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i would like to lodge a complaint against spar thornhill, for extreme bad service I got from Rosslyn..on the 28th of october i bought sime staff for church, and lost the slip on the 5th i came to the store to ask that they do a reprint and immediately rosslyn said it was not possible, and other whiye young who was there took my details n said it is possible n would make sure i get it ..but she went on leave then when to the store found rosslyn n she told me how rude i was and how the people i was with where commenting the different colourful shoes they wear n how its not her problem that i lost my slip..after that hidious conversation she then took my details to say she would call me..but i have went to tje store several times she always has an excuse n the last time she called me my father had passed on i could nt get to the store n that week after which i went to her n explained but till this very day i still go to the but she just lools at me couldnt b bothered n i think she has convinently forgotten..i get that ots not their prblm i lost my slip but where is the customer servicr im very regular in the store i have asked for the store manager number which she declined to give i need this matter to be sorted please rosslyn cannot go on giving customer such attifude and get away with it


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    SPAR Customer Care Dec 21, 2016

    Dear Sophia, Please could you contact us on our share call line 0860313141 or email me on [email protected] so that I can get your details to take this further and investigate.
    Thank you for your support to help us improve.
    Janeen Johnston
    Customer Care Controller

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