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Yesterday i found out my broadband mobile modem was not working so I made a trip down to AMK hello shop to get a replacement of sim card but until today i still have connection problem so i made another trip down to get a replacement of device but the staff said they cannot give me a new one on the spot where i have to go to service center. I talked about my situation so he went to asked for this tall male manager (at 1.30pm on 27 July 2010) over, he said the same thing i have to go service center and to be done in ONE week time where he cannot give me a new replacement, on top of that i still have to pay an amount to get a new device. In today's time everyone will need to surf net everyday and he actually telling me I have to wait for 1 week to get it fixed. This manager added this is the best he can do for me and what amazed me is the manager's attitude, even I told him i am a singtel customer over 10 years, and my mum for 20 years he doesn't even bothered much. I said i am disappointed with the service and intend to cancel all lines from Singtel and he actually say "OK!" I told him they are wasting my time where i made many trips down still coudn't get it done but he replied clearly to me that "They are not wasting my time!" Hey i am the customer here or he is the customer to decide whether my time is wasted or not. Even i said i will write in to complaint he said "OK!" again. This is the worst service and attitude i get from anyone so unprofessional! He can even treat the customer this way in front of another junior staff, is this the behavior he is setting up or projecting for other staff to follow? I wonder what kind of employees Singtel is hiring, trying to out talk customers and chasing them away.

Firstly in today's world customers are seeking fast, convenience service and This AMK hub manager is telling customer is wait for 1 Week in order they can use the internet? Hello I don't live in a cave and i need the internet for my work. Secondly customers nowadays is only giving one time chance and whether the provider can get it done right or not, if you can't get it done right they will just look for other suppliers and that's it.

Thirdly, this manager has no sense of customer service, no sense of customer minded at all. I think even a 16yo kid can do a much better service than him. He can actually said "OK" to customers when customers said they going to cancel the service from Singtel. He can said "OK" that i wanted to write in to complain. How big attitude is him. He also don't bothered much whether customers been using the company service for 2 decades. How sad is that. Is this the way to treat customers and value them? There is not only Singtel one provider in Singapore only.

Thirdly, since there is only 1 year warranty for the modem device then why made customers signed up for 2 years plan and not covered warranty entirely. If the device is spoilt customers still have to pay for a new device, i think this is really unfair to consumers. If they can only have 1 year warranty then they should let customers signed up for 1 year plan only instead of 2.


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    Christopher Winn Sep 28, 2010

    I agree. Service for Singtel is really poor...

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    champurdo Mar 12, 2011

    i also had the same problem as u..and until now haven being done yet...the manager already not work at there..i call his handphone also cannot already...WTF!!!

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    eniamm Jun 12, 2011

    Singtel's CSOs have taken rudeness to a whole new level. Yesterday I called to enquire about signing up with them 2 new lines and they all gave different information. At the end, I got so fed up after 1.5 hours and contradicting answers from the same guy who put me on hold every 2mins to find out. And each time he put me on hold for 10-15mins and came back with a different answer. Nevermind. He actually HUNG up on me when I asked for his name and why he doesn't know his work. *applause*

    Called back to complain, had to wait another 30mins, and the duty supervisor promised a call back but never bothered to call.
    Seriously "great job", Singtel! So much for "committed to providing high level customer service"

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    Anti-Singtel Jul 11, 2011

    I have had called up Singtel for a refund for my termination fee as I did not authorized for such termination but Singtel automatically terminated without my knowledge for an overdue payment. The request has been put up 3 weeks ago. It was promised that I should received the cheque of refund within 2 weeks time. However, I did not. Hence, I called up again. Singtel informed me that the request for refund has not been processed. I was shocked. It should have done 1 over week back. Oh my God! They said they will expedite for me and promised to refund within 5-7 working days. The payment should be reflected in my bank account as they will bank in directly into my account. Today is the 7th working days and I still yet to receive the refund. There isn't even a pending incoming fund reflected in my bank account. So, I called them up today and again a delay statement of processing time will take 7-10 working days. When come to collection, they are no 1. When come to refund, they are no 100. Oh my God!. It is really better to owe Singtel than letting Singtel owe u a single cents. Cause it will take years to get it back.

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    singtelsupporter Jul 25, 2011

    u people should stop whining like kids. seriously. grow up.

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