Singteldelivery done by non-english speaking foreign worker


Dear Singtel, today I received 2 Singtel SIM cards re. 1711TE26290 and 1711TE27755. Items were delivered by XDel S'pore Pte Ltd which I presume is Singtel's delivery subcontractor. My complaint is regarding the Chinese delivery man who can't speak (or refuse to speak) in English although he must know by looking at my complexion that I am not Chinese and therefore not a Mandarin speaker. From the way he was speaking Mandarin, I can reasonably confirm that he is a foreign worker from mainland China. I urge Singtel to ensure that your subcontractor only hire workers who are do not refuse to speak English, because I am quite sure that they have to be able to do so in order to get employment here. If they refuse to do so, then they should be given a warning, and subsequently fired if they still would not abide.
Best regards,
Uda Thith

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