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Sheraton / Starwoodutterly disappointed with four points penang service and condition

One couldn't describe how sorry we are to ourselves for choosing to stay at this hotel for 2 nights in 4 rooms. Here are the details of our stay:

Check-in: Sunday 17 June 2018 (from 15:00)
Check-out:Tuesday 19 June 2018 (until 12:00)

We arrived at 5 pm, which is already late for check-in only to realize that our rooms are not ready. We booked 4 rooms via After insisted to have at least a room ready because we have 3 infants with us, they provided us one room at 5.45pm. At 7.30pm I went and checked at the desk, but the other rooms are still not ready yet. Even worse, they only have can provide in total 3 rooms for us, not 4 room as per our booking. After arguing with me that it's not their fault but as they only received a booking for 3 rooms but not 4 rooms, Natasha told me that we can give you the room Complimentary if there's a room available or being canceled last minute but warned me it could be late at night. We take her words for it.

The other 2 rooms were ready at 8.15pm!!! When asked about the other room, they mentioned that they no longer have another room because they are having a full house today. At 11 pm after dinner, I insisted to have that room since we are a big family which no way can sleep comfortably in 3 rooms. The desk finally released a room to us at 11.58pm but insisted we have to pay for the room, even though we received it at midnight and even though Natasha has promised that it is complimentary.

I felt that Natasha only mentioned it will be on a complimentary basis to end the argument but there is no effort at all at her side unless we insisted it like we did at 11 pm. I feel like I'm staying at a really cheap hotel. Not only we have to pay for the rooms after asking for it like it's not our right to have the rooms, we have to still pay the full amount without even getting compensate for a really really late check-in.

Uneven surface:
My 1-year-old daughter accidentally scratched her left arm to the table. At first, I thought it was not serious, but after crying so loud I noticed the wound is so deep and caused by the uneven surface of the table. This is serious and not the expected out of a good hotel name.

Swimming pool:
On our second day, I brought my 1-year-old daughter to swimming pool. When we arrived the towels are no longer available, there was no one attending the booth!! So I brought her to swim, 45mins later, as the water is too cold she wanted to get out of the pool. We bath her and there is still no one attending for the towel. She was shivering cold waiting for a towel for a 20mins before we received a towel.
On top of the date, the pool is really filthy. The area looks uncleaned.

The coffee machine was out of order and leaving only one machine up and running. Due to high traffic, there was a long wait for coffee and to add matter worse - the staff took a long time to refill milk, and later water.
Your excuse shouldn't be oh we are currently full house if you can't operate to that capacity why bother operate?
There should be a backup plan, offer made-to-order coffee or place a dedicated staff at the coffee machine or ensure full maintenance during peak season?!

If you ask, I will never ever repeat or even recommend SPG hotels to anyone with this experience. I've sent an email to David Scully, the GM of that chain on 7th July but did not receive a reply since.

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    Sheraton / Starwoodlocked in the bathroom client no. [protected]

    On Aug. 4 my husband and I checked in to the Sheraton Hotel in Hyacinthe Quebec. We had been driving for 8 hours and being close to 80 yrs. old we had no choice but to book a room here at $269.00 for 1 night, as all other area rooms were booked. We were very shocked at the price but knew driving any further was impossible.

    We checked into our room and I went in to the bathroom to freshen up, closing the door behind me. When I went to exit the bathroom the door would not open. My husband tried to open it from the outside and I was trying desperately on the inside. I finally suggested he phone the front desk but he couldn't find the button on the phone to get a dial tone. By this time, being claustrophobic, I was starting to panic. He then decided he had to go down to the front desk and get help. In the meantime I was left sitting on the toilet imagining what the situation would be if I had checked in alone. With having no way of contacting anyone I would have been locked until the next day when the cleaning staff came by. This panicked me even more. I tried to put it out of my mind.
    My husband returned with a man who tried to open it, even resorting to advising me to stay clear while he smashed it in. That did not work. He left to go and get some different tools. He returned and managed to pry the door open and he removed part of the latch and let me out.
    After dinner I told the front desk about what happened and they assured me that someone would contact me the next day. I followed up with the hotel on the 6th and was told the person in authority would contact me by the 8th. I have yet to receive any call.
    This was a very traumatic incident for me, as I think it would be for most people. If this had happened to a person on their own this complaint would probably have resulted in a lawsuit. I would like a complete refund for the room and an apology from someone in authority.
    Patricia Astley

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      Sheraton / Starwoodmildew in 3 different rooms and an entire 6 floor in sheraton miyako in tokyo

      My name is Corinne David SPG member

      I stayed at Sheraton Miyako hotel in Tokyo from 7/20/2018 to 7/24/2018

      I have allergy to Mildew which triggers migraines and vomiting

      Sheraton Miyako hotel in Tokyo has a mildew issue
      The entire 6th floor smells mildew

      3 rooms, I was assigned to, had mildew

      Room 706 was the best for my sensivity and
      It still had mildew
      See pictures of room 706 attached

      Please have the hotel correct the mildew issue

      Mildew is not safe

      Thank you for looking into it


      I let the hotel know about the issue see attachment

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        Sheraton / Starwood — injured at one of your hotels

        Hello: I was hurt last week at the Sheraton Hotel in Salt Lake City Utah where I was staying from June 23 to...

