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Complaints & Reviews

Worst service

I bought a Sony Vaio computer (laptop), but found battery problem and contacted customer support 5 times. They promised again again and send me empty boxes through FeDex without battery inside. I complained each time, they continued to send me the box without battery. I gave up and decided to return the computer back to the shop (Best Buy). I will NEVER buy sony computer and will NEVER recommend it to others.

  • Ha
    Hari Krishnan R Nov 16, 2009

    Sony Service sucks... For the name the brand h their has they get too many issues with their VAIO's and the service takes 10 to 15 days after the computer reaches them...

    You'll be left clueless of whats happening for a week or so... :(

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  • Da
    Daniel123z Dec 10, 2009

    I bought Sony Vaio on 11/11/09, from the day i purchased, i m facing problems, i asked 4 replacement, but they asked me to handover to service dept. to get repaired, y should i handover it to service??????

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does not read disc at all

my ps3 all of a sudden stopped working, while playing a game now, i now my warranty is out cause i do not...

Pathetic services, low quality products

My name is Meenu Arora, unfortunately on 10th August 2008, I have purchased a Sony Ericsson w380i from one of the shop of delhi. From 10th August itself my bad time has started. I bought this phone for my personal purpose but frankly speaking could not use this phone for my personal purpose even for a single day. This phone has network problem, while talking ( if anytime phone gets connected by chance) phone gets disconnected, there is one special feature been told to me, called gesture control, even this feature did not work for a single time, For network which is a basic thing for any mobile, I have submitted this phone to the Sony Ericsson Service Centre, Darya Ganj, Delhi for 6 – 7 times and every time they have assured me that my phone will work fine now, but it is still not working and it is in the same condition. Service Centre people claims that they have changed all the parts of my mobile and given me the new IMEI Number also which is all in vain, because this mobile is not at all working.

The basic problem which i feel in this mobile is the network problem. While making a call, The network stops and at that time my call immediately get disconnected. Many a times, my friends n relatives make a complaint to me that my phone is coming "not reachable". I also have a nokia mobile phone with the same airtel connection in it with no any such problem. Sometimes even when i try to call from my nokia mobile to this Sony Ericsson, it comes as not reachable.

Now I have few questions, My warranty period is going to be over on 09th August 2009, what will I do with this faulty phone now?? As of now my patience is almost over so I am not going to deposit this phone again and again in the so called Sony Ericsson service centre.

Now I do not want anymore repairs on this phone, wants this to be replaced as soon as possible or else refund my money. Otherwise, I have no choice instead of sending a legal notice to your company or go to the consumer court.

I know that Sony Ericsson is such a branded company I never expect this type of service.

Looking forward positive and Favourable response from your side as early as possible.

Need your immediate intervention to get Justice regarding this.

Meenu Arora

Email id :- ameenu.[protected]

For your reference:-
Old and Original IMEI Number – [protected]
New IMEI Number - [protected]


My sony DVD home theatre, Model no: HCD-D2151KB was not functioning. I got your telephone number through "Just dial". The DVD was taken by your person by name Sugesh. WO no is T1Q 468 dtd 17-06-09. But even after calling repeatedly, the DVD is not repaired Finally it was assured by Madam Meera that the DVD will be repaired & delivered positively on 11-07-09 other wise the DVD will be returned. With this assurance on last Wednesday ie on 1-07-09 I kept quite. Now on this day also it is not repaired. Hence kindly return the DVD immediately today itself as assured by you, with out any further delay. Please do the needful before I (as a customer) take furthur action.

B V Nagesh
No: 3, Sre Rashmi, 10th Cross, swimming pool extn.

  • Ju
    Just Dial Mar 15, 2010

    Dear Mr.Nagesh,

    We would like to understand & resolve your grievances to serve the best services for long & healthy business terms.
    Kindly contact on 080 23535132 or mail on [email protected]


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  • Ju
    Just Dial Bangalore Mar 24, 2010

    Dear Nagesh,

    Thanks for being a member of Just Dial Services. With reference to our telephonic discussion regarding your complaint, all the problem has been resolved.

