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I had recently checked out the Skype website to see what it entailed, but never signed up for it as I was in the process of moving and knew I wouldn't have time to use it immediately. While checking out my bank account statement online I noticed two pending charges from Skype to my account for $12.93 each. I immediately called my bank but they said because these were still pending charges they couldn't do anything about it until they cleared. They suggested I contact Skype, which I did. I kept getting letters back from them saying they needed the first 6 and last 4 digits of my credit card. I tried numerous times, unsuccessfully, to tell them that there was no credit card involved, that it was my checking account. They must have sent 10 letters (all of which I responded to) stating that they still needed my credit card numbers. No matter what I did they couldn't get it that there was no credit card and no way in hell was I giving them my bank account number. When I told them that the bank was now going to be investigating fraud charges against them amazingly the charges disappeared from my account that day. I wouldn't trust Skype for one second! They're not the brightest in the world!


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      Feb 12, 2010

    Unbelievable that a technology company can't perform a simple business transaction.

    My credit card company sent me a new credit card number because of a
    potential security compromise. As a result, this required the merchants
    of recurring charges on this card to be notified so there could be a
    valid number.

    When I tried to change my credit card number for my Skype Unlimited, I was told I couldn't do that, and that I would have to cancel my subscription and make a new purchase. Really stupid. Worse is that my old rate of $9.95 per month will now go up to $12.95 per month. Hmmm...

    When I asked for help to make this simple change, I was just stiff armed and some idiot just parroted back policy.

    This does notseem right at all...most companies allow for changes in credit card
    information, especially for recurring charges, and DON'T force the
    customer to make a new purchase.

    I'm going to be looking at other options now...sleazebags!

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