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Complaints & Reviews

Very bad service center for Sony Ericsson!

I was really disappointed with the Service provided by sony Authorized Service Center ( ACCEL ACADEMY, NUNGAMBAKKAM) i am fond of Sony Products ( Camcoder & camera), but recently i have purchased Sony Ericsson Mobile J230i. I hardly used 2 months & it got Display Problem ( Hearing All j230i has display issues.

So i went to Sony Authorized Service Center ( Accel, Nungambakkam). They told me we have to replace the display. I gave my mobile on 11th May. Till now ( 26th May) getting the same answer that Display is out of Stock.

I am really fed up with their response & even sony Ericsson customer care doesn't give any complaints ID also. Don't know how do we track our complaints...

I have decided not to purchase any more Sony products here after. Don't know how to bring this issue to Sony Ericsson. Better to avoid the problem (not to buy their product).

Good bye Sony Ericsson.

  • Sa
    satya Jul 21, 2008

    which sony erricson service center is best one? i have cell charging problem while charing suddenly it iwll stop charging

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  • Ra
    Ravish Aug 25, 2008

    Very bad service center for Sony Ericsson! {sakinaka andheri (e) mumabi.

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  • Da
    darshan Mar 01, 2009

    whan i repair sony ericsson phone in service centers first time than after they can, t work preparly .i have buy sony ericsson phone & within 6 month i come to service center in haldwani (uttrakhand) only update but service centers members open my phone & half hour they give my phone only 2-3 days after my phone charging ports can, t work preparly, & till today I have come service center 4 & 5 times but my phone condition is not good. my phone give many types of problam the members of service center give 10 to 12 days time to chack phone but they took more time 18 to 20 days.
    sir if you are read my massage so please take hard staps to haldwani service center in uttrkhand.
    sir if i buy onther phone so i never take your phone because your service is bad to werse.

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  • Bc
    B C Kumar Jun 05, 2009

    I am unable to get the key pad for my Sony J100i from any Sony erricson service centre. The round metallic ring on the keypad has fallen off and I am told we need to change the Keypad or the body itself? But the spares are not available with any Sony erricsson Service Centre in Trivandrum. Can any one help in getting just the Round mettallic ring on the Keypad?
    Company has washed off its hands saying that particular model is not being manufactured now
    B CV Kumar [email protected]

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  • Sw
    swati jain Jul 06, 2009

    sony ericsson's noida service centre ( neeru enterprises in sec 18) is the worst service centre i have come across . they are looting the customers with rs 350 for any small service dey provide. and the service employees der are ont only disrespectful but very rude..this type of service centre are ruinin sony ericsson s image and i was disappointed by the ignorance sony has about its service centres.

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  • Jy
    Jyo Nov 04, 2009

    i have purchased Sony Ericsson Mobile F305. I hardly used 10 months & it got Display Problem.

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  • Ro
    Robbie2708 Apr 18, 2010

    hi friends,
    Please don't purchase sony ericsson T715 having connector issue and also service is too bad, you can't rely on sony ericsson customer services, they are not genuine people

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  • Ma
    Marie Nessa May 23, 2010

    Well, I positively agree on that. I have a Sony camera which is broken due to my 3-year old son dropped it and so the warranty is void. They told me that they will replace something on the camera that would cost 6, 000. The camera costs 30, 000 already and this time, I can buy a new third-party camera with the same specs of their camera that would only cost 5, 000. Unknowingly, they will charge you for diagnosing the device without fixing it. They should have informed you in the first place that if the device’s warranty is void, they will charge you diagnostic fee. So, I insisted that I am not being informed and no written approvals that they have informed on such a thing to do and that I will not pay any amount. Good thing that they returned it. In additional to that, MyPhone are sharing the same service center of Sony here in Cagayan De Oro City. I’m not sure if that applies in all over the Philippines. My husband’s MyPhone is unable to turn on, we don’t know why. So, since it’s still in warranty, we sent it to them to be repaired. The next day, when my husband supposedly just gets the phone, they told us that its warranty is void because the area where you put in the sim card is being moist with molds and all. They will replace the area where you put the sim card costing 2, 000. So, they again asked for a diagnostic fee if you will not get it repaired from them. Why would they asked for a diagnostic fee when they don’t need to open the phone to see what’s the problem because you can barely where to put in the sim card if that was really the problem. I will do what I need to do considering that people doesn’t deceived you. I got the phone back without paying anything; I got it repaired to a trusted friend technician and guess what? It’s not on the place where you put the sim card is having a problem; there’s a piece inside the phone that was missing. Hmmm… I wonder why is that happening when Sony is the first service center opened the phone. I’m not getting this kind of service from Nokia. Even if it’s your fault that the device broke, they will still repair it if it’s still in warranty period. Sony Service Center is so disappointing.

