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If I could post "0 stars" I would! He started by calling my phone multiple times a day, which lead me to...

SpeedTicketBeaters.comscam company uses threats, harassment, lies, name calling & scare tactics

Where to begin?? This joke of a company offers no service, simply a bunch of papers you can Google yourself. I was promised a refund that never materialized. I was threatened, lied to, called names and intimidated by the rude and corrupt owner. Check with the scam report and BBB and see if this is a company you want to do business with. They had hundreds of horrid reviews on Yelp and Google but managed to have the company itself removed from the sites. I am 100% sure any good reviews were left by the company itself.

Here are some emails that I received from

There's a distinct possibility you are mentally ill.

The date of the email we screenshot'd and sent you is the same date you originally signed up.

If you commence with the actions you have been taking, you are going to be sued.


This is not the first time we have sent you the refund terms. It is also not the first time we have attempted to remedy your situation either by email or phone. You have refused all attempts.

As we have explained from the beginning, you are not technically entitled to any refund at this time, under our tos. However, we have generously offered (repeatedly) to refund you nonetheless.

However, we will not be refunding you at all, unless you comply with the refund terms laid out in the email you just responded to.

A company as old as ours (since 2003), has seen every type of person, attempt to shake us down for various things, including refunds that they were not actually eligible for.

There is no way that we are allowing you to disparage us in the public domain as you have done, and then refunding you. You behave like a terrorist. We do not give in to such demands.

You are to remove all of the content we have outlined for removal, and you are to agree in writing that you continuing to post/re-post such content will make you available to legal action.

If you do not agree to do so, we cannot possibly refund, with things as you have left them now.

Remove the content if you want a refund.


Refund agreement

In order to receive the refund you have requested, please answers the following questions and complete the required steps:

1 - What was the date of your sign up for our services, and was the purchase made on the phone, or on Paypal?

2 - What is your name and mailing address?

3 - Do you understand that once we have initiated your refund, you are banned for life from using our services, making any additional refund claims against the fee you paid us (meaning you are banned from filing any charge back/dispute), posting reviews about us online, or initiating any complaints about us to any entity (including the Better Business Bureau)? (Answer YES, or there will be no refund initiated)

4 - Do you understand that if you violate any of the terms listed in item number 3 above, including by re-posting the reviews you remove from the internet (whether they are new or the original content)... We will file a civil action against you in court, and you will be liable for damages? (Answer YES, or there will be no refund initiated)

5 - You must remove from the internet all reviews and complaints you have authored about this company, before any refund will be processed. This includes content you have authored on the BBB, [redacted], Trustpilot, and Resellerratings, as well as any others not mentioned. You must completely delete every word of every complaint you have written in all locations. You must also notify each of outlets you posted in that you have resolved your issue, and do not want the negative rating your review caused our company, to remain in place as part of our companies scoring in their systems. You must send us a copy of the emails you send the outlets showing that you have requested the negative score removals.

Until you have completed 1-5 above, we cannot process the refund you are requesting.

Be advised that prior to your having posted the "reviews" you began posting, step 5 was not a requirement in these terms. So had you simply taken the phone call from our company CEO when he attempted to reach you, and/or replied to our emails in a rational manner... You would only have been required to complete steps 1-4. It is the fact that you have now set out to publicly damage this company, that has caused us to add step 5 to the process.


I have many more of these rambling and threatening emails. I received numerous disgusting phone calls until I blocked their numbers. Do your homework and beware!!!

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    I started to receive emails and texts from the website All these emails and text...

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    SpeedTicketBeaters.comrude introductory phone call

    I just requested information from this company and less than 5 minutes later, before I even had a chance to check my email, a rude, obnoxious, pushy man called me on the phone. Within seconds I knew this wasn't for me simply by the nasty way he was spewing out his tired sales pitch. I didn't say anything to him, only that I hadn't checked their email yet, and he was already "Congratulating" me for my future $1000 payment to my insurance company for not hiring him! Wow! I'm glad he went ahead and decided for me before I had to think about it and decide yes or no. And he actually hung up on me. I can't imagine anyone handing over any money to him.
    LOLOL What a joke!!

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      Speed Ticket Beaters — Unauthorized billing

      I purchased this online. I noticed there were no entries on here about it yet, because the company probably...

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