    Further, If you will have query/problem related to your respective contract, please feel free to contact in Customer Support on 080 23535132

    Thanking You,
    Just Dial Customer Support-Bangalore

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Here the text of my complaint again Sony Online Entertainment LLC for " DISCRIMINATION"


Dear gentlemen,
I am foreign and i live in france,
I have buy 4 exemplairs of the game " Pirate of the bourmihg sea " of this company.

The esponsables of this have bloked my accounts and not allowed me utilise the products that i have buy.

All the reason give to me are only some " DISCRIMINATIONS " agaist people becouse they are differents, do or think in a different way, or are weak of others, not fluent in enlish.

I have buy one product and i have the rigth to utilise it.

And this withoult that people try forced me with obloques or other to not do.

I require that my acconts will be reactived.

Complaint olos to IC3, Pegi, Staysafetyonline


  • Sh
    Sheeyah Jul 05, 2009

    Sony is based in Japan so I don't think they have problems with non-English speaking customers. In fact, if you go to the Sony Online Entertainment website you'll see you can view the site in several languages, including French.

    I don't know what the problem is, because I cannot tell from the way you wrote the email to them, but I doubt it has anything to to with discrimination.

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  • Ca
    Carlo Jeanrenaud Sep 16, 2009

    Tkx for your answer.
    Dont you think that if the " communoty leader " banned some one becouse in " him soul "
    he think that is " antisocial " is one form of discrinimation ?
    If some one not will made team who the people who have spit on him face is for you antisocial ?

    Is only one game for 12 years child and olso weak player must be allowed to play withoul be obliged play like the others.

    Banned some one only becouse he is in any way different is " Discrimination "

    Carlo Jeanrenaud ( Arianna in the game )

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Inadequate response/non addressing of issues

Product: C902
I bought this phone in jan 2009. Extremely poor flash problems in low light personal/social situations. Replaced brand new phone and encountered same problems. googled problems with c902 and biggest problems were with the low light insufficient led flash photo which ruined many, many pictures and experiences. paid 550 for this c902 and even sent in for repair with no improvement. As i suspected with all the websites, no changes seem to be done. Simply, send the original phone back without even looking at the extensive letter sent with the phone even providing examples of the crappy pictures in indoor low light situations. I used to be a consistent customer and never had problems with my k790 or earlier models. I guess SE has failing management and is going downhill. If any one cares to do their own research, you will find that the flash problem is the most highly complaint and people dropping left and right against se now. Get your company together or lose a loyal customer forever, not to mention my own agenda to disparage SE and their response and crappy overpriced products now. Sent another email complaint and they sent typical response which was to update the software which was the only thing they did after i sent in my phone for repair ignoring the extensive list of problems and examples i included with the mailing in of the defective product.

Sony Ericsson is non responsive and going down hill fast. No wonder no major carrier really wants to brand with them!!

blue haze taking over picture screen

My folks have a kdf42we655 lcd tv and it is getting a blue haze that is taking over the picture screen. Sony...

Blue Ray Movie Audio output

We bought the Sony PS3 80g to be abe to play blue ray movies as well as games. The problem starts when we try to play a blue ray movie on the PS3 - the movie does not play in our 5.1 surround sound home theatre system. The games will play in 5.1, but the movies will not. We get sound out of only one speaker; the right front - thats it! We called Sony and they want to blame our receiver - but it's not the receiver, it plays all other movies and TV and the PS3 games just fine - it's a firmware problem with the PS3 playing blue ray movies. Sony is being very deceptive and not telling anyone that the PS3 will not play the blue ray movies in 5.1 sound. The only help you receive over the phone is lying and deception - they know their product sucks and just wait until you are at your wits end and hang up. We will never buy another sony product because of this. I hope they go out of business!

obloqui, spit, verbal abousing, violation of right of answer , power abouse , discrimination.


