Speedwaypoorly run store


My complaint spans over the past couple of months, as new employees, including management have come to this store.
Your location at 34750 Woodward Avenue in Birmingham, MI has rapidly declined in customer service and general inattentiveness within the store. I will put in bullet points as it can go on forever.

1. 12 coffee pots - 5 with water and burners turned off/ 7 with not enough coffee to pour a full cup. (Common occurrence). I've had to ask more times than I care to, to make more coffee.

2. Longer lines than ever due to lack of open registers or slow moving employees. One of your female managers was outside smoking more than inside working.

3. Liquid creamer often out. (I shouldn't be the one bringing it to their attention as often as I seem to have to.)

4. Employees not familiar with products, promotions nor seem to care to find the information for the customer. (Manager said he didn't know and to call the toll-free number.)

5. Must ask for rewards slips almost every time.

6. Staff seems complacent; clearly showing no enthusiasm for the job.

I frequent this store 1 - 3 times daily, as I work across the street. Once your manager left a year ago, there has been such over-turn in employees. I'm not sure if its lack of training (shame on the company) or just hiring people to get bodies in. In any case, neither seems to be working. Two of your best employees left (I only wish I could recall their names), and Alex, the best employee still there, is out with an injury as I understand it, and it has been declining ever since.

I understand that is it a job at a convenience store/gas station. While I am not minimizing the relevance of your company, I realize your employees are probably not there to make a career out of this business. But, as with ANY job, there should be a certain level of ability, attentiveness, and common sense in a customer service based store.

For the record, I'm not an uptight wealthy Birmingham resident. I only work in the area. I don't expect more than what is the basic level of customer service and attentiveness to a moderate level for your customers.

I realize I have a choice where I spend my money. I continue to patronize this location due to its close proximity to my work. Otherwise, I might be inclined to go elsewhere.

I trust you will look in to the problems of this location (I can't imagine you haven't heard other complaints lately).

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