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  • Ar
    arjun nair Jul 10, 2010

    well i am having sum serious problems with sony service centres ... i bought their phone c 905 .. within 6 days its centre navigation key stopped workin ... i gave it to d service centre on 20 june ... and till date [10 july] i havent received my phone and they are giving the same lousy excuse that the parts arent available, even though according to them its one of their latest phones ... n if u call their customer care no... everytime dey wld reply dat ur complaint is under process ... if ny of u no wat 2 do plz email me at [email protected]

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Poor service!

I bought a sony ericsson k750i in march 2007.Last week suddenly it got switched off and doesnot boot up. So i took it to the service center at nungambakkam Accel. There the person opened the set and brought a chipset kind of thing and pointed to a small pointed brown spot and told us that we have poured coffee on it. I told him we didn't do any such act and asked him how he came to such conclusion when there is a single spot and if coffee was poured it should have spread. We even pointed to him that that spot seems to be something from the handset. He said there can be no problem from the handset and he has no time to explain us and added we don't know that and all. It has liquid and i don't have time to hear your stuff. If u want your phone to be serviced hand it over or you can take that back. For that we told him we have bought the phone for nearly 10000rupees and please do consider what we are explaining. For that he replied i have even 20k phones for service. He said i will book this only under non warranty. He added that that is the last point of contact and told us to take the phone away and not waste his time. He said he will charge us and also our warranty will end if its booked under non warranty.

Then why the hell do they have authorized service center? I really feel disgraced over his behavior. No respect for the customer also he was interested in booking the phone under non warranty and charge us. The phone is only 3 months old and i am sure of no liquid or coffee pour in that for sure. Even if thats the case he should be able to justify that but he behaved so rudely.

Very unprofessional behavior i didn't expect this from sony they are known for their quality products.

  • An
    ANIRBAN MODAK Jul 29, 2007

    I am suffering from the same problem. My set is K320i and 3 months 6 days from the date of purchase it was "OFF" and could not be turned "ON". It had several problematic behaviors since one week of purchase and slowly it went down till its 'end' by 3 months 6 days. In my case I have spoken to the dealer, who sold me the set. They internally talked with Servicing Agent and trying to blame it on "Liquid Damage" and charge me for that (telling that is not covered). I am sure, my set never came in contact with liquid. So, when I requested them to justify (and show me) the "Liquid Damage", they told me to take the set back (without servicing).

    Now they are insisting me to take back the set and get it repaired from outside in my own responsibility, expenses and risk.

    I ask 2 questions:

    Without any after-sale-servicing or co-operation why these dealers make fool of customers by selling (I should say, 'pushing' instead of 'selling', as far as my case is concerned) SONY ERICSSON Mobile phone sets ?

    Is there any proper justice for the suffering customers ?

    IT IS A CUSTOMER'S RIGHT TO GET A REPLACEMENT of this type of defective set from SONY ERICSSON !

    Problems with my K320i set in a nutshell:
    During its charging, the light in the phone set used to be 'ON' and 'OFF' repetitively for an indefinite period of time. After a long time it started taking charge steadily. I noticed this first after one week from the date of purchase, because, that was the first time I put it to charge at night. Afterwards, I have noticed this almost consistently.

    During its charging, the set became heated (back side) very often.

    Sometimes the LCD screen displayed "Insert SIM Card" (although the SIM was inside only). Then I would put the set off, eject and put the SIM fresh again. After a few trials it would work. The same SIM Card works with every other cell phones absolutely OK.

    Initially the charge (after showing "Fully Charged") would exhaust in 3 days. In one month time it came down to 1 day. By June the 'full charge' got exhausted by half a day. I had to put it to charge every night.

    28/06/2007 night I put it on charge and switched it off after 'full charge'. Next morning it could not be switched 'ON'. I tried many times but it could not be switched 'ON'. That was 29/06/2007.
    While using the mobile set I could understand that it was not 'OK' and it was losing it's battery backup very fast. I thought to visit the dealer and show him the status, but I could not arrange time for that in my busy schedule. After it came to a stop (#5) I took it to the dealer on 06/07/2007.

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  • Ab
    Abhijit Lele Aug 24, 2007

    Hi Friends,

    We are sailing in the same boat. The Mumbai Service Center SALORA PATHETIC PVT. LTD. is also doing the same thing. They always say Liquid Problem. Its not a liquid problem, their phones are so designed that the joystick gets rubbed with the board and the spots occur.

    SALORA service centers are cheaters. Advice all people not to go for Sony Ericsson Phones.

    Third Class service.

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  • Sa
    Sattish Jan 12, 2008

    ACCEL is the worst SE service center in chennai, they (i went to the one near apollo hospitals) totally ruined my k800i by replacing the perfectly good keypad with some broken ones and totally denying everything..

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  • Pr
    prakash Feb 29, 2008

    sometimes when i open the camara it shows anotheraplication is running so how can I solve this problem pls

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  • Un
    unonymouz Jun 04, 2008

    Totally agree. I end up either shouting or abusing the stupid idiots!
    I went to a service center at Dadar, Mumbai for a loose connector and some dust in the display, and was told to put a fork in the headset plug to make it bigger so that it would fit perfectly and with a awfully scratched display! :-|

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  • So
    sourav mitra Jun 05, 2008

    I want to know the price of 's500i' this model.

