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D Jul 14, 2019 Review updated:

I have been in Las Vegas for over 24 hours without m luggage. My sister and I flew in from Baltimore, we had one bag each and witnessed employees argue with each other in front of customers about how to handle luggage and who should tell whom what to do. Nonetheless clearly none of them should have been telling anyone what to do because the ones responsible for getting our luggage on the plane DID NOT. It is very inconvenient and inconsiderate and I am highly upset. I have had to sleep in clothes I wore on the plane, I have not been able to brush my teeth take a shower or anything. After filing a report for our missing luggage, we have been in constant contact with Southwest Airlines in regards to this matter. We were contacted last night at about 5 p.m. and told that our luggage has been located and our hotel would receive it between 6-10 p.m. why are we awake without our luggage? This is unacceptable and Southwest has definitely lost my customer service behind this. I am HIGHLY disappointed and we are here to enjoy our vacation and we have not been able to do anything because we don't have clothes to swim, sleep, to out etc. Southwest needs to refund us for our flight or a day lost on our vacation. I will be contacting higher power for something to be done.


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    Trudell Hartman Feb 08, 2020

    My largest piece of Samsonite luggage was destroyed when handled by SWA on a December 2019 flight. It was part of a set and pictures were forwarded of both the damaged piece and what it looked like before my travel. I received the luggage as part of a retirement gift and did not ask my co-workers for a receipt. The SWA dept. that dealt with this issue states the reimbursement can only be 100.00 dollars due to the fact I don't have a receipt. How is this justified??? I sent a picture of the piece which is still being sold and it gave the current list price. I realize it has been used a couple times, but depreciating it to one hundred dollars is pathetic, to say the least. The damage was so bad the SWA lost luggage counter put the claim through.

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  • Um is not an answer! Feb 08, 2020

    there was water in your suitcase? I fail to see how you could NOT do most of these things because your suitcase is missing... go to dollar tree and pick up some simple things. not that hard.

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