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Complaints & Reviews

Problem faced with Sony DCR HC 40E Mini DV

I had purchased a Sony DCR HC 40E Mini DV Handycam in November 2004. After shooting about 10 Mini DV cassettes (total 10 hours recording time) in Australia and then in Singapore, I started getting a "head dirty" indication. Since I was a tourist in Singapore, there was no time to go to a Sony repair center, I purchased a Sony head cleaning DV tape and tried to clean the head as per the Sony Instruction Manual. This did not solve the problem, and I could not shoot any more videos. On returning to my country (India), I went to an authorised Sony Repair Center. They kept the Handycam for about 3 days and informed me that the problem was due to fungus, which they said had been cleaned up. When I next used the camera after about 6 months when we went on a vacation, the same problem occured again within about 15 minutes of shooting. I went again to the Sony Repair Center and they repeated what they had done earlier.
Last month we were going on a vacation again, and I took the precaution of showing the handycam to the Sony Repair Center. They again said there was a fungus infestation and it was cleaned up. The problem again cropped up when I shot a video for a total of about 30 minutes, and my vacation was again spoilt because of the faulty Handycam.
I am strictly following all the instructions given in the Sony instruction manual regarding storage, usage after sudden change in temperature (for example after going out from an aircondtioned hotel room) etc.

Please advise me if something can be done as I am sure if I go to the Sony repair center, they will repeat their so called solution which does not seem to work. Please reply fast as the Guarantee expires on 16th Nov.

Name: Ashok Mohindra
address: 61 Kailash Kunj, Greater Kailash Part I, New Delhi 110048, India
email ID [protected]
Tel 91 11 [protected]


I had bought a sony wega CRT TV of 21 inches.Sony is claiming that it provides the unmached viewing quality in its product.I have paid comparatively a very high amount expecting that the product will give enhanced picture quality and sound.

I have paid 15,990 INR and bought the TV but the picture resolution and the sound quality is very poor if it is compared with any of its parallel products from LG,PHILIPS etc.

LG is taking around 9000 INR and providing the better services than Sony.

Frankly telling I am repenting after opting for Sony product,by paying considerably high amount to buy a 21 inches tv after paying 15,900 INR.

I want my money back and to return that product to Sony.

If the justice can be given to me then I shall remain ever grateful to you

  • Vi
    vijay Jun 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I fully agree with you and you can add me to the woes of your complain. Not only there is no refund, the after sales service, out sourced, is truly a pathos. My Sony TV has been at the service center for 3 days and there is no definite answer from them as to when the TV would be repaired and installed. Meanwhile I am watching the tri-series with my neighbour's (envy owners pride - Onida).


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  • Ga
    gaurav tyagi Sep 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    yeah same problem here i have a problem in my 32" lcd tv sony bravia blak dot appears at the left han corner due to pixeles missing.really i had complaint many times in customer support but result is is tue that the company is more flexible to profit orientation than customer satisfation.u can also add me for the same problem.

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  • Ta
    TABU DENIS Mar 25, 2011

    I fully agree with you and you can add me to the woes of your complain. In-fact, I need them to come for it even if they claim no just can't compare the picture qualities.

    0 Votes

Beware of Compcare Services, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Sony Ericsson is among the world's top five Mobile phone makers. But, their after sales service seem...

Non repair & spoilage of my Video Camera (Camcorder make – SONY model DCR-TRV355E)

On, 17.09.2007, I had deposited my camcorder (make – SONY model DCR-TRV355E) to the local service centre, ( i.e. - The T & F Customer Care Division, Sony authorized service centre, GL-4, Abhiyank Estate, University Road, Gwalior (M.P)), for checking & repair, as it was not ejecting the cassette, which was inside it and was continuously showing, on its LCD-screen, - the 5 digit self diagnosis display – read as – C:32:11.

{The meaning of this self diagnosis display (C:32:11), as described in its camera operational manual is – a malfunction other than the above that you can service has occurred.

Eject the cassette & insert it again, then operate your camcorder. As per camera manual, all self diagnosis displays starting with prefix C??, interprets that – A customer (layman) itself can service its camcorder and no need of service engineer to call.}

But as a extra precaution, I contacted to the local authorized Sony’s (company’s) service centre to diagnose and rectify it. At the time of (camera) submission too, it(the service centre) agreed that it was a trifle problem only and I can collect my repaired camera in the evening on the same day (by paying Rs. 1000/- as its labour charges).