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  • Al
    albert Jun 10, 2009

    my mobile charged after 5 hours will low battery i also changed origenal battery but not quire. (k750i) please help me i cont use my mobile. my mail id [email protected] today date (10.06.09)

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Not satisfy with service of Sony Ericsson

I have purchased K750i (IEMI: [protected]) on 14/10/06. Recently some how there was a problem with keypad in my cell & then I had given to Service Center (code: 2000998) at Valsad-Gujarat, India. They found the problem Fault code: 16HW part. Part No: 5018010215R). They had formatted all my data from my cell without any intimation to me.

The WO No: SE07-B26-0703013.

Instead of this cell they gave I used one K750i (IEMI: [protected]). But within day the software was corrupted. So I again gave to service center. The WO No: SE07-B26-0709005 dtd: 09/july/2007.

I am not satisfy with Sony Ericsson service so I request them to take any further action to rectify my problem & I hope that I will get the new K750i with sealed one.

The contact no of service center is +[protected]/259452 & my contact no is +[protected]/+[protected].

  • At
    Atul Yadav Feb 07, 2008

    I purchased K750i last year which is still in Warranty period. Problem is of weak network! Beware people!

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  • So
    Souvik Biswas May 09, 2008

    My K750 is not starting. On switching it on the initial white screen is only blinking. IMEI 35437701-746627 plese help

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  • Gr
    Gromove Jul 22, 2010

    I have logged a complaint for the Sony Ericsson K750i on 15/06/2007. The problem was joystick was not working and Service Centre people have changed the outer body of My cellphone. It was not retured to me in the same condition I gave the Cellphone to them.Now Its been over 20 days and When I am calling them, they dont have any update on my cellphone.

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Warranty and product defect

Bought a Sony Viao Laptop Model #PCG-4K1L (VGN TXN25N) for $$2,555.59 at Best Buy. After 3 months of occasional use at night to check e-mail showed vertical red and blue lines on the screen and a white streak on the top left of the the screen. Since I could not return the laptop to Best Buy because of the 14 day return policy, had spoke with the Sony Technical Support, who after describing my problem assured me that it will be fixed and covered under the terms of the one year warranty under Sony. Sent it to Sony repair who had informed me that there is physical damage in the laptop though I did not drop or in any way harm the notebook. I am being charged with $727.99 to replace the screen because as I was informed by the Sony Repair Center that I damaged my computer. I insisted that I did not in any way DROP, or harm my computer. I argued that I have several computers at home and a Dell Inspiron 8100 and up to now , I have not had it serviced. How come that with the new laptop which I only use occasionally, after 3 months I am already having this problem and that Sony could not even honor the warranty. Besides , if I dropped my computer, there would be marks or scratches either on the screen or the top. Now I am so dis satisfied at their product that I would like to just return it but if you ask Sony Support on what number to contact, they would not provide you the correct number. Have asked for the phone number to the Executive Review Committee at Sony in Fort Myers , Fla but the Sony Support would elevate the call for a simple question.

  • Ga
    Gagan Rajput Sep 15, 2007


    well those screens are so flimsy in TXN and TX series that the even brake internally if you shut the lid little bit harder, and I know sony is like that I have several computer sony vaio all of them and I had to send 5 or 6 laptop for repair and almost all of them had major problem like I sent TXN15P for repair and what it was doing it was showing picture fine then after couple minutes it would turn into dots and streaks well called sony they said needs to go in for repair send it for repair and sony told me LCD has liquid damage, DAAAAAAAAAA well I had ADP on it so I got it fixed but I know I never dropped any liquid or anything in it, same way they did to me in 2 more laptops I sent for repair and there easy way out of it laptop has liquid damage, well about your notebook the best way for you is this BUY LCD for your notebook on sony parts website it is for $325, or you can buy it on ebay for around $200 it is very easy to install, on the bottom of screen take those rubber cushions off and there is 2 screws take them off and then take the bezel off and lcd is there no scres or anything just flip the LCD over and unplug that LCD cable and plug it in new lcd and put everything back, that is it.


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  • Rj
    rjan1234 Jan 21, 2009

    Had the same problem with Sony. Check out my conversation with their support. I will not buy a Sony again because of this. After buying a new screen they would not even send the instructions on how to install it.

    LiveAssist Chat

    Status: Analyst Cory_ is here and your issue status is: working

    Problem: Do you have instructions or a link you can send on how to replace the lcd screen for a Sony VGN-TXN25N. Our CEO's laptop screen went out and we could not find the receipt even though it was less than a year ago so we had to purchase the screen from Sony.

    End Session

    user Ron Johnson has entered room

    analyst Cory_ has entered room


    Hi Ron. Welcome to Sony Online Support. I'm Cory. Please allow me a moment to review your concern.