Non responsive behaviour

Dear Reader,
This complaint is against sony service centre non responsive behaviour.I purchased my laptop in Aug 2008 and one day I felt no of problems in my laptop-
1-My laptop left click was not working
2-My charger was not working
3-My screen right hinge got some internal problem

I went to service centre and ask for help and they noted down and directly told me that these all are physical damages and it is out of free service polic.I got shocked.They took one week and gave me charger, and correct left click problem but did not do anything for hinge which was most important.I hope this hinge would not sustain for longer period and I am afraid that when it would work on that day they would demand for huge money as they genrally say this is physical damage even it is not.
I hope I would not recommend my 150 juniors to purchase sony vaio in my college and would request my college management to stop representative for giving any demo infront students if they doesn`t respond me positively.
I hope any top manager would read this and respnse me before i talk any furthur step.

Santosh Singh
International School Of Management Excellence,
Whitefield, Bangalore

not turning on,not recognized

i have sony ericsson k550i .it is been serviced for two is not turning on and when i keep it to PC it is not please tell me what to do for that problem.please any one reply me ...

Wanted to know if the lottery is true or fale???

Hi sir,

This Ezatullah Ahmadi and I have got a message to my cell phone saying that I won 500, 000.00 pounds as Sony Ericsson's 7th unnaversary and I gave them my details now I reply me back saying that please pay delivery money to western union bank and we will send you the cheque, please let me know if it is fake or reall! I did not pay them the money. my email address is [protected] thanks I will really appreciate your help otherwise I would have pay the money!

scratched, spent keyboard

I bought a Sony Vaio CR520D in July/2008 and the keyboard got spent with no more than 5 months of use. When I bought it, the vendor and people from the Sony Store told me, for sure, that I could get support here in Brazil. Unfortunatly, here in Brazil Sony says people from Sony in Canada lied to me. And even worst, they didn't even tried a solution. Qhat I can say is never buy a Sony Product if you want support, if you want yout product workingwell.

scratched, spent keyboard

  • Ju
    jusse May 18, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think Brasil are a scam... they should give you all the support no matter what country you are and I am surprise because usually Brasil ways help people with any problems... good luck

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  • La
    Lassitude1 Oct 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Agreed!! I experienced the same abysmal support from my Sony Vaio laptop purchased in Dubai. Customer service is total crap

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  • La
    Lassitude1 Oct 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Totally Agree. I experienced the same abysmal support from Sony Canada, Sony UAE and Sony Intl. There is no support and they dont seem to give a sht. No more Sony for me..

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they take my scan copy of my passport and say we will give you credit but never reply back

i spoke to ms kim chung who said that she has playstation 3 for sale when i said i will buy them she said i give u the package first then you give me the money after it arives so i agreed then she said that i neeed to see your passport so scan it and send it me which i did now i am worried about she will do some fraud with my id she took from me every time i send her emails she never replys back to them this is her email adress mongk.[protected] they should be taken of the website also they should not be trustpassss company

  • Sv
    svenzzon May 15, 2009

    They also scammed me.
    Paid 520 dollars, no package... no contact.
    I will hund down the IP..

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  • Sv
    svenzzon May 15, 2009

    I paid with western union so hopefully they had a camera where and
    when this person recieved the money...

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Lost PSP and lousy customer service

I sent in my kids psp for a screen repair, sony sent me back a refurb psp with a broken hinge on the game door. I called and they sent me another box. I sent the psp in the package they gave me and never heard back. When I called in they said they never received the package and directed me to UPS. UPS pointed me back to sony saying they have no record of the package and since Sony issued the label they must initiate a request through UPS. After several calls back and forth with the ignorant reps at Sony, they initiated a request with me via conference call. UPS has no record of the package and stated the label sent to me could have been a different tracking# by mistake. The also noted that the label sony states should have been on there showed the ship to address of my home instead of Sony's repair place. (Already a red flag somethings not right.) Well, they (Sony) stated they would open an investifgation and get back, they never did. I called them back after 2 weeks and told my case was closed because this was a UPS issue and they had nothing to do. They were very rude, no sympathy nothing. When I asked for a manager, they would put me to the guy next to them that sounded like a 14 year old boy through puberty. I asked for another manager and was given another rude person with no customer service experience. I could not even have a professional conversation. I was hung up on twice by the same person, ARTURO and held on hold for over 2 hours on one day, no one cared when I mentioned this. There service was very bad. Even though I feel they let me done and they should own up to this issue, I would have taken an option of purchasing another unit or refurbished unit at a discounted price. They would not give me any options. I am stuck with no PSP, a $300 bill on my credit card when purchasing the unit in Nov 08 for the bundle and insurance, and a $100 for the screen repair. The totally suck!!! beware. I have spent thousands of doallrs on Sony and they have let me down big.