But unfortunately, in the evening, it had not proved its words. Next day, on 18.09.2007; “the service centre” called me and told that some part/s are malfunctioning in the camcorder, which need replacement and intimate me a estimate of Rs.4000/-(including its labour charges etc.) for its repair. For that, I deposited Rs. 2500/-(by cheque) as an advance, as demanded by “the service center”.

Now a month passed, but it had not repaired and returned my camcorder till date. For the last one month, every time I phoned/contacted “the service center”, but no satisfactory answer had been provided regarding the status of my camcorder nor any tentative date for the delivery had been intimated.

On 17.10.2007,(after one month later), the service centre intimated that some more parts are defective/broken and demanded more additional amount for replacing these additional parts, (as the camcorder may be get damaged during its course of repair by service technicians). For the last one month, the camcorder was in the possession of “the service center” only, so I may not be held responsible for any damage (made by “the service center’s staff, result out during its repairing) during this long (one month) time. As demanding an additional amount (after estimation) is totally against trade practices and rules.

I am still awaiting the fate of my camcorder. The service centers are fully incapable and incompetent to repair these highly sophisticated equipments. Its service engineers and franchise service centres are making fool of customers and robbing them actually by making trifle problems a huge problem (in greed of large amount of money).

  • Mj
    M Jamil Jun 28, 2008

    I bought a brand new SONY camcoder and the advertised price was $599. When I got on the phone the salesperson told me that it is a foreign model for this price and sold me a US model for $999. When I got the camera it was a used or refurbished camera in a box. I immediately called them and after a hold of 35 minutes or so the person just picks up the phone and transfer me to to an extension with a minute. As soon as the phone was transfered the line was disconnected. I kept calling and after long holds the person would get on the phone and before I could finish my first sentence I was told " let me transfer you call" and will disconnect the phone. I send them email but no reply. The camera cannot be returned without their auth. code given by them and I do not find a way to get the auth. code. These people are FRAUD. Please be careful and test yourself by asking for their customer service.

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Bad quality service

I gave my music system (3 in one) for repair. They gave me an estimate of Rs 3000. I agreed for that, but finally they came up with a bill amount of around Rs.6000. After a long argument, I paid the amount and got the system back. After 2 months I had the same problem with the same system. They gave an estimate of Rs 2000. But last time when I gave for service they said, we have replaced everything, but this time they said we didn't do anything with CD compartment. So I left it without service. After sometime I took the system to a local technician at velachery for tuning FM. That guy identified the problem and rectified the problem at a cost of Rs.300 (All inclusive). My strong feeling is people at Sony service centre at chennai are not qualified. I have the receipts and all.

  • Ni
    Nirmala May 11, 2009

    The Sony service center in Ashok nagar is totally bad. I gave my DVD player for a repair a month back and they replaced the lens and charged 2000 /-. After a month the same problem is happening again. This is very very bad.

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Green Line

I bought KLV-32V300A from Singapore on 27th Sep 07. After a week, I started getting a green vertical line near right end of the TV. The Green Line appears, exactly at the right end of the picture when view at normal mode. I didn't expect this quality from Sony. I have posted the issue in Sony Site, but still didn't receive any reply. I am worried. Please advice.

Poor service!

I sent this email to the Sony repairman Oct. 12, 2007: On July 12, 2007, I took my Sony into Fry's, Plano, TX, for repair, after having problems with it. Several people at Fry’s told me that if Sony agrees that the problems with my computer were caused by something other than just a fall, that they would have it repaired under my service contract. I told them that (most importantly) I want to make sure that it won’t continue to get hot, and spark on me. As I explained when I brought the computer in on July 12th, 2007, "On July 11th, 2007 it sparked several times and I heard a pop". That really scared me because I have a Sharp sweeper with a battery pack that recently caught on fire, while it was plugged in being charged. Even now, when you turn on the computer, you will see that it starts making this (very) loud humming noise, and gets hot very quickly, not the quite humming noise you usually hear from the fan. It sparked again on my husband before we took it in on July 12th, so I know that it will do it again, unless something that is causing it to get hot is repaired. I don’t know if it’s caused by the battery, or something else. Anyway, you can see by the notes you have that when the computer got real hot and sparks started coming from it, I leaped out of bed, and dropped it.
I had other problems with it, before this happened. When I first got the computer (spent $2219. for the computer and the service contract), the cd write didn’t work, and the computer kept freezing up, and at other times would just shut off. Then, approx. 3 months later (the first time I tried to save all my files and information in Quick Books) I discovered that I couldn’t save the files to a cd. I use the computer for our business, so I was afraid to send it in for repair at that time, thinking I would lose all my work (in Quick Books). This really concerned me. I need all the information to send to my CPA for tax purposes.

