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Good evening,

I am writing this email to share just how upsetting today was when trying to visit your park today. I had ordered 4 tickets for two younger children and two teenagers, only to drive 1.5 hours and be told that we were NOT able to go in and enjoy our 90 minutes because of a terrible policy called "Membership only Monday". First of all, please stop posting OPEN on your hours of operation if you are not allowing guests who purchase tickets to enter, because that is indeed CLOSED. When purchasing any membership, a "MEMBER" will be aware of any "special" hours offered to them. It was such a shame to not even be shown a tiny bit of grace and allow the kids to go in and have the fun that we hoped to have. Do you understand how sitting in a car for a long period of time to get to a fun destination and being told NO was horrible! AND you clearly weren't even busy at all! Yeah, check your records for this date, Monday-10/23/2023, because at 4:15 pm you were not one bit busy. It would have not hurt anyone to let those kids in and have fun and give us a friendly "Hey, next time Mondays are not available to the open public.". AND BY THE WAY, NO WHERE ONLINE STATES THAT THEY ARE CLOSED ON MONDAYS FOR MEMBER ONLY JUMPING.

I am extremely disappointed in the way you do business, and I will never buy tickets to go there ever again because carrying my 5-year-old daughter to the car while she is bawling her eyes out and watching her 7-year-old friend crying while walking away was maddening. They too drove a very far way to have some fun together. I'm sure there's no remorse and you don't really care but I truly hope you take into consideration how this didn't hurt me, you hurt little kids, what a shame.




Desired outcome: I want an apology for the embarassment and an apology to the children involved. A refund for the gas and tickets for myself and my friend. And the manager on duty to be reprimanded.

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