Singtelprepaid data roaming

H Jan 15, 2018

Of all the 3 major telcos in Singapore, Singtel has the worst customer service besides being inflexible and uncompromising. It's objective is to deduct as much money as it can from prepaid credit even though there's poor connectivity or sites fail or taking long time to load. When power off resetting phone, it is best to take out the Sim card. Next bad service is M1. Starhub is more compromising, thus I will switch to the latter when I get back.

It happened to me while I tried to go online in Thailand to search for a company's data. Google, Bing, Tripadvisor all failed to load. What's the use of purchasing roaming data when I could not even connect to Google for directions. I am throwing my $10 down the drain.

Instead of asking for refund, I requested to convert my balance 1019mb to local, and it replied "regret to inform you that we are not able to accede to your request". Suggested I do a manual AIS network selection, which I was already on AIS network. So, why are they selling this data roaming when it's not working in Thailand.

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