    Thank you for waiting, Ron. I'll be happy to assist you with the replacement instructions of the LCD Screen.


    Does the Computer is under the warranty?

    Ron Johnson>

    yes but, we cannot prove it because we cannot find the receipt. This is why we bought the screen from you.


    Did you purchase the Computer from our Sonystyle?

    Ron Johnson>

    I am not going through this again. I just want a link to instructions. Why is this so difficult?

    Ron Johnson>

    Don't you send instructions with your laptop screen that WE PURCHASED from YOU COMPANY.


    Sony does not recommended to change the LCD screen by the End user.


    As it may damage the internal parts of the Computer.


    We are concerned about the Security of the Computer and the End User.

    Ron Johnson>

    I am a master's degree, MCSE certified Network Engineer


    The replacement instructions are not available online.


    I suggest that you contact our Direct Accessories and Parts Center at 1-800-488-7669 to get the Service Manual for the Computer.

    Ron Johnson>

    Can I log into the site or have them emailed?


    The Service Manual contains the instructions to replace the LCD screen.

    Ron Johnson>

    I need to fix this now. I acnnot wait to have it mailed.


    You can also contact the place of purchase for the purchase receipt.


    I am truly sorry, Ron.


    You need to contact our Direct Accessories and Parts Center to get the Service Manual for the Computer.


    As the Service Manual is not available online.

    Ron Johnson>

    Your company, support, and business tactics are a joke. I am going to start pulling all sony products from Lotus and Chrysler accounts. This is pathetic and makes me very angry. What a waster of time.


    I am truly sorry for this, Ron.

    Ron Johnson>

    I am sorry for doing business with Sony in the first place. Dell has much better support. I guess some company's do not care about their customer. Please pass this on to your supervisor.


    The Service Manual is available as the Hard copy.


    It is not available in the pdf format.

    Ron Johnson>

    Explain that to my CEO.


    You need to contact our Direct Accessories and Parts Center to get the Service Manual for the Computer.


    It is better to contact the place of purchase to get the purchase receipt for the Computer as the Computer is under the warranty.


    If the Computer is purchased from our Sonystyle, you can contact our Sonystyle Support team to get the receipt for the Computer.

    Ron Johnson>

    Let's see...Sony does not have the technology to look up a warranty on a computer by the service tag, they are glad to sell you a replacement part without instructions, and do not care if the company's CEO is without his I said it is all about taking the consumer's money and Sony does not care but, at least they have your money. I have to fight to get the screen replaced even though we bought it in April, I have to fight to get support, I have to fight to get a page of instructions on how to put the screen in that WE PURCHASED, like I said...what a joke. Very pour customer service.

    Ron Johnson>

    I manage multiple accounts, and multiple businesses. This is the first time I have given the OK to purchase Sony products. It has nt went as expected. Now I know what to expect so I will stop any further purchases from this company. If your company ever does file for bankruptsy I will truly understand. Thank you.


    I am truly sorry for this, Ron.

    Ron Johnson>

    so am I


    As the Service Manual is not available for the download online.


    You need to contact our Direct Accessories and Parts Center to get the Service Manual for the Computer.


    You can also contact our Customer information Service Center to get the Warranty status of the Computer.

    Ron Johnson>

    Like I said I do not have time. The screen does not work, I have a new one in my hand, my CEO's laptop does not work when he leaves the building unless he carries his desktop monitor with him. I am going to have to go to Best Buy this morning and buy another manufacturer's laptop so he can once again do business. Even though we have bought a new screen from Sony. I am sure he will appreciate it. At least he will understand when I send him this conversation.

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  • So
    Sony_Sucks Jul 22, 2009

    1000% agree with you on how Sony is the type of company that will sell you garbage!!! My Uncle bought a Sony computer from Sonystyle for a ridiculous price that doesn't perform to average expectations. It comes with Windows Vista Business but the CPU is underpowered and not upgradable. Lagged right out of the box and when we tried to upgrade (downgrade) to windows XP the proprietary things on Sony aren't recognized nor are there any downloadable drivers. Another Ripped off former Sony Customer. Previously bought many sony XBR 4's flat screens 5 to be exact and many other sony products we used to be brand loyal but after seeing how Sony operates... Sony has lost our confidence and business

    0 Votes
  • Do
    Donna Rand Jul 29, 2009

    Same thing happened with my Sony Notebook. Colored lines running through it. Two tech support companys said I dropped it. I did not! I turned it off in the evening and in the morning, turned it back on and lines were running through it. Called Sony, they said it would be $1000.00 to fix it, or buy a screen for $325.00 for me to install. Sounds like this is a common problem with Sony laptops and notebooks.

