Singapore Post (SingPost)returning my item back to seller without explanation

S Dec 03, 2019

I received a notice from my seller that Singpost had returned my item back to him overseas on friday 30 Nov.

The message states " your package with SingPost has a delivery exception. "

Not understanding what it meant, i went to check the status of delivery and was shocked to find out that it was returned overseas on the same day it had arrived at Bukit Panjang SingPost.

I tried to contact SingPost and ask, but the person on the line had no idea why. He cant explain what it means by delivery exception. He told me that he will inform the team to conduct investigations and SingPost will get back to me. 4 days had passed and there isnt a single update from SingPost.

All i want to know is why they had refused to deliver my item to me and instead returned it to the seller??

What i had purchased were Pin and Ring with the name JESUS engraved. It promotes Anti Animal Abuse. Fund raising. I had also paid for the delivery fee.

So why were they returned? Without informing me and i had to know from the seller??

Why isnt there any updates not even an email from SingPost stating investigation is in progress? All i want to know is reason. And how am i supposed to get my item back now? I have literally wasted money on shipping fees.

Now that my item is back to the seller and i had paid for the item in full, with shipping fee. What am i supposed to do in order to get my item back from seller without incurring any costs?

I seriously dont see any reason why SingPost refused to deliver me my item. The items are not contraband items. They are small. I had paid for shipping fees. And the address i gave them was correct too.

Singapore Post (SingPost)
Singapore Post (SingPost)
Singapore Post (SingPost)

  • Singapore Post (SingPost) Customer Care's Response · Dec 04, 2019

    Hi, Sanipher. Thanks for reaching out to us. Please allow us to look into this and one of our consultants will get in touch with you.

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