  • Sh
    Shekhar May 12, 2009

    My name is Chandrashekhar Sangdhore and I am from India - Mumbai. Recently i purchased a PSP and i must say that the customer service of SONY is way below their standards! I cannot play my UMD in the PSP, when i asked the Authorized Service Center guy to help me out, he asked me to take it to another store which is 70 miles away from my place. When i reached the store, there was no one to understand or solve my query. There is not even an online form which we can fill and the company contacts us. I am a die hard fan of playstation and the game titles but after this horrible experience i feel i should switch to X-box 360. I am sure Microsoft wont disappoint its users. If anyone from Sony global read this and if you are a part of Sony PSP division than please contact me and help resolve this problem ASAP. my contact number is +91-9833637393 or u can write to me at [email protected]

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  • Ni
    nick May 18, 2009

    I am very surprise that there are only two people complaining about service with SONY.
    Their customer service (if you can call it that) treat us buying customer as if we don't know what service means.
    When you buy SONY, one expect a global product with global solution. I buy a unit in Hong Kong and brought it back to USA. When something was wrong with it..guess what? They want me to go to Hong Kong and fix it there!!

    These clowns does not even know Hong Kong is part of China and all their product is made in China.

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Worthless TV

We purchased this very expensive $4, 500.00 Sony projection TV in May 2006. It has been to the repair shop twice and we have had to pay an additional $1000.00 out of pocket to have it repaired -- even though we bouth the extended warranty from Circuit City. It now has sat idle since November of 2008, and I just decided this is wrong -- it does not work, and has never worked properly. I just got off the phone with Sony and all he could say was that I should have bought the extended warranty through Sony and not Circuit City. How can they not stand behind such a huge investment. I would never buy anything from them again -- and I think someone needs to hold them accountable. Please CNN - HELP US !!

  • Bl
    Blair Webb May 09, 2009

    I'm having the same problem with my Sony Projection TV and it now sits idle gathering dust with a small TV on top for our viewing pleasure!! Nobody stands behind their product any more look at the car industry and what poor quality, reliability and customer service have done for them. I join the Sony boycott with you.

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Bad customer service

I purchased a Sony Playstation 3 on 9/30/07. I recently purchased the video game Resident Evil 5. I put the disc in to play the game. The disc had a version update ( ver 2.52). I loaded the version update and played the game for an hour.I shut the game down and came back 20 minutes later to play again and the PS3 system wouldn't read any discs. I called the Sony help line and talked to an operator named Jason. I explained what happened. He immediately went into his sales pitch and told me I was out of warranty and would have to pay $150 to get the system fixed. I told him I didn't have the money and asked if they would wave the fee. He said we needed to try some troubleshooting but if it didn't work they would wave the fee. I attemted his troubleshooting and nothing worked. I called back the next day and got a different operator and he said there was no way they would repair the system without the $150. I have since been online to see if this was a common problem and it appears that it is. People have had the system for different time periods ranging from days to weeks to months and experienced the exact same problem. This is a known problem and Sony has found a way to profit off of their mistakes. This is absurd. SHAME ON YOU SONY!!!

  • Mi
    Minuteman221 Jun 16, 2009

    ### company. I've been a Sony fanboy since the original Playstation, and i'm a big fan of many game franchises on Sony consoles. I have bought every system/portable put forth by this company. At one time, i had a problem once with my PS2, but that was resolve without too much of a hassle. Then, my PS3 goes out on me...And these motha**ckers can't even reward my loyalty to them. I had to shell 150.00 dollars to get it fixed. Not to mention, they lost the original shipping box...and customer svc utterly sucks...shittty as ###!. Ultimately, I didn't get my replacement i.e re-furbised PS3 till after a month. Now, THAT ### system has also gone out on me, conveniently after 3 months...which is when the warranty expires. Now, i'm stuck with a gooddamned shoebox...Which i will no doubt fix...cuz i love my Tekken and many more...But i guarantee you...I ain't no sony fanboy no more. I'll deal with them only if i have to.


