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I stopped at Speedway on 251 East Main Street Franklin Massachusetts to buy cigarettes on my way to work it was $10.98 I had to use $0.44 of pennies the cashier refused to take my $0.44 in pennies he said they needed to be in a role I've never heard of putting $0.44 in a roll there supposed to be $0.50 in a roll I only needed 44 anyway I had a huge fight with this cashier and he sent me away without my cigarettes outside I mean a cashier has a job of counting change and I don't believe I should have been turned away the manager told me they don't usually take pennies because then they have to count them all at the end of the day it was only 44 pennies it wasn't like it was $2 in pennies I just wanted to let you know about the terrible customer service at this particular Speedway


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    Taco Grande Aug 28, 2018

    It sounds like you should have brought a couple of quarters in and there wouldn't have been drama. I know I hate counting pennies and I don't even work as a cashier. But yeah, they should have taken it. Change is change, and I would have accepted it.

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