Speedway / speedway location coal grove, ohio 45638. amanda jenkins/ jiles cashier at this location

United States

My name is Jennifer Christian, phone number [protected]... I work mid night shift at a local nursing home in Ironton Ohio I have been a regular at this speedway for years. This speedway location is 4/5 minutes from my work. I always come to this speedway during my 30 minute break to get everyone in our facility coffee snacks ect. Gas or whatever I need . Back December of last year your employee Amanda Jenkins while working, in uniform behind the counter verbally attacked me regarding child support, she is married to my daughter's father. She cussed me calling me a [censored]ing [censored] multiple times, telling me she was going to take me to court & take my daughter from me, I tired my best not to react as there was a store full of customers she screamed at me to get the [censored] out of her store & never come back. I got in my car & a police officer pulled up said a customer called regarding my safety . A police report was made & a copy was given to the general and district managers, I also requested the video from that evening be looked at. the district manager explained to me that he was sorry Amanda wasn't on the clock so their was nothing he could do about her actions I find this hard to believe & so does my lawyer. Now here it is June 7 months later I stop into speedway on my 30 minute break as I do every night I work I did not realize Amanda was working, as im pouring 4 cups of coffee & getting ready to fill up my gas tank she starts yelling at me with a customer at the counter & another customer right beside me she continues to yell I do not have to [censored]ing wait on you! You are not allowed in this store while I am working I looked at her and told her I'm on my 30 minute break i don't have time for her drama I just need my coffee & gas she then picks up the phone & calls the police & explains to them that I am not allowed in speedway witch is not true I go in there every night as the cop on duty knows I do as he sees me in there nightly. Neither of your managers have ever told me not to come in the store as I am a paying customer, that was not in the wrong she has attacked me now twice . I have contacted my lawyer for further action I do not understand why your corporation allows your employee to act like this, the district manager told me if I contacted corporate regarding the last incident that you would tell me the same, she was off the clock. I find it hard to believe. why was she in uniform behind the counter if she was off the clock I also find it very concerning nothing was done & she has continued her actions even if she was off the clock she was in uniform representing your brand, she also uses her job as a platform she thinks in her head that's her store . She gossips about my 10 year old daughter & my family multiple guests there have came back to me regarding all of her gossip as well as her smoking a vape while behind the counter with smoke clouds rolling through out the store. She is trashy to say the least & why your company allows an employee to represent her self & your brand in this way is unbelievable just down right unprofessional & disrespectful. As a paying customer doing no wrong I have been verbally attacked & thrown out of your store on two different occasions with the police being contacted by a customer the 1 St time that believed I was in danger, & the second time by your employee Amanda Jenkins . While doing nothing but getting coffee & gas I was no threat, I have never engaged in her behavior I have ignored it, I have NEVER been told to not come in the store matter of fact I was told the opposite that ur management did not want to lose my business . All of this is on your video surveillance I am beside myself regarding her actions & how they are supported by you. I was directed to contact this corporate office, for further action.

Jun 12, 2019

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