        Sheraton / Starwoodsheraton downtown memphis

        My complaint is I made a reservation for June 29 through July 1 after I made a reservation I called to confirm and to make sure we had a pull out couch for our son that was coming with us the person I spoke with assured me it was no problembob would have a pull out for my so. We checked in and went to our room and no pull out couch so I called the front desk the lady told me their were no more room available for us to be able to get a pull out put offered a rollaway bed ok what choice did we have.
        The next day we come back after being out all day to 1 bath towel and 1 face towel for me my wife and my son while on the phone asking for more towels my wife told me to come look at the room neither our bed or the rollaway bed was made up and the trash can not emptied this is not acceptable by far the house keeping staff memeber who done our room needs to be retrained our let go this is by far one if the worse hotel expierances I have ever had.

        sheraton downtown memphis
        sheraton downtown memphis

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          Sheraton / Starwoodbilling methods & details in contract & comfort

          On be half of my partner & I. She booked a function signed a contract and got extra billing for services that did not match up to the original billing. It appears to be hidden costs that was not discussed. Also tip/gratuity was automatically attach to our breakfast meals w/o consent. The bedding mattresses were worn out very uncomfortable. All this took place Friday, April 27-28, 2018 at Cleve. Airport Sheraton. The function brought a considerable amount of business

          Records will state that she booked the Orion ballroom on October 31, 2015 before
          and was very pleased with the service and billing etc. This time around we were very dissatified & disappointed. I think it fair some type of retribution/compensation

          Thank U

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            Sheraton / Starwoodsheraton herndon dulles airport hotel

            Dear sirs,

            i was a guest at the sheraton herndon dulles airport hotel on 03/16/18. I stayed at this hotel because i was traveling to india the next am.

            When i arrived at the hotel i was shocked to see that it was undergoing a major renovation. Both the restaurant and bar were closed and i was told that i could take the hotel van to a nearby shopping area where i would find restaurants. As a single woman traveler, i intentionally pick hotels that have food/beverage service so that i can stay within the compounds of the building.

            There was no indication on sheraton's website that this hotel was under renovation as i would not have stayed here.

            This to me is poor and unacceptable service.

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              Sheraton / Starwooddirty room, cigarette ashes in the bathroom.

              My name is Sarah Ann hall I rented a room at the Sheraton Detroit Novi, mind you I stay with your hotels because I hold them to a higher standard it's not a red roof in and I expect my bed linen to be clean and to be in a smoke free room my son coughed all night and when I asked to me moved to another room I was told that there weren't any available. I am a exclusive member with your hotel and honestly if I'm not refunded or something of that nature I will not be staying with your hotel anymore. Thank you for listening

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                Sheraton / Starwood — misinformation

                My wife and friends are going to the Cowtown Marithon in Fort Worth, TX today. The website showed that the...

                Sheraton / Starwood — food poisoning, discrimination, false advertising

                Rude stuff! Mean supervisor! Broken door... Stinky shower sewer, water leaking from the broken shower all...

                Santo Domingo

                Sheraton / Starwood — sheraton memphis, tenn downtown

                My room when checked in one bed the comfort was filthy, both skirts on the bed was dirty, carpet had not been...

                Sheraton / Starwood — service

                My name is mandy hughes. I have been very ill due to having terminal cancer! Please I never usually use thi...

                Gold Coast

                Sheraton / Starwood — loud neighbors/no help from desk

                I stay at Four Points Sheraton Galveston Saturday April 1st for one night and had the worst night sleep. The...

                Sheraton / Starwood — the staff are thieves

                I bought and iphone on craigslist. It was from a worker at the Sheraton Hotel Maitland Florida. It wa...

                Sheraton / Starwood — new york times square reservation overcharge

                I will be attending a conference at the sheraton new york times square hotel in march 2017. The group i...

