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A Aug 17, 2018

I went down to Hello Singtel on 12/08/2018 to reinstate Home line number for [protected]
I was informed it was cut off on 9/8/2018 and time was needed to retrieve the number.
I was promised a call back at [protected] within 3 working days.

I waited and there was no call back.
I called again yesterday to request for call back today 17/08/2018 before 12 noon as I am catching a flight.
No call back again.
I called your customer service on this issue no status again and I was asked to wait again for a call back.

FYI we have been most patient with your customer service.
My husband had previously written in through email to request for an extension not to cut off the home line as the owner of this line has deceased. As we were out of Singapore and are not able to assist the elders of this Home line to pay off the bill yet.
One of your colleague called us afew days before 9/8/2018 and gave as a 2 weeks extension before the home line is to be cut off.

However to our horror the line was cut off on 9/8/2018!
Hence when we were back in SG we went down immediately to Hello Shop at AMK and spoke to this personel of yours and also sent him the death certificate

There are still old folks staying at this Home address and there are no means of communication right now!
What if urgent matters arise how do you expect them to ask for help !

The line has been active for ages and from your records I am sure all bills were promptly paid!
When my aunt the owner of this line passed the bills then came to a stand still as we were overseas.
What we are asking is to reinstate the line immediately and to retain this same number is it so difficult for your organization to arrange that ?!

I would expect an email reply ASAP at [protected] and [protected] with regards to this issue.

Kindly do not disappoint us again.
Thank you.

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