email to Kevin at Sony's National Customer Relations Dpt.: Kevin, a few months ago (as I told you on the phone today) I purchased a memory stick to save the information from Quick Books (so that I could have my laptop sent off for repair before the service contract expired), but had no way of checking to see if the memory stick actually had the information on it (due to not knowing what all works/doesn't work on the Sony). I could not borrow a laptop from someone with memory stick capability, because I would need to install Quick Books on their computer to do that. If I could have saved all the files/info. to a cd, this wouldn't have been a problem, but as I stated above, that didn't work either.

Anyway, the laptop did fall on a carpeted floor, from my lap, while in bed. Because it always ran so hot, I used a computer tray underneath it, with holes in it to help with ventilation. The laptop had never been dropped before this happened. I work at home, and do not carry it from place to place. I now know that the computer should not have gotten that hot (problem I had with it, starting from the day I bought it), but had no way of knowing at the time, because:

A month before I bought this Sony laptop, I had purchased a Compaq laptop. Right away, it started getting very hot (not just hot) and freezing up (usually while playing games), so I returned it right away. Fry's would not give me my money back, but instead they gave me a coupon to purchase something else from them. I ended up buying the Sony, and spending (I think) an extra $1000.00, but had the same problem with it (getting very hot and freezing up, or just shutting off). When I started having problems with the Sony laptop, I called Fry's and said "it's happening to me again". They said that it's normal for that to happen, with the new processors. I have used several laptops since then, and now know that this doesn't normally happen. Anyway, the bottom line is that not only did the computer have several problems from the beginning (mostly heat related), I was scared it was going to catch on fire in my lap, which in turn caused me to drop it.

Email to Kevin again on Oct. 16, 2007: I will never shop at Fry's again. I will take my problems with Fry's to the next level. I have already contacted BBB, and I am contacting the Federal Trade Commission, the State Consumer Office, and websites:,, and /link removed/ Remember when I was surprised to hear that the Sony repairman quoted a cost of $350, when Fry's told me it would cost $680? Well, I called Fry's today and spoke with Ray at the service dpt. and asked (again) how much it will cost. He said it would be $350.07. But that they wanted to charge me $99.99 also, for the diagnostics. He said that if I hadn't declined (to Sony) the repairs, Fry's wouldn't have charged that $99.99. I said that I never declined having it repaired, I wanted it repaired. That's why I was communicating (just last Friday) with Jonathan Doreau at the Sony Repair Center. I've even got a copy of an invoice from Sony to Fry's stating that Fry's instruction to them was to return the unit unrepaired (not my instructions). Today, I told Ray at Fry's that Neal at Sony told me that Sony will never contact me to ask if I want it repaired or sent back, because I'm not their customer, Fry's is there customer. Today Ray at Fry's told me that I would need to talk to the manager to have them take off the $99.99 diagnostic charge, but that if I leave a message, THE MANAGER WILL NEVER CALL ME BACK. I will have to come into the store and talk to him. I said that I can only come at night, but I've been sick and would prefer talk to him over the phone. He insisted I would need to come in, and he said there is always a manager there. So I went there tonight, and waited 2 1/2 hours (while the manager was in a meeting), and then the manager left, so I couldn't talk to him. Needless to say, I was upset. The service department said they weren't there during my conversation with Ray, so they are not responsible for giving me false information. they said I'd have to call him the next morning. I argued with them, so they brought in someone calling himself an assistant manager (a lot of false information so I'm not sure if it's true). He showed me an invoice for the $99.99 plus $488, total $588 to have the laptop repaired. I asked him why the price went up again, and that people there have been dishonest with me. He said "oh, everyone here is dishonest. I believe you are the only dishonest one here". And again, that he wasn't there during my discussion with Ray, so he is not responsible for false information. No one there is held accountable. Even when I get their names. Also I brought in my loaner laptop to them tonight, and they turned it on, and turned it right back off and taped the box up and marked $50 off it it and put it right back out for display. We watched them. They don't even check to see that everything works, or do any diagnostic tests before they put things right back out to sell. That is why we've had problems (initially) with 2 of the laptops we've bought from them.