    0 Votes
  • It
    ITEnlightened Aug 27, 2013

    Purchasing this system was the worst computer purchase I have made, and I have made a few regretful IT purchases in my time as an IT service provider. I bought this just before I left for a trip and was not able to return it, as I would have been left PC-less. I ordered this with XP and the one I got had Vista on it. I complained over the phone, but they said they didn't have any more XP systems available 9because i expect their employees took all the XP units so they could actually get some work done.) So, now I don't trust Sony for their bait and switch job they did on me (I purchased it from them directly.) The system worked ok, when it worked and after I stripped all the stupid Vista flair from the configuration. Still, I spent about half of my computing time getting the system to operate so I could do my work. Being in IT, I was infuriated. When I got back home, I gave this to my daughter. She hated it too and was constantly coming to me to get it running properly. Personally, I don't like Microsoft. They get away with highway robbery getting people to pay high prices for Alpha and Beta operating systems. The only Microsoft OS's I recommend people use are 3.11, XP and 7. I'm all Unix now!

    0 Votes

Cheating and torturing customers!

I feel as if I am being cheated by Sony Ericsson Service Center guys. They say that my cell has been...

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Phone undelivered from service center and misbehavior!

I bought sony ericson w300i on 24 march 2007, in the month of june on date 8/6/o7 my phone suddenly gt hanged and then it neva turned on... i thought its sum software trouble and i should take it to service center nearby... on 9/06/07 i took it to TELERIKSON, NEHRU GROUND, FARIDABAD... i was told about some software trouble in phone and was asked to come on tuesday dated 12/6... as being told i reached the service center and i was not delivered my phone back, despite this they forgot to give me job sheet earlier for which they created scene. And as i had my battery along with me they finally realized their carelessness and gave me job sheet and told me to come on Saturday 16/6... meanwhile i called them repeatedly to ask for update but there was nobody to pick up phone... and on wednesday wen i called them they said phone will not be delivered as there is some other problem in it. As i was not getting any proper reply, i preferred going to them and ask, beside helping me some MR.KISHAN misbehaved with me,after certain point he asked me to come on wednesday dated 20/6... and even then they have no answers to my questions. In fact they are also confused for the job sheet no. they have given to me. The another excuse was to call them finally on saturday and take my cell back surely, bt even then they didn't give it back... and the way they treat is pathetic... Meanhwile i had even complaint about the matter at the main service center, at Okhla, no action has been taken by them also till date...

I don't know what is the problem with my cellphone and what is the current update wid its condition... nobody is replying, n i feel either they have misplaced my phone or they still haven't corrected the problem. And now i feel going to consumer court and also launching a complaint with RTI for not providing me with the required information regarding my cellphone.

I am a media person, its a regular job for me to b updated with my news feed thats to be submitted with the organization i am working with and these days not only i m suffering professionally, my organization is also suffering coz of this hampered communication system between me and them. My job is at stake and they are not taking this thing seriously and beside understanding the problem of a customer, these people are misbehaving and misdirecting me with irresponsible answers?

If i am bearing the technical cause of delay, being the loyal customer. One pays so much for a product for not only its features but also its after sales service. And sony people are not concerned about their customers getting troubled... I have lost my patience now, and i feel some serious action has to be taken against such a irresponsible behavior by service centers... n i even afraid they must have ruined the external condition of my very new cellphone... i am in so much tensions... kindly help and direct me to right direction...

  • Ge
    gerry mc ateer Nov 09, 2007

    In August, I purchased a Sony Ericsson W300i phone which came with a headset as an accessory. which I use all the time for music and the radio. Basically the problem is that the headset is such a shoddy and flimsy design that within a few weeks one of the spring clips that attach the headsdet broke off rendering it useless. Problem is these clips are made with flimsy brittle plastic that breaks easily and are certainly unsuitable for use in the moblle environment. This rubbish most certainly do not conform to even the basic of design standards and they have no right to be foisting it on their customers.
    If they are intended to last which clearly they are not they should be made with metal coated in plastic or solid plastic.
    Also there is another problem with this component. The headpones have small rubber covers without which they are inaudible. The problem with these is that they come off very easily get snagged on clothing etc and are easily lost.
    My allegation against sony ericsson is that foisting this kind of rubbish on their customers is a deliberate and very cleverly disguised double con and a scam to get customers parting with more of their money purchasing new accessories from them. When i brought this to their attention they said not our fault and (Guess what) You need to buy a new set from our accessories dept for £19.99.

    Clearly there is something wrong here that needs to be brought to light and investigated before any more consumers become victims of this subterfuge and are out of pocket. Quite clearly this is a scam and a con albeit very cleverly disguised one and Sony Ericsson need to be brought to book for this kind of unethical practice.

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Bitter experience with Sony Ericsson mobile and service!

I had a bitter experience with Sony Ericsson's P990i product and one of Sony Ericsson's certified...

LCD went blank

I purchased this product at kathmandu nepa hima trade links pvt ltd in nov 2005 warranty certificate 8060 serial no. 1326244. I have been using the camcorder since then but not regularly only on occasions. Yesterday all on a sudden the lcd went blank. No display absolutely. The product never fell from hands and no kind of rough handling has been done in the past. Although the touch panel seems to be functioning it is of no use since there is no display. No light on the screen, so cant make out anything. I am very upset and surprised about the reliability of this product.

