SkyNetpoor service (skynet melaka)

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bad very very bad service...the driver did not even hon and call my phone no to receive the parcel.but they sent out the slip said to self collect my parcel.leaving a phone no. to call but they did not answer it and rejected my call.

then i make a complain to Lazada because i've ordered my item there and the customer service said that i am not around when the skynet delivering my parcel.Me and my mom in the house at that moment!!! and Lazada said that Skynet will have 3 attempt to sent out the parcel, and will make the 2nd attempt by this week.Yay! no self collect for my side!

And after Lazada sent out the report to Skynet, this fella from Skynet sms me and said that the driver is not around and will sent my parcel tomorrow, then i said pls call my no after honking the van. he said the driver will only hon and will not call.WHAT?!? lousy delivery service!
Pos Laju will make sure the parcel is received...and this stupid lousy SkyNet Melaka just ask us to self pick up.
And whatever it is, they need to sent out my parcel in front of my home . I really hope Lazada just cut ties with Skynet. This really effects Lazada reputation. And Skynet just shut down your lousy service & let the professionals (Pos Laju or GDex) do their job.


  • Ja
    jadah eh Jul 12, 2017

    macam bongok eh skynet punya service. barang dekat 2 minggu tak sampai2. takde call takde tinggal notis apa. bila call centre, takde angkat pun. macam bongok!!!

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  • La
    Lady_hass Aug 29, 2017

    Yup Skynet Melaka memang cam bongok, call beratus kali pun tak angkat, barang tak sampai tu sebab kita call, kau fikir aku suka-suka nak call

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  • Ly
    Lyi Ana Sep 19, 2017

    i got 2 issues to complaint:
    1) PLEASE FIX YOUR CUSTOMER CARE LINE SERVICE!!! IT'S SUCKS! i call the number so many times in few days and it's always busy n no one pick up ? seriously ? i wasn't just tried to reach out to one of ur number, i called all of them ! and all the numbers happen to be the same [censor] ! this wasn't the first time, it happens before.
    2) YOUR DELIVERY SERVICE IS BAD ! my recipients complaint your delivery guy never call them before they make the delivery (since your delivery time is never efficient, people sometimes have to wait 1-2 weeks, so u can't expect the recipients to wait for your delivery guy every single day for 1/2weeks. so please MAKE A PHONE CALL TO THE RECIPIENTS BEFORE THE DELIVERY!), all they got was just a memo asking to self pickup ? well i know this can be a hassle, that's why you should have a policy to call the recipients (or at least send out a memo to the recipient's number) first to confirm the date n time for the parcel to be deliver, this can save your time and energy too !

    if this wasn't because the contract my company has bound to your service, i will never ever use yr service again! you will lost your customer slowly and your company will shut down if this keep happening and you never going to fix it

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  • Lo
    louiskba Nov 02, 2017

    Yes, this is true in melaka. The guy asked us to go down pick up and don't care even complain. He dared to threaten me tengok ape when i asked that's him didn't want to walk up staircase! Never send and call and ring the bell but blame us not at home! It's useless to call up centre because the operator will give you their boss contact number to complain... Is that our job?

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  • Ga
    garymanjuk Nov 24, 2017

    I think everybody dont use skynet service anymore. It happened to me this afternoon. I did tracking, the parcel arrived melaka wednesday morning. Two days never arrive my house. I went asking for the parcel. They keep busy checking and the said the van has come twice but im not home..that the [censor]. I was at home the whole day yesterday. that what happen when they employ drug pusher to work there. the workers there seems all malay( melayu tak makan babi) tapi very rude mcm babi.. customers pay u service

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  • Wh
    WhereverIMayRoam Oct 28, 2018

    @garymanjuk I think let's not play the race card here, although coincidentally all the staffs are of a particular race as I'm thinking the issue is probably deeper than lazy M race. As you may have realized the services of Poslaju and Lazada Express are considerably good, back in the day there were complaints about Poslaju not being 'laju' enough but my experiences with them these past 10 years were all great. Notice that both above-mentioned companies have the same race you mentioned in your post, working as staffs there, but their services are good. I have an inkling that perhaps Skynet itself sucks as an employer, causing the staffs to retaliate and not motivated at all in servicing the customer base so that this will give Skynet a bad name (while the workers try hard to find jobs elsewhere) and hopefully make Skynet may rethink their employees benefits etc?

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  • i'm calling few days...still not answer my call... what the hell going on...its was so bad company. my tracking already arrived to Cheng MKZ on 5th May 2018 but until now i'm not received yet. i'm keep calling them but never answer. [censored] this company. so tired and so anger with this people...

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  • So
    Soh Yik Hui Aug 15, 2018

    I already waiting more than 10 day, check with HQ already arrived to malaka 8th August but I everyday at home no listen any horn no received any call from delivery service call to malaka office also no response I am very very very angry.please teach your delivery boy or change the delivery boy thank you

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