I ordered things from Taobao. My parcel reached Skynet warehouse on 3 October 2017. My delivery address was at Putrajaya, Selangor. On 4 October, I tracked my parcel was at Skynet Sepang, but not out for delivery. I called Skynet Sepang and they said my parcel was not at their delivery area, so they would transfer my parcel to Skynet Kajang on the same day. On the next day, 5 October 2017, I called Skynet Sepang, they said my parcel already send to Skynet Kajang yesterday and they advised me to call Skynet Kajang. Thus, I called Skynet Kajang for my parcel and Skynet Kajang said they hadn't receive my parcel. In the end, where is my parcel? Please be responsible toward customer as we already paid for the service. Thank you.

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