Singtelcustomer service

M Nov 20, 2017

I want to thank SingTel for forcing me to switch provider after holding the same mobile line with Singtel for 20 years.

I was panicky when my SIM went faulty about 36 hours ago. Presented by the customer service with the ONLY option of paying for a replacement SIM card if I choose to collect from a reseller which is less crowded (I just q for >2hrs at Comcentre a week ago for my son's new line and was not prepared to go through the same ordeal at a Hello shop), I considered a previously unthinkable path of switching my line to another telco. This decision was not easy but assisted by the treatment from SingTel customer service on 3 separate issues I had to contact their customer service the last 2 months.

The moment I found my line working within 2 hours of application to the other Telco, was when I decided that I must thank Singtel for my discovery of this easier, faster, not to mention much cheaper option (got a free handset for my mum too).

SingTel, I am very frustrated with how you do not value a loyal customer, and your inability to provide better solutions to a faithful customer. You overcharge and do not have the ability (or perhaps do not care) to help customer in distress. I regret signing up the new line for my Son and will switch my family members' line to other Telco(s).

Thank you for helping me to open my mind.

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