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In January I purchased a pair of shoes from the Skechers in the Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, Michigan. Upon returning home I realized I was sold 2 different size shoes. Unfortunately, I live over an hour away so could not return immediately to take them back. Upon returning to the store, I was told I could not return them because it had been longer than 30 days since the purchase. I would have gladly kept the shoes in the first place if they had been the same size. I am quite disgusted with the customer service at this store. I had to wait 15 minutes before someone even asked why I was at the front counter, and this was after I had to yell to the back store room to ask if there was someone available to help me. I was told to wait for the manager who took another 5 minutes. I continued to wait, then was told I could not return the shoes. I asked the manager why not as the mistake was yours, not mine. She repeated the same info to me about it being past 30 days and said I should have called immediately upon realizing the shoes weren't the same size. I didn't realize a call would have fixed this, and this was not written on my receipt. I couldn't have returned the shoes any sooner anyway. The manager was impolite and clearly did not want to be troubled with my dilemma. She proceeded to process a credit before I agreed. I have no desire to use a store credit or ever purchase this brand again after how I was treated in their store. I've been wearing these shoes for about 12 years now, my husband and daughter wear them as well. I will never purchase this brand again. They've definitely lost a very loyal customer. I have NEVER been treated this poorly by a business in my life. I really thought Skechers was one of the better businesses out there, but I was very very wrong. I've been sure tell every single person I know about this, as well as ones I don't.

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Having worth a pair of Skechers toneups for the first time, I ended up with painfull blisters on my feet.

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Jul 01, 2013 9:25 pm

I just bought a brand new pair of Skechers about a month ago @ Shoe Depot the area by the toe stitch is tearing...The sad thing is I swear by Skecher products; I only have to purchase shoes about once every year an a half, I am a creature of habit and stand by the Skecher line...I would like a new pair the store will not help me without the receipt wich I no longer have, I paid cash...They are a size womans 8...any assistance in this matter would greatly be appreciated...

My Name is: Tina Weimer
My email is
[email protected]

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I'm sorry, but calling to find out about returns or to alert them that it may take you over a month is common sense.

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