Sheraton / Starwoodutterly disappointed with four points penang service and condition

N Aug 14, 2018

One couldn't describe how sorry we are to ourselves for choosing to stay at this hotel for 2 nights in 4 rooms. Here are the details of our stay:

Check-in: Sunday 17 June 2018 (from 15:00)
Check-out:Tuesday 19 June 2018 (until 12:00)

We arrived at 5 pm, which is already late for check-in only to realize that our rooms are not ready. We booked 4 rooms via After insisted to have at least a room ready because we have 3 infants with us, they provided us one room at 5.45pm. At 7.30pm I went and checked at the desk, but the other rooms are still not ready yet. Even worse, they only have can provide in total 3 rooms for us, not 4 room as per our booking. After arguing with me that it's not their fault but as they only received a booking for 3 rooms but not 4 rooms, Natasha told me that we can give you the room Complimentary if there's a room available or being canceled last minute but warned me it could be late at night. We take her words for it.

The other 2 rooms were ready at 8.15pm!!! When asked about the other room, they mentioned that they no longer have another room because they are having a full house today. At 11 pm after dinner, I insisted to have that room since we are a big family which no way can sleep comfortably in 3 rooms. The desk finally released a room to us at 11.58pm but insisted we have to pay for the room, even though we received it at midnight and even though Natasha has promised that it is complimentary.

I felt that Natasha only mentioned it will be on a complimentary basis to end the argument but there is no effort at all at her side unless we insisted it like we did at 11 pm. I feel like I'm staying at a really cheap hotel. Not only we have to pay for the rooms after asking for it like it's not our right to have the rooms, we have to still pay the full amount without even getting compensate for a really really late check-in.

Uneven surface:
My 1-year-old daughter accidentally scratched her left arm to the table. At first, I thought it was not serious, but after crying so loud I noticed the wound is so deep and caused by the uneven surface of the table. This is serious and not the expected out of a good hotel name.

Swimming pool:
On our second day, I brought my 1-year-old daughter to swimming pool. When we arrived the towels are no longer available, there was no one attending the booth!! So I brought her to swim, 45mins later, as the water is too cold she wanted to get out of the pool. We bath her and there is still no one attending for the towel. She was shivering cold waiting for a towel for a 20mins before we received a towel.
On top of the date, the pool is really filthy. The area looks uncleaned.

The coffee machine was out of order and leaving only one machine up and running. Due to high traffic, there was a long wait for coffee and to add matter worse - the staff took a long time to refill milk, and later water.
Your excuse shouldn't be oh we are currently full house if you can't operate to that capacity why bother operate?
There should be a backup plan, offer made-to-order coffee or place a dedicated staff at the coffee machine or ensure full maintenance during peak season?!

If you ask, I will never ever repeat or even recommend SPG hotels to anyone with this experience. I've sent an email to David Scully, the GM of that chain on 7th July but did not receive a reply since.

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