ShopGoodwillsubject: missing part of order seller: goodwill keystone area - reading item id: [protected]

B Aug 04, 2018

Refer to message chain at

When I received the package for this item, it was supposed to contain a pair of George and Martha Washington plates. However, it only contained George. The person answering my messages never provided their name or job title. The claimed that their security cameras show that the person packing put in both plates. The what happened to Martha???? They decided to send a shipping label so I could return George. Lying to buyers is a MAJOR problem as SGW. My next step is to report this on various complaint websites and with the FTC. If you ask to see their security video, I'm sure you'll be told it no longer exists.

The shipping label is addressed TO Paulette Lewandowski at Reading, and FROM me and SGW-Pam Kauscher.

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