                Sheratonshipping of cancelled order

                I ordered at Shark rotator Professional Life-Away 3-in-1 vacuum from Sheraton market on March 11, 2013. The order was still awating fulfillment two weeks later. I queried by email and did not get any response. I then requested the order be cancelled via their message capability on their website. No response. I think opened a dispute with my credit card company and was successfully refunded my purchase price in full. In mid-April sheraton market emailed me that they were shipping. I again responded the order was cancelled and money refunded. they did not reply and shipped anyway with no UPS pre-paid return label included. I wrote again telling them I would not pay to return unrequested merchandise and to order a pick-up from UPS. Again no response. This company is terrible. Please do not buy from them.

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                  • Jy
                    jyc1 Jan 30, 2013
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    I purchased an Omega J8006 juicer from Sheraton Market. Almost $200.00 was deducted from my Paypal account. Shipment was to occur within 7 days. When I emailed the company 6 days later to ask them when my product was going to be shipped, they told me my order purchase price was being refunded. They are still selling this model of juicer on their website and yet my order was cancelled??!!. I filed a Paypal dispute because 9 days later no juicer and no refund. This company also advertise their products on "Artfire". BUYER BEWARE. This company is horrible to deal with. They will take your order and your money. You will not receive their product and have to fight for a refund.

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                  • Sm
                    S. M. Tate May 02, 2014
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer





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                  • Ta
                    tab0206 Dec 18, 2014

                    I placed an order for the Kids Kitchen Helper Safety Tower on December 13, 2013. Yes, 2013. It is December 18, 2014. Months ago, I requested the order be cancelled since it was never shipped. No response. When I pull up my order on the website, it still says it is Äwaiting Fulfillment." !!!??? Unreal. I will be contacting my bank tomorrow to be sure I was never charged A YEAR AGO. My fault for not checking on it sooner. I should have been sure payment either had not been made or was refunded months ago. Of course, there is no phone number to contact the company. TERRIBLE.

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                  Sheraton / Starwooddishonest, cheating and shameless staff

                  What I try to say at here is not “general comment”. What I have to say is a serious complains! I just try to question sheraton or starwood can you still keep good service in china or have to become a very local bad service and low class hotel???

                  Ok, here is my bad experience. I discussed with a guy whose name is yang bo belongs to the four points in beijing and he is the director of the sales department. He promised me a price rmb16, 000 for a 73 square meters, service apartment or price rmb13, 000 for a 53 square meters, service apartment both can have extra 2 persons’ breakfast, 2 gym accesses and a parking.

                  He made me traveled twice to the four points in beijing where is 30km away from my place. However, when my wife and me went there today and prepared to sign a contract and we even plan sign for 5 years contract because I am be relocated by my company to china for 5 years. But at the last moment the sales lady told us that she did not know what yang bo promised to me and she cannot give me the price because that price is way over her authorization.

                  The story did not finished yet, the worst part is when we called the guy named yang bo together he totally denied what he promised to me and told me he cannot remember what he said to me on the phone last week!!! What a joke! Such a dishonest person can be a director of the sale department in a four points hotel! What a huge shame for sheraton and everybody who works for sheraton! It is insult and already nothing about the price anymore! He implied I am a liar!

                  So should I make voice record when I call sheraton or any other starwood chain hotel every time?! I phoned the head office of starwood tonight but too bad they cannot find the general manager for the four points of beijing. I am seriously waiting for a reasonable response from sheraton or starwood. A very reasonable explanation!

                  If sheraton or starwood cannot have the capacity to maintain the level what provide in north america then please do not come to china to make old customer disappointed so much! I updated my china cell phone under my member zone so I do not mind to receive call from starwood to explain for the whole issue.

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                    • Aj
                      AJIT KUMAR SINGH 2012 Feb 01, 2013
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
                      One Star Point
                      Stamford, CT 06902
                      Telephone: [protected]
                      F a x : [protected]

                      Respected Sir/Madam

                      With due respect, my name is Ajit Kumar Singh, and I joined Starwood hotels on 30 June 2012 as kitchen management trainee in Le Meriden, Ahmedabad through campus interviews.

                      I deeply believe in Starwood corporation, so I was very disappointed when they gave up their franchise of Le Meriden, Ahmedabad on 23rd November, 2012.

                      At that time, our management advised me and other staff that we would be transferred to other Starwood properties. To date, there has been no notice of any transfers by the Starwood management team, so I feel worried for my future. I strongly believe in the Starwood Corporation, as they are much respected and have a very good reputation. I believe that my future will be more secure with Starwood and would now like to respectfully request a transfer to another Starwood property.

                      Could you please kindly let me know what information you can provide me with as I have been an employee of Starwood before and I very much want to work with Starwood in future also.

                      Thanking you for your consideration on this matter.

                      Yours faithfully,
                      AJIT KUMAR SINGH

                      Contact: email ID [protected]

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