Sheetz Dixie Highway Asheboro North Carolinamanagers emily bennett & courtney jones

D Sep 02, 2018 Review updated:

After viewing the video of two people on motorcycles speaking with the police officers that arrived after the two managers called the police on a group of motorcyclists, including black people for "playing loud music", I am convinced that these two women did not want them at their store because of the color of heir skin.

I will not stand for racism in my own hometown. My husband and I fill up our truck and our car at least once a week at sheets in Ashboro, and I get my coffee there every day. We will not frequent this location until something is done with these two women. Whether they issue a public apology, whether they resign, or whether they are fired.

People of color deserve better than this. They deserve every right that is given to everyone else. They deserve to be able to get gas in peace, they deserve to be able to frequent a gas station and purchase items in peace, and not be harassed by their managers. I hope to hear that something has been done expeditiously.


  • Ka
    Kasey Goldston Sep 02, 2018

    After seeing a video of bikers getting thrown out AFTER buying items in the store, I’m convinced that the off duty manager is a racist . Racism is not tolerated, as I have mixed children . This video was disgusting and she should be ashamed

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  • Mo
    Monkofpo Sep 03, 2018

    I was there and this is a complete lie. Nice job showing half the video.

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  • Mo
    Monkofpo Sep 03, 2018

    This is completely false and you guys were blocking the pumps for 10 minutes. I saw it happen. Heck, my buddies and me used to park in-front of Sheetz until we were kicked out for blocking the pumps for a few minutes. So why shouldn't you guys? Just because you guys are bikers? Get outta here.

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  • Ma
    matthew humphrey Sep 03, 2019

    but notice how the complaint says "a group of motorcyclists, including black people", so they are admitting that the entire group was a mixed race group that included black people, so how is this a racist situation if the police were called on a mixed group of people

    these are the games black people use the dont like but they misconstrue and lower their focus to only a few in a larger group, the complaint is actually racist and the person making the complaint is racist, and brainwashed or extremely ignorant, or has intention of manipulation

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