Poor retailing of defective products

Hello folks,

I have had an utterly pathetic experience on buying a brand new DSC W-55 digital camera from one of the retailers "tied" with Sony to sell their products. This retailer is the Viveks situated at Indiranagar, Bangalore.

The product, a 7.2 pixel camera, had a defect in the LCD display at the time of sale (the fact was acknowledged by the branch manager at the concerned Viveks outlet) though the defect could be detected a couple of hours after purchase.

To our utter dismay, this particular retailer was not ready to own any of the responsibility to get the piece replaced.

This is very unfortunate to note that a company like Sony would let such unscrupulous dealers to handle sales of its products. How the company could allow a defective product pass the quality check and land up at the display and sales counter and furthermore, the company seems to have no back-up to settle such issues.

Ill treatment

I had purchased a Sony Ericsson on Oct 2017, It is still within the warranty period. I had gone to the Sony...

Very unfriendly customer service In last 10 months I have exchanged three( 3) Playstation3's and...

Beware the Sony consumers in Pune!

I am a really frustrated consumer of SONY!!! I bought a Sony Home theater from Sony World, (Jeetesh Agencies!!), Aundh, Pune. After only a month, it stopped working properly and I started putting wasted efforts to get my system serviced. I kept on lodging the complaint to the retailer and they kept on telling me that it will be attended. It took another 20 days when the service engineer visited and asked me to drop the system with the retailer!! (Which is obviously not my job!!) I did that!! The service people kept it with them for almost 18 days , during which I had to put a lot of efforts to follow up with them and they always giving rubbish excuses which was not expected of these SONY people.

After it was returned to me saying that it was now repaired!! Again it stopped functioning properly... from the 3rd day!! I again complained and again they kept sitting on my complaint for almost 2 weeks (I also complaint online!!) to no response!! I tried to get my problems heard to the upper management but could not get any references where I could reach out. I got a link of "David Migdal" who is supposed to be "The Vice President" of sony corporation!! But neither could I get any response from there,leave aside any action to be taken!! Would you believe such an irresponsible behavior from a VP of SONY!! Its been almost 6 months that I have been running from pillar to post and totally fed up of these guys!! I am contemplating a legal action against them... wish me luck!! I had paid bloody almost 30k for that system... in the name of SONY!! It was a real mistake!! So I would just suggest you people just to remember that please think twice before shelling out such a huge amount to these people or YOU WILL BE JUST SOLD AND FORGOTTEN!!

Meanwhile I am putting every step to find out the right contact to escalate this issue!!...

  • Sa
    SAP Helper Dec 27, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi... Thanks for the comment and letting me know this.I was about to book sony home theatre from my nearest showroom here in navi mumbai.. including my 2 other friends it was 3 home theatres... I have now dropped the idea!!! I would rather go for authentic Home theatres such as Onkya or Jamo... or maybe yamaha... I know I will be paying so 15 20 K more but atleast... I ll acheive peace in that cost. You are having a terrible experience and this is not atall expected from SONY.....anyways Pal... good luck for your chase....or I would suggest... why dont you return this system back.. If atall it is still in returns policy.. just a suggestion..


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No service!

I bought a SONY Television KV-SR29M59K two years back from Viveks, who is a SONY vendor in Bangalore, India. Now,my television doesn't start up due to some problem and I contacted the Sony Service center in Bangalore (SSC BANGALORE NO.768 100 FEET ROAD HAL II STAGE 12TH MAIN, INDIRA NAGAR BANGALORE 560038 Phone : [protected] ) who directed me to PENTAGON SERVICES 64 MISSION ROAD SATHI COMPLEX BANGALORE 560027 Phone : (080) [protected] and I lodged a complaint with them for service of my Television, even after insisting for a complaint number, they did not provide me with one.They said that the technician would call and let me know of it, it's now fourth week running and I am yet to get any response. Further, repeated calls to them also has not helped, the service center executive just dump the phone on you as I questioned them on the lack luster response, this has not only angered me but generated a bad taste for SONY products.