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  • Me
    me5 Aug 16, 2009

    We too have experienced the same problem!!! I am furious with these people. My boys were given money towards the PS3 gaming system for Christmas. Together they came up with the rest that they needed to make the purchase. I allowed them to dig into their savings accounts and I now I am soooooo angry with myself! The game worked fine for about 8 mo. and then just quit one day. Has anyone gotten any help or relief with this? Has anyone paid the $150 to actually get it fixed? How long does it work after you pay and get the system back? I have a feeling it will continue to eat at our wallets.

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  • Jo
    John N. Vause Aug 18, 2009

    I have paid the 150 dollars after going round and round with Sony about how unfair I thought it was, and how thousands of people are having the same problem. They stuck to their guns and made me pay the 150 dollars. I sent my PS3 out and got it back in 2 weeks. I've had it back for 4 months and it's still working. The biggest problem I have is they won't tell me what they fixed. I turned Sony into the BBB. I suggest everyone do the same. Good luck

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  • Bl
    bladesmotorhead Mar 03, 2010

    Hi, I think it is about time we the consumers of the ps3 product stick together and file a nationwide, everyone on board lawsuit against Sony for our expences acrued for repairing a product that barly lasts past there warranty date and or Quits reading the discs after a ps3 update. My PS3 system started acting up after the 3.15 update and now after the clock rolled back to 12/31/99 and set several error codes from 3-1-2010 now my system will not load PS3 games. I talked to Sony and informed them and they told me the same thing, you will have to send it in for repair. Most of the complaints are that the Blu-ray player quits working after the update. I informed them that a few people I know are talking about starting a websight for all ps3 owners that have acrued expences for repairing a inferior product that they keep charging $150.00 for repair only after a update or playstation network problem that takes out your system. All they could say is we are sorry. So I informed them that they are right. They are SORRY!!! A sorry excuse of a company that continues to milk money out of there customers. You can E-mail me at [email protected] If we the consumers can get a few thousand people on board, we the consumers will have a lawsuit that SONY will never forget.

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  • Po
    Pompdaddy Mar 05, 2010

    I got the yollow light of death this morning and when I called the jerk off said pay to get it fixed or don't get it fixed WE DON'T CARE. Of course they don't care cause we keep paying.I filed a complaint with the BBB and hope others do the same.And if anybody does want to start a website i am in [email protected] please anyone who reads this do not pay when you didn't break it cause all you are doing is bending over for these guys to continue to rape you.I'm gonna miss my system too, but i will not bow to those ###.

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  • Ro
    rockbottomts Dec 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My system has been working fine for the past 3 years. I baby the hell out of it to make sure I never live the horror stories i've heard about. But when I did the update to play some new games I bought, IT STOPPED READING DISC!!! This is crazy. i have brand new games i just bought and this happens. I can't even get through to Sony. Somebody help me. If there is a lawsuit, I'M ON BOARD [email protected]

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confirming is true or not

I received message from uk sonyericson .As per his instruction I forwarded all details document and
Amount for receiving my wining prize .But now I have doubt .I will be grateful if you tell me its true or not
My address: Ohidur Rahman Chowdory
email: [protected]
mobile : 00968-[protected]
Below email summary.if you i want give you details.

Sony Ericsson House
202 Hammersmith Road
London, W6 7DNz
United Kingdom
Dr. Marcus Wallenberg
Congratulations, we the staffs of SONY ERICSSON congratulate you as one of the lucky winners on this year SONY ERICSSON MOBILE REWARD SCHEME. Your mobile number has been selected at random by our computer system of networking and has won for you the sum of £500, 000.00 GBP (Five Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds) and all information concerning the facilitation of your claims have been properly verified..

