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I am very disappointed in singtel internet service. 2 years ago my internet connection had been disconnecting almost 3 to 4 times a day and we had call for 9 technician to come down to my house to fix it., but all of them say the disconnecting problem will not happen again but after they went back, at night the internet disconnected again.Recently i change my internet to 100mbps, but still the internet is lousy and it keeps on disconnecting. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED ON SINGTEL INTERNET SERVICE. Please do something about your internet.


  • Ha
    hannahjoe Oct 17, 2012

    I think singtel is the worst one i have never experienced, i spend so much on them, this year feb i went china and asked the service staff turn the date roaming service on for one month on my bb, and it should be 72 dollars a month and i only needed that month, and after i came back it was still one i found out around june wonder why i always end up paying 200 dollars bills and i never make lots calls. and i have my phone contract for 99 dollars a month already . so i called 1866 and the lady sounds nice at first, told me she will fix it, and she try to ask me all the those question like do i remember which staff i talked to, and on what date, and all those little things i can not recall, and she sounds troubled and made me feel it is my problem did not call back after i return in singapore, but i clearly told the staff in feb i only travel one month a needed one month data roamong plan, how clear is that !? and july i called them again cause i never see they return my credits as the first female staff promised. and the second staff has bad english and but she also promised will reture the bredit or i do not have to pay the bills until the money is even, until now i still paying 72 dollars a month without not using it .

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  • Yo
    YOYOYANG Jun 05, 2014

    We just upgraded the WIFI plan with paying more every month. 31st May (Sat), their technicians came to install the new model and can't get Internet connection. They said that they need to go back to fix some internal network issue and asked us to wait for them to get back to us.Until 3rd June (Tue), still no Internet connection and no feedback from them. We started calling them since 3rd June(Tue) and the call center person keep saying that they will send the request to relevant department and will get back to us soon. We keep calling again and again, and they told us that the Cable in the house got problem; I was thinking that nothing was wrong before changing the plan, why after that, the Cable in the house got problem. On 5th June(Thu), when we called and they told us that the fiber box outside the house can not send signal to our home, and one guy called us to make appointment to come down on 9th Jun (Mon). I requested them to come down on 7th June (Sat), he said that he need to confirm if their staff can come down on 7th June (Sat) and will call me to confirm. Up to now, I didn't receive any call to confirm the appointment. From 31st May to 6th June, one week's time, we keep calling and calling, waiting and waiting. I don't know what to say, as Singapore's NO.1 telecom. Service provider, I don't see any work efficiency and problem-solving skills from its people. Seems, we can only wait and wait...

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