Complaint about service center

A copy of complaint letter to Sony Ericsson Hello Sony Ericsson Team, With all appreciation for the W550i...

Hanging problem

I bought a Sony Ericsson Mobile (Model P990i) on 17th August, 2007 from Shopper's Stop, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. My Mobile Serial No. is ALR000PCPK. Cash Memo No. of Shopper's Stop is 3424 dated 17.08.2007. This piece has being giving problems from day one. Whenever I dial a number, the phone hangs every now and then. This was bought to the notice of Authorized Sony Ericsson Service Center located in Nehru Place. They informed that the software in the mobile needs to be formatted and the same needs to be installed afresh. But still, the same problem persists which becomes quiet troublesome at times. I request Sony Ericsson to rectify th problem at the earliest. Someone mail me the contact numbers of other Service Center locations in Delhi as Sony Ericsson webpage has only addresses but not contact nos.

  • Ac
    Ace vergel Jul 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good day
    i have a mobile sony ericsson P9901 we buy on last year july 2008 in saudi arabia and now i'm here in kuwait. but my handy phone now is a giving a problem is hung up whenerver i open it is only vibrating so i don't know what is the problem? and i look a sony ericsson in here at kuwait but i didnot found the authorized sony ericsson service center in here at state of kuwait can you please help me about my problem and here the serial no of my mobile is IMEI:35959300-248420-3 / 1472/147 AND IC:4170B-FD022011 AND GFAAAAB 06W39 MADE IN FRANCE / CE 0682 thats all and idid not read the other because have sticker is axiom telecom. please help me about my problem and here in my mobile no +9655145198

    thank very much

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  • Ac
    Ace vergel Jul 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good day

    I have a mobile Sony ericsson P9901 we buy on last year July 2008 in Saudi Arabia and now I’m here in Kuwait. But my handy phone now is a giving a problem is hung up whenever I open it is only vibrating so i don't know what is the problem? and i look a Sony ericsson in here at Kuwait but i didn’t found the authorized Sony ericsson service center in here at state of Kuwait can you please help me about my problem and here the serial no of my mobile is IMEI: 35959300-248420-3 / 1472/147 AND IC: 4170B-FD022011 AND GFAAAAB 06W39 MADE IN FRANCE / CE 0682 that’s all and I did not read the other no#. Because a have sticker is axiom telecom. Please help me about my problem and here in my mobile no +9655145198

    thank very much

    Best regards,

    Ace vergel

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  • Mi
    mike Sep 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i am not able to save the songs into the memory card, songs are getting saved in the phone memory, please tell me how to select memory card as primary storage

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  • No
    Norman Feb 10, 2009

    I have SE P990i just suddenly been broken after 1 year use, it would now only vibrate when being charged and powered on. Besides loosing a lot of data and no more calls, I still can use it as vibrator!

    norman-cilandak, indonesia

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Outgoing calls restricted!

I got my sony ericcssion w810i last November. Till now the phone was working properly, but now I cant make a call or send an SMS. The problem is in the settings menu there is a sub menu 'restrict calls' under sub menu 'manage calls' under sub menu 'outgoing calls'. At first I had restricted this 'All Outgoing' calls option entering a password. But bimistakenly this password was entered incorrectly more than 3 times and now all my 'Outgoing Calls' and SMS services are restricted. I had called the service operator but they are not able to solve this puzzle. Since, last two weeks all my outgoing calls and SMS are restricted.

  • Cr
    craig morris Jul 09, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Have recently sent a mobile back for repair, it was sent on the 25/06/07 i have not received the phone back as yet, i do understand about the 10 day turn around but i just kept getting told different things by your call center. No one seemed to want to help me. Surely someone could find out if my phone had got there? I have been pleased with the phone since its had to come back for repair, but you need to back it up with the service, i have been told it will be another 3-days before anyone comes back to me to find out the progress... i look forward to a reply from them...

