CB E-commerce Delivery Services SkipTheDishes 10/31 order and unprofessional customer service

SkipTheDishes review: 10/31 order and unprofessional customer service

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Hi there,

I would like to share my very poor experience with the Skipthedishes customer service yesterday and this morning, which was very unprofessional. I am looking for compensation on an order I received yesterday. Please see my chat transcript below, which includes an explanation of my experience. Jass unfairly ended the chat.

Chat started on 01 Nov 2023, 12:40 PM (GMT+0)

(12:40:17) *** [protected] joined the chat ***

(12:40:17) [protected]

Hi there, I would like to contact customer service regarding an issue with the service I received on this chat function yesterday

(12:40:47) *** Jass joined the chat ***

(12:40:55) Jass

Hello [protected], this is Jass with SkipTheDishes. How may we assist you today?

(12:42:17) [protected]

Hi Jass, I'm not sure if you can help me...I had an issue while trying to place an order yesterday, and was very disappointed with the service I received from the woman assisting me via this chat function. I'm wondering who I can speak to about that?

(12:42:45) Jass

I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Could you please tell me what kind of error you are facing?

(12:45:17) [protected]

So yesterday I wanted to order and use a voucher on my account. It was applied to the order, but when I went to pay it disappeared. I didn't want to place the order without the voucher, but the lady assisting me on customer support said there was nothing she could do, and I couldn't receive my discount on the current order. She simply said the voucher would appear in my account again in 24hrs. I was very disappointed that a voucher I received for poor service in the past couldn't be applied when I was giving skip a second chance. She was very unprofessional, taking 5 minutes to reply to some of my messages after I had waited in a long queue, and I spent half hour in the chat before she convinced me that I couldn't receive any discount and I placed the order, since I was hungry and my time had been wasted.

(12:45:58) [protected]

Furthermore, when we did receive our order from Magic Sushi in Winnipeg, MB, there were no chopsticks included and the fried sushi was lukewarm so we were disappointed in our sushi experience, too.

(12:46:22) Jass

Please confirm your e mail and phone number

(12:46:53) [protected]


(12:47:34) Jass

Thank you

(12:47:48) Jass

we added COUPON5 again and which will expired on Nov 3

(12:48:48) [protected]

Okay but that's not very fair, since we don't order skip often and certainly will not twice in one week. I think we should receive compensation for the order we placed yesterday.

(12:49:08) Jass

we cannot add any compensation

(12:49:18) [protected]

If you cannot help me with this, is there a head office I can contact

(12:49:18) Jass

we added same voucher again

(12:49:48) Jass

for this reason, we cannot do anything as we already added voucher

(12:49:58) [protected]

I am willing to call or e-mail a customer service line who will help me and listen to my poor experience., because you guys do not listen to me.

(12:50:17) Jass

we discontinued our call services

(12:50:27) Jass

we can only assist on chats

(12:50:40) [protected]

Is there a main office where I can send a letter of complaint?

(12:51:18) [protected]

In my opinion, the least you can do is add a voucher that would actually cover the cost of a meal. to use in the next 2 days is ridiculous. I paid more than I wanted to for my order yesterday and received horrible service.

(12:53:30) Jass

we cannot do anything here

(12:53:43) [protected]

Okay so where do I go for assistance

(12:54:10) Jass

it appears i explained everything in detail and this chat is not going anywhere so i am going to close this chat

(12:54:12) Jass

It was my pleasure to assist you today. Stay safe! Thanks for reaching out to SkipTheDishes. Have a great one!

(12:54:15) *** Jass left the chat ***

Desired outcome: I'd like an apology and compensation for my order.

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