 5gb in a month is a lot

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  • Ol
    Oliver Day Feb 05, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    5GB is not very much if you plan to use it for services like Netflix or Hulu. I am in a fight with Sprint right now because despite attempts to make my device avoid the 3G network it kept reverting the settings to 4G preferred. 4G preferred means it will fill in "4g outages" with 3G packets but won't ever display 3G on the interface. This resulted in a $500 bill. Not only is this dishonest but it is bordering on fraud.

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  • Ji
    Jiri Jun 08, 2012

    267 $ for one month of service, service so bed it was damaging my business and my health, is this not a fraud?

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family plan contract

family plan trap
I have been a Sprint customer for a little over 2 years and this is my last dealing of any kind with Sprint. My family plan consisted of 4 phones initially with a 5th added about a year ago. I had one or their top of the line pda phones at the time (Mogul) along with a couple of keyboard phones (rumor, music) and a flip phone with the fifth phone being another keyboard phone. On my Mogul and one of the keyboard phones I had a data pack added to the family plan. The problem came when my Mogul phone got too old and started acting up, especially software lockups typical of Windows phones. I even got stranded out of town with no way to lookup contacts, could only dial calls. So I inquired about upgrading which i was eligible to do since I had the phone over 2 years. But I was told no by Sprint because they have restricted their top of the line phones from being activated on my type of plan (data pack). My options were to pay to downgrade my phone, pay a large amount to get another windows phone (touch pro2) and keep dealing with the ever increasing lockup problems or switch to a much more expensive family plan. I didn't like any of those options so I ended up with almost $400 in early termination fees and went with Verizon. So my advice is don't get trapped into one of those Sprint family plans, every time you get a broken phone fixed or have to upgrade somthing you get locked in for another 2 years and Sprint gets to change whatever rules they want.

what can I do to be released out of contract

I've been searching all over the internet for an honest answer on how to legitimately break out of a contract with Sprint but I haven't found anything. I didn't even know about the 40 cent increase that many others used.

I left U.S Cellular last July (very big in the upper Midwest areas) and made my first mistake by going to Virgin's pay as you go program. Wow, I thought it was the worst customer service (porting took forever), reception was literally non-existent in my area (10 miles from a big city) and the phone (Xtacy?) was the biggest piece of garbage I've ever had to my ear. I managed to get a full refund on the phone because I canceled it in less than a month. It was that bad of an experience. Then Sprint happened...

First of all, I only left U.S Cellular due to the high plan cost (had been there over 10 years) once I added unlimited text (it's all anyone seems to do now). My brother and his wife had Sprint (not anymore after this past January because they got booted out of their $39.99 unlimited everything plan Sprint had offered 2 years ago--they now are with AT&T and have no complaints yet) so I got the "secret store" code and got a free phone (Samsung Rant--biggest piece of glitching garbage I've ever had) and a good plan with 500 anytime minutes and unlimited texts, pic texts and video mail.

From the start, the number took forever to port. Once the phone was ready for usage, I was wondering why I was only getting other Sprint users texts after 2 days (only my brother and his wife had them) so right off the bat, I had to call their customer service (8-09). All I can say is, it's been a total nightmarish experience since I first turned on the phone. So I get a hold of a CSR and she was nasty from the start. She said it's not us (Sprint) yes, heard that one before, folks. I said she is wrong and I would like a manager. So I get a supervisor and I tell them I've lost money already (job locations and times auto text to where my employment was) and she said they'd write a ticket (checking the network technology). Well, after waiting over 2 stinkin' weeks, they finally call me back (the supposed best of the best) and asked if I was now getting everyone's texts. I said NO! They will check into it more. They call 2 days later and say "Try now." I sent one from my fiance's phone and it finally worked. Roughly 3 weeks after!!! I was so furious but I remained calm and professional.

It gets worse ladies and gents! Bill after bill was wrong, with supposed data usages too!!! I have called these bozos over 10 times in less than 6 months for crying out loud! They promised me that they would have my complaints and issues sent to a think tank (what a line of bull#$*#) and they would email me right away. Did anyone ever email me? NO. Did the promises of a callback a week later ever happen? NO. I don't enjoy having to call them at all, let alone on a Saturday morning when my bill was sent and had $37 extra dollars on it for net usage that I don't use!!!

Now the junky phone problems. One broke in January already (internal screen crack and it wasn't caused by a blow). That first phone glitched so much, I took it to a tech location and they did something (they couldn't tell me what) and it was still glitching until it finally broke internally. Second phone has been no better by a mile. Pepper in the constant billing errors to the month and this current phone now shutting itself off seemingly every ten hours (causing issues with work again) and I can absolutely take NO MORE.

Am I beating a dead horse or do I have a legitimate gripe with these unprofessional clowns? This is by far the worst service ever!! I even went on and posted a review. A bad one but while maintaining a professional demeanor.