    People beware!!!

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  • As
    Ashok Kumar Feb 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello sir,

    I am having Sony Erricsson w810i mobile.

    From first day onwards, my charger is heating while charging the mobile.

    This is happening for 30 mins it self.

    Kindly suggest me regarding this issue.

    Thanks & Regards,

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Non Replacement of Cell/Delay in Repairing

Dear sir,

I am Samir Patel from Baroda,India .I have bought Sony Ericsson `w200i Cell phone before 3 months and within 2 and half months there was camera problem in it and the service engineer admited that its company fault ,despite of the company`s manufacturing fault they failed to repair or return the cell after 15th day today also and dont want to replace for a new one also.whenver i ask for my cell they just say your cell is still with head office and yet to come.

Do u know the exact returning policy ?
Do u know the legal rules in India abt non replacement of cell ?
How can i claim for my cell as after spending money we have to wait for the defect product and we are helpless after buying product from these companies.

Samir Patel

Inefficient and Poor Service


I really feel sorry for myself to be a SONY Brand end user.

I have been buying sony prodcuts beacause of the quality and performance which is unbeatable.

But now I have been experiencing very poor responce from your SONY authorised Service Center located as below:-
SONY Service Center
Rajpur Road, Opposite Madhuban Hotel.
Dehradun , INDIA.

Problem I faced from this service center:
I am having a Sony Handycam (Model: F717), It was working perfectly few months back but it got some problem in its optical section, for which i got to go to service center rather going to any other mechanic. I have given that cam on 19 june 2007, the people there told me the estimate which i agreed and asked them to get it done. They gave me 10-15 TAT. But now its almost more than 2 months and i did not get my cam back. I have been regularly asking them about the status and i havn't received any satisfactory answer from there side which is a shame on such a good brand which doesn't seem to bother after sale service.

That's really very very bad approach.

Today I am writing this complaint to make you aware about the service centers sony having in almost every city of India and abroad. This is how sony managing and serving its customers. I am sorry but in near future it wont be reliable to a man to go for sony.

I request Sony to take immediate action on behalf of my complaint or else close there service centers which is of no use

I look forward for a responce from SONY!
Thanking you

Amit Jain

Poor service!

I had purchased a sony ericsson K790I four months back there were no problems with the cellphone but the joystick was not working so i planned to get it serviced. So i handed over my cellphone to the Borivali Service Center & to my surprise when i went to collect my cellphone they had replaced my phone with phone which was not in the best conditions like u had fingerprints on the screen & big scratches on the handsets on several places. I had maintained my cellphone very well and i don't feel that the service center is doing the right thing in replacing my handset with a faulty instrument. I am very dissatisfied with the services that i have received from the service center,now i never feel like buying a sony ericsson handset and also recommend all my friends not to buy it as well.


  • Ab
    Abhijit Lele Aug 24, 2007

    You are absolutely right. All Sony Service centers are pathetic. Sony phones are costly but day after day their service is deteriorating. My K750i is still with the Mumbai Lamington Road Service Center and now they say we will not repair as its as physical damage. Only the joystick is not working and they say it was waterlogged. Pathetic Sony service. Never buy sony phones. This was my first sony phone and now probably the last sony phone. Right now am working with Nokia 6021, its working at its best.

    Nokia is best in India in all terms.

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  • Di
    DILBAGH SINGH Sep 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my w800i phone going to bad condition. i purchase this phone before 1 month but mobile joystick don't work so i cannot use it. Sony service center cannot repair mobile. They sad that give me money than i repair your phone.

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  • Bn
    B.N.JHA Jul 02, 2009


    No Thanks

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  • Bn
    bn praveen Sep 14, 2009

    this is been the worst service I've ever had ... i had keypad prob and software problem ... i got everything serviced and many parts replaced so that it works properly but in matter of few days i started facing the same problem ... i approached the same service center and left cell for two more days again for re service ...

    after all these now in matter of days again I'm having new problems like cell doesn't catch the network too ... there's always problem ... i cross checked the Sim connection with friend's cellphone ... there it worked ... in my cell its having problem ... from my residence its 23km for this service center and I'm fed up with this problem ... i want some strict action to be taken against the service center located in jaynagar 4th block Bangalore... these are very bad ### people who are not even friendly ... if I'd been given authority i'd have fired all of them ... damn bad service

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Sony Ericsson Untrust worthy Company

I am a regular customer of Sony Ericsson. One of their mobile products "P 990i" purchased by me in April started malfunctioning within days and neither their customer care nor certified service center also of no help to me in getting the problems resolved. The ordeal continued and complaints were flashed to their Global Director , Executive VP and global press as well. I have also published in the net and lodged complaint to the CORE.

