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Hey I made my order, it had a $5 coupon added for my discount. I add my visa into system and hit order, then the $5 coupon was removed and my order is $5 more? I dont want this order unless you can give me that $5 discount. Why did you remove it soon as I hit place order?

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Hello jeremy, this is heer with skipthedishes. One moment please while we look into this for you.



Thank you for reaching out to us. I appreciate you being patience. I can certainly understand where you’re coming from. I am looking into this for you, I will be back soon.


I just would have ordered something else cheaper. If I wasnt getting that


Thank you for your hold. Looks like the coupon did not apply due to awaiting payment. This can happen when there's a bad internet connection or a page times out. You can place the order if you want to or you can wait for 24 hours as it will be added back to your skip account within 24 hours automatically. We do not manually add the coupon.

Ok cancel the order then

Thats a scam


I can completely understand your concern and know how you are feeling right now. However, I am unable to add the coupon.

Because the courier has already picked up the order from the restaurant, we won’t be able to issue a refund if you cancel.

Not your fault. I just dont want it, it too expensive

Yes you will, you tried to rip me off I dont want the order. I am not paying for this.

This is skips fault, not mine

Credit my visa back.


I can completely understand your concern and know how you are feeling right now. I am not able to cancel the order and provide you with a refuna.

Let me speak to a manager

I'll call visa, this is fruad

I told you right when I placed the order, you waited till driver picked up the order to tell me this

Thats on you

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Claimed loss: $27

Desired outcome: Heer your employee told me sorry he wont refund my money

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