Note: Your verification number tagged to your winning mobile number is


  • Su
    surinder1399 Jul 31, 2009

    Dear Sir
    i m using sonyericson mobile (T700) from 6 month n i m facing a problem regarding disconnection of calls when i m talking 2 someone continuously 10 to 20 min the mobile disconnected. i had submitted my cell to the service center at 101 shop no NIT faridabad but they had not made any solution for this n now i had submitted my cell again at same service center for another problem ( cell has showing enhancement problem n from one month the cell has been submitted at the service center bt no solution made by service center n some other users also facing problem with the service center
    i m requested to u make suitable solutions for all the users or get closed the service otherwise i will submitted court case regarding this problem.

    with best regards
    surender chaudhary

    0 Votes
  • Su
    sunnykhanz Sep 27, 2009

    I also got the same mail with different verification number and i called up Dr. MArcus he said he will send me the Western union Receipt which i have pay in any branch in Western Union in Dubai then i can get my Cheques i didnt pay yet as i need to ensure whether it is real or Counterfeit.

    0 Votes
  • Us
    USMAN MUGHAL Feb 08, 2010

    I received message from uk sonyericson .As per his instruction I forwarded all details document and
    Amount for receiving my wining prize .But now I have doubt .I will be grateful if you tell me its true or not
    email: [email protected]
    mobile : +92-333-8722552
    Below email summary.if you i want give you details.

    0 Votes
  • Va
    valoni Jun 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I Recive one emailin in my inbox ...So you tell me that Im Winer of £350, 000.00 ( Three Hundred And Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds).That email receive from sonyericsson Promo...Plese tell me is thid truth or no end also tell me something about this.Best Regards

    0 Votes
  • Ba
    balanjoshy Dec 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    please deactivate service on my mobile 0097339468828 bahrain

    0 Votes
  • Ic
    i cant understand Jan 03, 2011

    i have recieved message from 233204152079 message is u have been awarded 500, 000 gbp in the on going sonyercsoncash splash .i cant understand what is this please expalin me...

    0 Votes
  • Je
    jeegar shah Jun 21, 2011

    the phone is giving problem fron the day of purchase...gets hanged and restarts automatically...the mothereboard is also changed still the problem arise...i wish u could replace the handset

    0 Votes

customer service honoring warranty

I purchased a Sony vaio pink notebook and a 52 in . t.v. on March 12, 2008 with my visa /debit card the...

what to do

I have been a Playstation consumer for many years. I've owned the original playstation.
I've purchased and still own the PS2 and PSP.
December of 2007 I purchased a 40 gig PS3. I have had the pleasure of owning it for just
shy of 15 months. My 1 year warranty ran out just in time for the system to crash.
Prior to this, I've been waitng for a few months for the release of Map Pack 1 for
Call of Duty 5 WaW. It was due to be released March 19th at 6pm. At around noon that
day my system shut down and would not power. I made a formal inquiry to PlayStatioin
network via telephone (complaint # [protected]). I am extremely displeased in what I
have been advised. I can ship my PS3 to your company where it can be assessed and possibly
fixed. After payment of all the shipping fees, the assesment fee, and other fees, I will
be shipped my repaired PS3 or a refurbished PS3 with only a 90 day warranty. The cost of
this is close enough to the price of just buying a new one. This is unsatisfactory.
A $500 machine should last longer than 15 months. There was no option to even purchase
an extended warranty that I was aware of at time of purchase either. I also did
anticipate my new purchase to crash in that short of a time period. The purpose of this
letter is to express my lack of satisfaction with your products and it's services. I do
not have any interest in purchasing a replacement of this product or paying repair bills
that are almost equivalent to that price.

Respectfully Unhappy,

Joe Larsh

  • Ne
    Neil1982 Apr 15, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had to pay £145, because my ps3 got the yellow light of death which since you were repairing them for free up until the 11th of feb 2009 has made me very angry. I have always stuck with sony but this has got my back up now you can get an xbox 360 out of the shops for less than that. Microsoft fix the red ring of death for free and the xbox 360 has been out longer than the ps3, also I pay £450 for my ps3 in 2007 which doesnt even last much longer than 2 years, my ps 1+2 are fine. Anyway I kept the old 60gig hard drive so the least you lot can do is tell me how to recover the data that is still on there and transfer it to my new ps3 hard drive.

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  • Ne
    Neil1982 Apr 15, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry I just pasted my complaint to sony I am refuring to them.

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