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Complaints & Reviews

ShutterStock — Automatic auto renewal on all orders

When purchasing credits on Shutterstock for either images or video clips they automatically opt customers in...

ShutterStock — Fraud

Our bank account was charged £130 and we had not placed any orders. Neither my wife nor I are customers of...

ShutterStockDownload deadline

I had no idea that there was a deadline to download something! No one said anything about that!!
I have purchased an image from Shutterstock but I was in a hurry and decided that I'll download when I return home.
When I came back from work and immediately went online and tried to download the picture. Only then I was told about the deadline and since I missed it I was no longer able to download anything!!
Contacted customer service and they refused to refund my money and said that it was fault. Terrible service!!

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    Shutterstock ImagesImages

    I signed on to Shutterstock last night to check some images and I always do that as my profession requires. This morning I found out I bought their images and they charged me 49.00 US for nothing. This is simply outrageous. I didn't buy anything (no images, no plan) because I don't need to. When I buy I use my cc, and yesterday, they had my cc number from my past transactions and charged me which is not right. Guys, be careful in signing on in Shutterstock. You can be charged illegally and then become frustrated. They are real crooks.

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      • Jo
        Josh20 Dec 19, 2015

        They're real crooks. If you google for free images, you find Shutterstock.com. You'll go to that site. And bam. You are trapped this way or that way. There're lots of free image sites. Go there man.

        1 Votes
      • Ka
        Kate_22J Dec 20, 2015

        Some companies become crooks before their final fall. Get as much as cash you can before you declare bankruptcy.

        0 Votes
      • Ka
        Kate_22J Dec 20, 2015

        Furthermore, this nice looking Empire building is full of crooks...Raider Publishing, AbsolutelyRight Publishing, Green Shore Publishing and now Shutterstock. They are number one crooks and they've so much money in the land of justice and freedom.

        0 Votes
      • Ad
        Adrian Alexandru Feb 02, 2016
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        Hey Guys,
        I personally had the same problem with Shutterstock and was charged for purchases I didn't do. But I needed a workaround because I use stock images daily, this is why we made Dashmote.We combine images from different sources in one search and you don't need subscriptions or credits you, can just buy the images individually. We will add also free content soon, give it a try.

        0 Votes

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      Please don't send any data, information and details to this "organisation". Having done so I...

      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
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