  • Al
    Alexandre Sutrisno Sep 12, 2008

    Mine also bought in 2005, never had any rough experience on it. but currently the LCD is blank.

    I wonder, why the reliability of this product only for 3 years?

    What is the real problem? Anyone knows? Due to I will fix it this weekend and don't want to get fooled by the service center.

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  • Ms
    m. shasti Jun 21, 2011

    My Sony handycam DCR-HC21E bought in 2005, never had any rough experience on it. but currently the LCD is blank.
    I wonder, why the reliability of this product only for 3 years?
    What is the real problem? Anyone knows? Due to I will fix it this weekend and don't want to get fooled by the service center.

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Non return of stereo speaker

I submit my W810I stereo speaker for replacement vide complaint ID # [protected] on 13 march 2007 at Anubhav Electronics, Shop No. 27, Seawood, Nerul, Navi Mumbai-400 706 (Authorized service center of Sony Ericsson). The sad service center is lockout as on date.

  • De
    Devender Singh May 02, 2008

    I Mr. Devender Singh, live in New Delhi i want to complaint about my cell which is W810i its really good phone but there was a problem in the speaker and i go to a service center they maintain it very well but after that the headphone voice is too much weak when i go again there they told me that we are not responsible for this u checked it before taken here. and we cannot take back it and solve this problem tell me why it is there now its hang too much time when i listen songs. i want action against it and i really dissapoint from this i think sony ericsson service center is best but i m wrong reply me as soon as possible (Devender Singh Mob: 9899527731, RZF-44/16, Sadh Nagar-II, Palam Colony, New Delhi - 110045

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Defect piece sold and company not ready for replacement

I had purchased the new W710i phone on 21st Nov 06 at Sony World - Kormangala. 4 months from the date of purchase ( in the month of February 07 ) the outer rubber panel of the phone started coming off. As you know that the walkman and radio operation buttons are on the outer cover of the phone it had become very difficult for me to operate the phone. I took the phone to the Sony world shop and the manager there suggested I talk to yourself regarding the same and I did meet you and showed you the condition of my phone.

It was then that Mr. Shoji spoke to Raju at the service center ( Salora ) and provided me with a phone replacement. But when I questioned as to is there any guarantee if this is not gonna happen the second time Mr.Shoji had promised me stating that this time you please take this and if it happens again then I will assure you that I am OK for you to go for a different model of the phone and that I should bear the extra charges that would be applicable when taking a different model of the phone.

But 4 months post the first replacement of the phone the rubber panel has come off again. I spoke to Raju at the service center and he tell me that the earlier lot of handsets were defective and when the phone replacement was done I was again given a phone from that defective lot itself. So now that they have received a fresh stock of panels which are free from defect they will replace the panel for me.

I am not really happy with the product or the service. I have invested 14400rs in buying a phone that is good in terms of feature and Sony being such a big brand which is free from all flaws. But the response I am getting this time is not really acceptable, can you or your higher authority or Raju give me a written guarantee that this time after getting the panel replacement the same problem will not re-occur. What should I be doing if it reoccurs.

Sony do not stand behind there products!

I purchased a sony big screen tv after 2 years had all three crt's go out sony said warranty was up and 1 month after having service people look at tv and tell me what was going on sony put out a recall on that very tv in regards to very issue I was having after numerous calls and fighting they shut the door on me not covering the very recall that was wrong with the tv. I even stated I would pay for labor if they paid for parts meeting them half way the refused so after today my 8000.00 worth of sony products will be replaced with another brand name. Do not buy a sony anything they do not stand behind there products...

Short delivery of accessories and indifferent attitude of Indiatimes auction

I had won a bid for the camcorder which promised the camera +Mini DV cassettes. The ref for the order was [protected]. The payment was collected in advance which is around INR 18500. The auction was on on 15th Feb and payment collected instantaneously. The supply was made in a shabbily packed carton on 26th Feb. To my surprise the promised cassettes (SONY Mini DV - 5 nos) was missing. I took it up immediately with Indiatimes auctions through online feedback and followed up with a number of calls at toll free no *[protected]. Everytime the call centre chap made me repeat the story, the next day I receive a call from iniatimes that delivery shall be made in 3 days and the story repeats endlessly. For the past one week, the call centre guy tales that someone senior will get back t0 me in 20 minutes but I do not know the benchmarking for the timescale indiatimes adopt. I am frantically searching he email or tel. of the CEO of indiatimes auction so that I can have a personal talk with him to get his opinion that someone who as paid around Rs 18500 on blind faith will not follow up endlessly for goodies worth around Rs 500.

Such a bitter experience and taste it left in me that i have decided not ever to go for online purchase on indiatimes auction(india). My mobile no is [protected] (new delhi). I hope if someone can help me to get to the ceo so that i can see an end to this impasse. Else as a last resort i shall take resort to the managing director, times of india.