P.S--I have been there a full year August first 2010.
HELP!!! (Yes, I'm a noob!)

cell phone billing

More than a year after spending $300 for a wireless dongle and agreeing to pay $60 per month, I lost the dongle. After searching in vain for six weeks, and of course not using the device, I called Sprint and reported thee dongle lost or stolen. Sprint told me that they would list the device as lost or stolen and block it's usage. I was told that the only way I could close my account was to pay the bill including early termination fees in full. And so even though I had not used the device at all in six weeks, I did pay my bill in full for $168.34. Then, the following month, I got another bill from Sprint for an additional $120. When I called Sprint to ask about this bill, I was told that even though the device was reported lost or stolen and blocked from usage, Sprint charged me for another month of usage, plus other fees that I had been previously told were paid in full. When I replied that it made no sense that I was being billed an additional month for a device that was blocked, Sprint said that they would get a supervisor on the phone. I held on the line for and hour and twenty minutes until the battery went dead on my phone. I called another time to resolve the issue, but was left on hold for 40 minutes that time.

I realized that not only was Sprint intentionally charging for services that were not delivered, but they were intentionally avoiding all attempts to get a resolution to this matter. For all I know Sprint is going to try to bill me again next month for another month that the device was blocked. Sprint did tell me that if I don't pay the bill, they will send it to collections and ruin my credit. I pay my bills. But, out of principle I'm going to fight this one. $120 is not a lot of money, but if Sprint rips off a million people for $120 that is a lot of money.

I have filed a complaint with the FCC. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I have filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney Generals Office. I have mailed two certified letters to Sprint (with no response). The terms of the contract state that I have given up my right to civil litigation, and must submit to binding arbitration. I have requested binding arbitration from Sprint, with no response. I have contacted two local television stations (ABC 15 Investigates, and 3 On Your Side) and hope to get an on screen interview with both. I am now in the process of posting my story on 30 different complaint forums like this one.

Sprint does this because they know that these corporate practices will be profitable to varying degrees in 99.99% of the cases. Unfortunately for Sprint, I am that 1 in 10, 000.

  • Kike Tovar May 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, the worst company in customer service, unfortunately I still have SPRINT.

    Enrique Tovar

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  • Nu
    nuttz May 17, 2010

    Go get them tiger!!! I am on the same page. last november sprint salesman offered me their promotion of 100 credit for every line switched to sprint and a 22% discount. six months later 5 phone calls to salesmen, three calls to sprint customer service later!!!saleman is on it no problem i got it fixed next bill no change. customer service says no programs ever existed for 100 credit and i have to give them the "code" for the discount. i reply I'm a smart guy but how in the hell am i supposed to know the code for discount. sprint replies if you don't know the code no dicount. so at this point nothing has been resolved. i too have filed a complaint with the fcc, have givin my salesman 7 days to make this right or next step local police for phone scam and false advertising, local news and newspaper, attorney general, bbb and local legislators. you pick

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  • It
    ItsMichaelNotMike May 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I quit Sprint in 2004 because of the way it treated me. Been with T-Mobile since then. Now I am upset at T-Mobile's customer service degrading over the past two years so I was considering switching.

    I contacted Sprint and to get me to go back to them they offered a sweet deal ($1000 worth of phones, 2 Evo phones) and a great plan rate. I took to heart the CEO apologizing on those TV commercials and pre ordered the phones (the Evo debuts in about 2 weeks) and service.

    But today I decided to do more checking on Sprint, to see if they truly have changed the way they operate. In other words, I was checking to see if the CEO on TV really meant what he said.

    Based on the complaints herein and on other websites I contacted Sprint and canceled the order (since no phones have been sent there was no personal information provided to them other than name and phone number. So I know the order has been canceled.)

    Thanks for taking the time to post this. You saved me a lot of misery by my not going back to Sprint. Maybe I will look at Verizon.

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  • It
    ItsMichaelNotMike May 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tovar... a "dongle" is a device the size of a sugar wafer cookie. On one end is a male USB connector.

    The device is used to plug into computers (via a USB port) and it gives the computer a wireless net connection. It's an alternative to using one's cell phone as a modem or when on the road, for example, having to use a hotel's expensive net connection. You also don't have to use WiFi since the dongle provides the signal and connection.

    If one has a dongle he or she can also use it when in coffee shops, in a car or wherever. The net connection is provided via the carrier's cell phone signal.

    You can look around at Starbucks or airports for people using their computers and the Net. Look closely (without getting arrested) and see if the user has a dongle connected to a USB port.

    Carriers like Sprint treat dongles the same as cell phone service. One has to pay a monthly bill and if you got the dongle at a steep discount, one can be bound to a long term (2 year) contract. If you pay full retail a USB dongle might cost $300 to $500 depending on the carrier and connection speed capability of the dongle.

    This person is getting scammed because Sprint is charging him for using the dongle even though he has not been and Sprint even put it on the stolen/missing list. It would be the same as Sprint charging you for monthly cell phone service even thought you have not used the phone for two months due to the phone being lost or stolen.

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