SingTel / Singapore Telecommunicationsunprofessional service

C Jan 15, 2020

On 20/12/19, I went down to hello shop at One Raffles Place and was attended by a female staff. I did not take note of her name as it was a very quick session.
I checked with her the following.
-When can I re-contract my line which after checked, it will be in March 2020. And if I were to early terminate the same day, how much will the penalty be.
-She asked me why am I looking at re-contracting, I told her I am looking at number port to M1 as they offer a monthly plan of 30GB for SGD25, as every month I am exceeding my usage. She advised me the penalty to be at SGD120 if early termination.
-She returned my ID and I left.

The following days, I saw a promotion by SingTel which is 25/30GB for SGD25. I called SingTel and confirmed with one of the female agent when did the promotion started and it was on 18/12/19. I told her my unpleasantness that the agent at the Hello Shop did not inform me of such promotion despite the fact that I have the intention to number port to M1 for a similar plan. Ended up paying the early penalty and the miscellaneous fees incurred by M1. She mentioned she will check, and get back to me in 3-5 working days.
No calls received until the 7th and I called SingTel again to demand an explanation, which I repeated my whole story AGAIN.
This time round, the agent by the name of Sharina advised me that she will
investigate and get back to me latest 11/01/2020. No calls received till 14/01/2020.
So on the 14/01/2020, I called in again. This time round spoken to Ann.
She told me there is NO records of my past calls and NO notes captured in the system under my mobile [protected]!!! Which she claimed my number already ported to M1 and that she is unable to access to any information or records! WHAT is this ridiculous thing going on???

Background of my complaint.

1) The agent at the Hello Shop should be well versed and any on going promotions to be at her fingertips to inform customers like myself who has intention to terminate the contract and patronize other Telco which has same or at least similar plans! This is how to try to retain customers!
If she have done so, I could have saved the early termination fee and the one time subscription fees and all! Most importantly, to have saved the hassle of going to another Telco and Q up. All these are time consuming and costs!
Not only that, my number was initially from M1 and I ported to SingTel cause I always liked the service rendered by SingTel. The MAIN and ONLY reason why I have decided to port back to M1 was cause I did not know ST has similar good plans!
2) Call backs after calls back - promises by agents time and again there will be call backs to address my issues.
None called me back.
3) Last call made - NO records found!

I received my bill past days. And no way am I going to make payment until I receive a satisfactory explanation!

I am expecting a call back to me at [protected] the soonest!

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