In the mean while Sony Ericsson agreed to refund the amount spent on the mobile and requested me to withdraw all complaints posted in the website.

After receiving reply from CORE to settle the dispute amicably, and after a careful thought due to lack of time, I agreed to resolve the issue and requested them to refund my amount but to my dismay, the brand is neither responding nor giving me the amount as promised. The contents of the mail published ay CORE site is reproduced for all concerned.

July 26,2007

I welcome the decision of M/s Sony Ericsson India Ltd to refund the entire money i.e. Rs 31503/- (Rupees Thirty One Thousand Five Hundred Three Only) which they have already conveyed telephonically on Jun 27th and via e- mail on 28, 2007 by Mr. Apram Kochhar and also thank the CORE team for mediating between us.

Although, Sony Ericsson can't give me back the humiliation suffered at the hands of their staff and the trauma undergone for the past few months, I expect them either to provide compensation comparable to the one I was denied / by gifting the handset I have been using or a full apology from the Head -Sony Ericsson India Limited and an assurance that he takes responsibility for the error.

I would like to remind SE that from my experience, this situation was a dramatic letdown from the superlative service that I usually enjoyed from SE. In fact, I have always been loyal to your firm because of the quality product I have received from you and your attentive staff. I suggest that you coach your customer care service in proper complaint handling procedures and in customer relations/customer retention. Their behavior does not reflect positively on Sony Ericsson.

Further it is worth remembering that any firm may be allowed to sell its products here, but if the buyers take a stiff stand, no foreign company can survive for long unless they are consumer friendly. The option left with us could be "Boycott."

MNCs thrive because of our inherent weakness of which we are proud. Had this happened in the West, the MNC would have its arm wrenched to pay a ransom. Does this not show that consumers are more tolerant to aberrations in India - a mindset that MNCs exploit to the hilt?.

If large amount of compensation awarded would definitely act as an eye-opener and would ensure that MNC’s think twice before refusing to provide services to its customers as the consumer is king in the West. Consumer protection and awareness of one's rights are still non-existent in India.

Fragile products coupled with horrendous customer service!

I am just writing with regards to a Sony VGN-SZ220 laptop that I had sent in to Sony for repairs. Though my computer was still under warranty, I was notified by Sony after several days of sending the laptop in, that I needed to pay about $170 for some 'cosmetics damages'. I was infuriated. Firstly, I had detached the wireless antenna in fear of it being accidentally broken during the repair. Otherwise, I had sent in the unit in perfect working conditions. I did not understand how come I suddenly had cosmetics damages with the batteries. I figured it was just a way of them making additional profit. I called them, reprimanded them sternly about the 'cosmetics damages' that they were going to charge me on, and insisted that they drop all those redundant charges. I am expecting to have my Sony laptop back with me with in two days, and I am expecting more troubles with Sony.

One final word for those who wants to buy Sony : Sony might seem to be the Gucci of computers, and true, their products works well. But it is one heck of fragile products, coupled with horrendous customer service and repair representatives. I'd stay away from Sony for these reasons.


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    I bought a Sony Vaio-VGNAR61S . from you A sony center, the webcam was now working from the outset, the drive stopped working within a month. The shop could not fix it, and niether did tech support on the phone resolve the issue.

    The shop refussed a refund, and refused to replace it. It is sony center's policy not to refund or replace faulty laptops they sell you.

    I had to pay previously paid £130 for windows vista ultimate upgrade, only to find the CD drive did not work. I also purchased previously other software like antivirus online subscriptions so am loosing more money.

    I also purchased an external hard disc at £100 to backup the HD because the blueray disc did not work. Sony Center refused to reimburse all cost, am seeking legal advise. This is the store in Crawley, beware.

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