E61:10 error / LCD screen not working‎

I bought a Sony Handycam (Model DCR-HC40E) 3 years back from Delhi, India. After using it for a week, I confronted with a problem. The LCD screen of my handycam stopped working, though I was able to take shots using the View Finder.

I am a resident of Jamshedpur, India and when I contacted the Sony Service Center in Jamshedpur, they took my camera and sent it to Ranchi Sony Service Center for the repair. I got back the camera after 1 week and they didn’t charge me anything as it was under the warranty period. The LCD Screen started working and all this while I was happy with the usage of the camera. I would also like to mention here that am very careful and particular about the maintenance of my handycam.

I am on a vacation in Singapore and my camera was working PERFECT the first 2 days and let me took a lot of shots (still as well as video). One morning out of the blue, when I switched on the camera, I faced with the exact same problem (LCD screen blank/not working, even though the battery was fully charged). And when I tried to switch into the View Finder mode, it displayed me an error E61:10 and zoom, autofocus all stopped working. The picture is blurr and I cannot see anything basically.

I was not able to find any information pertaining to error E61:10 from your Sony website, and when I did a Google search I was amazed to see a lot of people faced the same problem and the solution they gave on the following sites surprised me: )

The solution given on all these sites were to SMACK the CAMERA!!! See the sample text below:

Now the fix you will not believe, nor did I at first, but requires you to power off the unit completely and "Smack it" a few times fairly hard. Now you may do this at your risk, but I swear it fixed mine and all the other people listed at the above web site. I thought it was a joke - but it works!

Try turning the camera on and give it a big whack on a hard surface.Turn off and see . 3-4 for times should work. A stuck lense problem. I am NOT ready to do this on my precious possession and that’s why am writing this mail to you, so that I get to know what does the error E61:10 means and how to get my camera back to running and functioning mode.

I have very high regards for all Sony products and I am sincerely hope my trust on ur brand is not lost.

Do not buy Sony VAIO!

I am so mad that I can't even think straight .. It is a long story, to make the long story short DO NOT...

Defective product!

I got sony mhc-rv22 deck in june 2005 with warranty of 1 year. From the last 3 months or so, the music system...

Defective camera / non compliance to complains

I had bought sony cyber shot model no.DSC-S600, digital camera bearing serial no. 8421440 on [protected] from 'TARANG'S' Bhopal vide cash memo no. 1356. The machine started malfunctioning from oct. 2006 onwards: the screen would read ' turn the power off and on again', next the shutter jammed. On submitting it for repairs at the service centre, it's motor to shutter was allegedly replaced. I was told that either the motor had gone bad or the camera had been dropped, I am sure the latter was not the case. The camera functioned for a couple of weeks, then reverted back to its malfunctioning mode. Shutter lens don't move at all. On notifying the service station, I have been made to understand that it is me who is either dropping or banging the camera. The statement is devoid responsibility & utterly obnoxious.

  • Je
    jen Sep 02, 2008

    this exact thing has happened to me...after learning to live with it (and noticing it is a sign of low battery in some cases) i now have a jammed on/off switch that is going to cost me as must to fix as it is to replace the camera. wonderful. yet...i still love the Sony point and shoot...just wish they could get their act together and wish i could trust them with my next purchase.

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  • St
    Stacey Sep 27, 2008

    Exact samer thing happened to me! I hate this camera!

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Product failure

own a SONY Handicam (Digital Camcoder ,DCR HC21E ) which was purchased one year ago.However, I have used thi...

Wrong packing or sealing

I bought a new w810i on 13th of January and right on the next day i found that its memory card was right protected and then i gave it to the service centre it took a week nearly to get it replaced.

After having it back i found that the internal memory of phone was just 10 mb now. I asked from all my friends and i searched it on internet thats its internal memory is either 20 mb or 41 mb so when both of the things that is the device and the memory card were having faults how the company that is sony ericsson dared to seal that box having a write protected memory card and a less internal memory device is it fault of the company or it is the shopkepper who gave the wrong box. Whom should i complaint i mean that the consumer takes a phone to give it or leave it in the service centre I truly suggest the company to change there slogan to this that is take a brand new phone from us and leave it at service centre for just for its care.

  • Sa
    sachin sakpal Nov 01, 2007

    Please let me know how to locate a mobile which is stolen. Else please help me to deactivate it for ever in order to save it from any undesirable usage of wrong hands.

    It is W810i. I do have its IMEI no as well

    Please help me.

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  • Ca
    Cason Clarke Dec 16, 2007

    I am the owner of a Sony Ericsson W710i. This phone was bought from Digicel Jamaica, subsequent to mailing this purchase it was found out that the phone repeatedly turned off by its self and was no longer vibrateing. I also detected that the rubber placed around the phone to operate its external features started to lift. The phone was returuned to the dealer an could not be repaired so it was replaced. Even though it was replaced it was without my 512 memory card. I made numerous complaint to the dealer and its Head Office in Kingston Jamaica (Digicel Jamaica). I also logged a complaint to the contractors that are hired to repair the Sony Ericsson phones on warrenty and no one wanted to hold responsiblity for my misplaced M2 512 MB memory card. I am therefore requesting that your company replace my Sony Ericsson W710i phone with another phone that has similer features as I think they are faulty. The new phone that I recieved is faulty werein the rubber that is used to operate the external features of the phone is starting to lift. Please note that the new phone I have recieved is less than four months old. I am becoming frustrated and upset so please see the need to replace my phone. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

    Yours Truly
    Cason Anthony Clarke

    [email protected]

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  • Ag
    agent99 Jan 05, 2008

    Sachin Sakpal:
    With regards of your mail..(which had nothing to do with the original post)

    If you had it on PAYG & dont have a box or any paper work... then give up mate.

    If you were on contract then contact your sevice provider who will then advise you what to do.

    Get insurance next time.

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  • Ar
    arungowda Jul 28, 2009

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    My name is Arun I had a problem with my phone from the day when I bought it for the first time I have given my Sony Erricsson cell phone (IMEI NO. 352834032155265) (model G502) for servicing to an authorized Sony Ericsson service center (in ascentel, B.O. No. 1038, Dr Rajkumar road, 4th Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore – 10 Ph: 65316602) they said it’s a software update problem, after the repair the next day itself it was not working so I went & gave the set for repair second time, even that time also they have said it’s a software update problem & they took 9 days to repair that, I received the set on 13/6/09 back but end of the same day it was not working. again for the third time I given to repair Since the set was within warranty they said it's having mother board problem & it has to be changed, for that they took 11 days, finally I received set on 24/7/09 but by the evening again it was not working so again I went and given for repair, so I have asked them to replace my set, but they said I need to raise an complaint & after that only they can tell me the status. For this they have given online work order no. – SE309AT210349

    I want to raise complaint with customer court

    So Pls help me to replace this set or at least give me back my money.


    Or pls Contact me on this no. 9008985544

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Product failure

Product Category : Video Cameras
Model Number : DCR-HC21E

I own a SONY Handicam (Digital Camcoder ,DCR HC21E ) which was purchased one year and 2 months ago (23rd December 2005).However, I have used this camera only less than 5 hours so far for recording video. I confronted with a problem when I tried to download the content of the tape(cassette)into my system using the USB cable as per the instruction provided in the user's manual. After downloading a part of the content my computer got hung and stopped responding. When I restarted the system, I found that my system was not detecting the Handycam. My computer is powered by a Pentium 4 with Widows XP operating system. This was the first time I tried using this feature ( content transfer from Tape to the computer)of the product. I approached I the nearest Authorized Sony service centre with the camera and after inspecting the equipment, they informed me that the circuit board has to be replaced to rectify the problem which would cost me more than Rs. 5000 minimum.!and there is no warranty for the replaced component! Moreover, the exact reason for failure is not known to the technicians ! I am very much disappointed with this type of product failure that too ,in the first instance of using a key product feature. These is no warning or precaution in the manual about this kind of susceptibility of product failure to alert the user. In fact , this is one of the main features that motivated me to invest in this particular product.

Now , I really have doubts about the reliability of Sony s latest products , especially with Camcoders. Is the technology used in Sony Camcoder prone to failures like this? Why a core feature of the product ( transferring the content of the tape to a computer through USB cable) that is expected to be used very often fails like this? Have your R& D team or other customers ever confronted this problem? What should I have done to prevent this problem under normal circumstances?

Sony India customer care team and the people at the local service centre were not given me a proper and convincing answer as to why my instrument failed under normal conditions.Even after thorough examination they gave me only a few possibilities and probable causes for product failure which are ruled out beyond doubt in my case.. I still feel that company has the accountability to their customers who relied on their products ,to ensure that they have offered them a trouble free and durable product. Since my experience with both local service centre and Customer support team are not satisfactory I feel that justice has not been done to my case.

These are my conclusions based on my experience with sony product & Customer support:

1.The Sony Handicam that I purchased is prone to failure under normal conditions.
2.The service support team is not competent enough to detect the exact cause of the problem ( after thorough examination) other than giving assumptions ( which are ruled out under normal user environment.)
3.After sale service and support are not pro- customer oriented.and there is no accountability on company's part for product failure.
4.Buying Handicam products of Sony is not advisable.

  • Pm
    P.M.Abdul Kadir Jul 09, 2007

    I own a DCR-DVD 101 E modelhandycam and used only 2 hrs: for recording. Now it's spindle of the motor is not working. The sony service center (Thrissur) told me to pay Rupees 6000/= to fix it.

    I have heard that only by 1500/= Rupees we can fix this from other service center. Now I feel very sad on purchasing the Sony product.

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Deplorable after sales customer service

I purchased a sony tv, model SZ29M80 from Jumbo Electronics in Dubai, UAE on 10/08/2006 and on 30/01/2007, it...

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